“Dawgs… for life”

As Georgia hype videos go, this one won’t get your adrenaline pumping (is that really necessary this week, anyway?), but as far as I’m concerned, it’s the best one they’ve done this season.




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34 responses to ““Dawgs… for life”

  1. Salty Dawg

    Dawgnation owes that man a BIG thank you!

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  2. psyopdawg


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  3. 81Dog

    It’s dusty in here, suddenly.

    Still got a, few bitches left to break, though. πŸ™‚

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  4. spur21


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  5. armydawg

    The best part of JD is that he’s a full grown man with a kid’s smile on his face

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  6. BulldogGemes

    Absolutely the best one this year

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  7. DGDs all of them. Let’s fill up Sanford at least for the 1st quarter to honor these guys

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    • Down Island Way

      Good stuff, that last 10 seconds of the video, you can inject that in my veins, my heart, my one good brain cell, my fellow Dawg Fans…forevah…GO DAWGS!

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  8. MillyDawg

    If that don’t light your fire then your wood’s wet. Man am I gonna miss seeing #99 just like I miss watching LeCounte, Michel, Conley, and Moreno.

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  9. MillyDawg

    Can y’all imagine the crowd tomorrow if Kirby somehow arranged for last year’s Seniors to be recognized on the field too?

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  10. Great video. Really amazing how much these kids have changed and grown over those 4 years. Davis looks like he’s a 15-year-old man-child when he’s signing those commitment papers.

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    • Spell Dawg

      I clearly remember when we signed him, huge measurables, but seemed like a 3* spot-filler to me. I was even a little disappointed because he brought down our class average-star ranking in the recruiting indexes. What a revelation his career has been. Of course I love pilling up the 5*, but I ❀ stories like his so much more!

      Thinking about it, it truly is amazing what Kirby & Co. do in evaluating recruits. David Marshall, Monty Rice, Ladd McConkey, AD Mitchell….I’m sure I’m missing a handful more, but all were at best high 3*. Sure, every program has a 3* overachiever every so often, but it’s on the regular with HC Smart.

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  11. ugafidelis

    Hell. Yeah!

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  12. The only thing I would have added would have been Quay Walker’s Tennessee hat flying across the screen.

    But that’s me.

    I still want them to play Everybody Hurts by REM when the game is no longer in doubt and put sad visiting fans on the big board.

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  13. Dean Patterson

    Is it dusty in here?!!!


  14. ciddawg

    Cometh the Hour
    Cometh the Man…

    For Such a Time as This…
    Dam Good Dawgs!!!

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  15. Terry McCullers

    Not only in football but Davis will excell in anything he wants to do in life! Thanks Jordan

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  16. debbybalcer

    That video is a great recruiting video. Jordan Davis is an awesome person as well as an awesome player. DGD.

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  17. Russ

    Cheerly loudly for those boys tomorrow! DGDs all of them!

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  18. To our Seniors: Men, we love you, thank you for all that you have done for this program, our school, for your families, for each other, and for us fans. We are grateful and wish all of you the greatest success and happiness in your lives. You are a huge part in what makes being a Georgia Bulldog special.

    GATA Forever you DGDs!

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  19. If all is right and just in the world, Jordan will get his running over Bill Bates moment in the SECCG to immortalize him forever in CFB and UGA history. He deserves to be in NYC and the #1 overall pick in the NFL. Their are others on the D like Nakobe as equally deserving, but 99 has that extra Q quotient to represent this team in the history books.

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  20. Really well done! Thank you to the seniors.

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  21. hamdawg11

    First class video for first class Dawgs!

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  22. jcdawg83

    Jordan and the other seniors sure seem to have enjoyed their time as exploited slave labor.

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  23. cowetadawg

    Love it. JD was the perfect choice to narrate. Go Dawgs!

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  24. originaluglydawg

    I’ve got goose pimples!

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  25. Gary Branch

    Since we are here reading because we are dawgs for life, to have JD confirm the players love for UGA and to know they too are DAWGS for life leaves one thankful for their dedication and talents.I have just one word for this video: AMEN.

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  26. Comin' Down The Track

    … aaaaand now I’m crying at work.

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  27. These seniors deserve all the praise and recognition we can give them. Just thinking about what they’ve gone through to where they’ve taken the program this year. The effort they put in to even be able to play during the pandemic last year is incredible. And now the payoff of a dominating #1 ranked season & the opportunity that lies ahead. If you don’t love THIS senior class, then you don’t love Georgia!

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  28. Russ

    Julian Rochester gives new meaning to “Senior Day”. Isn’t he eligible for the senior discount at Appleby’s? The man is at least 35.

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