TFW you shouldn’t have pushed the send button

Apparently Dennis Dodd woke up yesterday and decided he wasn’t going to let Danny Kanell have all the show your ass hot takes on Twitter.

Shane Beamer wasn’t having any of that shit.

Woof.  All that’s missing is a “bless your heart”.

Dodd deleted his tweet in response, which proves one thing.  He’s got more of a sense of shame than Kanell does.  (Low bar, I know.)



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20 responses to “TFW you shouldn’t have pushed the send button

  1. armydawg

    This used to be a country where excellence was prized over “hot takes”. The fact that these idiots are the “celebrities” of sports reporting scares me about the really important items in life. Lord help my sons and grandkids in their lifetimes if this mediocrity continues in all other phases of life.

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  2. timphd

    Despite the fact he coaches the Cocks, I am really starting to like Beamer. Wish he had added the “Bless your heart” though.

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  3. Unlike most coaches, the more I hear Shane Beamer talk (or tweet) the more I like him.

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  4. kevinsauer

    Like Em. Find myself rooting for them.
    Stoops, Pittman, Beamer

    Begruding Respect.
    Fisher, Saban, Heupel

    Makes Me Laugh. Fun To Have Around
    Kiffin, Leach

    Hate Em.
    Harsin, Napier, Kelly

    Don’t Think About Em. At All.
    Drinkwitz, whoever is at Vandy

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    • I’d swap Napier and Fisher on that list—Jimbo’s a smarmy asshole at the helm of a program that’s consummately unlikable, even if they’re not a traditional rival of ours—but otherwise that’s pretty much where I’d put ’em too.

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      • Russ

        Yeah, same here Doug. Don’t know Napier but I respect his recruiting wins after just a week on the job.

        Fisher is a piece of shit that would be right at home at Auburn. He turned one season with Crablegs into a career. He’ll still lose 3-4 games with that class he just bought.


    • Good list, but Stoops was starting to show his ass this year and Heuple is one. Put them both in the waiting room for Hate Em.

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  5. Ozam

    Shane has proven a lot of people wrong. Definitely likable. G-d forbid they let that tub of mayo slip. It would have broke his f’ing neck.

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  6. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    So many of the national college football writers are loathsome creatures who hate the sport and would obviously rather write about something “more important.”

    Dennis Dodd
    Pat Forde
    Dan Woken
    Nicole Auerbach
    Stew Mandel
    Pete Thamel

    I absolutely LOVE that Shane Beamer called-out one of these miserable wretches the way he did. It’s about damn time someone did.

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  7. I know a guy like Beamer…the talent wasn’t all that great inside, but top talent just gravitated to him so that he now leads a major international operation. Gotta applaud that.


  8. Some of the DawgMedia Riff Raff got in a pissing contest with JonTweetsSports yesterday too. It was pathetic.



    That’s funny right there..good on Beamer


  10. Russ

    Good for Beamer for calling him out on this bullshit.

    And I’m not sure how I feel about Sackerlina having a coach I don’t hate.


    • Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

      I remember Beamer as a great position coach for the Dawgs, and I’m happy for any success he has as long as it never comes against Georgia.

      He’s one of the good guys who does it the right way, and he has fun while doing it. CFB needs more guys like him, and honestly, less guys who embody Saban’s grumpiness. Including our guy.