Your (non-Dawg) game day post

Here’s today’s slate of games:

Certainly there are a few juicy morsels on the list worth our attention:

  • Liberty at Ole Miss.  Freeze versus the Laner on Freeze’s old stomping grounds should be fun.  Wonder what they’ll share with each other pre-game.
  • Michigan State at Purdue.  This one could be tricky for the Spartans.
  • Auburn at Texas A&M.  The battle to see who keeps pace with ‘Bama.
  • Mississippi State at Arkansas.  Can the Hogs escape the cellar in the SEC West?
  • LSU at Alabama.  A shadow of its former self, the main question is whether Saban decides to pound the crap out of a lame duck Coach O.  My guess is that he tells his team to sweep the leg.
  • Florida at South Carolina.  My only interest here is driven by morbid curiosity:  does Mullen’s team quit on Mullen?

What looks good to y’all?


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32 responses to “Your (non-Dawg) game day post

  1. MGW

    What will they share pregame? “Dancers’” phone numbers

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  2. rigger92

    You took your SIM card out, right? How many burners you have these days?

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  3. beatarmy92

    I’m torn: I want Beamer to spank dat ass, but if the Cocks beat UF Mullen is finished. Decisions decisions……

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    • Texas Dawg

      You know the right answer. It’s kind of like taking medicine. Sometimes it leaves a really bad taste, but you know it’s good for you so you hold your nose and take it.


    • beatarmy92

      USCe 30
      UF 10

      Mullen might want to contact some NFL teams about an O coordinator position.


  4. Anon

    Muschamp Legacy Game ….UF/USC

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  5. moe pritchett

    “Sweep the leg”

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  6. argondawg

    I’m interested in the UTjr vs Kentucky game. I think UT takes it but Vegas has it a pick em.

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  7. TEXBaller

    Bama been watching “this is my house” & “RTFU” videos as a team ALL WEEK. Going to be ugly!

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  8. Texas Dawg

    It’ll be interesting to see what kind of reception Hugh Freeze gets in Oxford. Will it be like Lanes “reception” on Knoxville? He actually did a lot more damage to Ole Miss than Lane did to Rocky Top. He just hurt their feelings a lot more.

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  9. Salty Dawg

    Thank you, Senator. Now I’m dependent on the schedule!

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  10. Clayton Joiner

    UT vs. UK…can UK stop the bleeding and is UT’s O for real?

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  11. RangerRuss

    SEC Nation Jordan Rodgers is smoking the good stuff this morning. That’s right, Cousin Eddie is a great coach and last week’s Dawgs bitch slap of the gaytards was much closer than the score.
    The shithead.


  12. Ahh..gators v cocks fighting for their rightful place in the East. Cannon shot time!

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  13. ‘morbid’ curiosity? Nah…more like gleeful curiosity.


  14. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Hoping Mel Tucker keeps his troops rolling, just because I Iike Mel. First time in a long time that I have any interest in that conference.

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  15. Anybody out there watching the Futility Bowl (TAMUvAU)? I think maaaaaaaaaaaaybe Jimbo’s boys are about to crack it open…


  16. The Truth

    It must be terrifying to be an AU fan and never know when “Bad Bo” is going to jump out and scare the shit out of you.


  17. Gaskilldawg

    Bo Nix and Emory Jones are running neck and neck now for the Heisman and First Team All-SEC QB. But, Jones can move Nix back into the lead tonight


  18. W Cobb Dawg

    Tulsa challenging (but failing) probably gives the committee the excuse to keep Cinci out of the playoff.


  19. Morris Day

    Well shit, Cocks’ long snappuh just got hurt.


  20. Bwahahahahahahahahaha Dan Mullen.



  21. theotherdoug

    Gator tears are the perfect sweetener for my morning coffee!

    I’m telling y’all, we ruined them in Jacksonville and there is nothing left in them but limping to the offseason.