Moot point, ctd.

With this news

The biggest event in college football is on the way back to Atlanta.

Previously played here in January 2018, the College Football Playoff national championship game will return to Mercedes-Benz Stadium in January 2025, several people familiar with the matter told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Atlanta will become the first city to host the CFP title game twice.

… comes the obvious question:  will Kirby Smart object to not being able to host recruits at the game?



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  1. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    Atlanta is a hole, but it’s a hole that knows how to throw a party.

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  2. He should, and he should keep complaining until the supposed leaders finally take responsibility to develop a fair and equitable system…which will never happen.

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  3. munsonlarryfkajim

    Y’all are incredible. The game in Jax is dying before your eyes. No amount of snark is going to change it. What the Kang wants, the Kang gets.

    I’ll bet the first time the Gators come to Athens after Jax is extinguished for good, y’all will be all excited about this historic game. All of you saying you somehow are going to hold a grudge and be less than enthusiastic about the Gators in Athens are forgetting that we as fans are continually “screwed” by the powers that be of college football, yet here we are on a blog in mid August talking about various what-ifs in the world of college football.

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  4. jim1886

    Again, the Supreme Court has ruled that individual conferences can make their own rules and not be in violation of antitrust laws.
    The SEC could step up and allow full recruiting at games like Jacksonville, etc.
    Stop blaming the NCAA now and hiding behind a facade

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  5. toccoadawg

    Kirby will object to not being in the game. No mention of recruits. By then, the NCAA as we know it, might not even care or exist!


  6. Harold Miller

    Completely unrelated, but just saw that Miles Brennan is stepping away from football. I wonder how quickly Geoff Collins can get him on the phone?


  7. Anon

    I figure only way to ends this shit is to invite any motherfucker we want to any game we want – fuckem all

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  8. William Ferguson

    Kirby gets to that game, he knows he WILL be recruiting half the country.


  9. W Cobb Dawg

    Since the odds seem good we’ll be playing in several of the next dozen or so natty’s, I guess this is good news.

    It’s not Pasadena or Miami, but it sure beats Indy in January by a mile.

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  10. dman2020

    I don’t care where they play it. I am more of the if Kirby wants it out of Gator country then so be it. Snark aside is this topic the new spring QBR rant?


  11. RangerRuss

    Any of y’all ever seen an English Bulldog in a fight? He’ll put a bite on his opponent and won’t let go. That’s what some of y’all remind me of with your position on the game in J’ville. Not saying it’s a bad thing. Hell, I admire resilience in a man. Seems the only way y’all will let this go is like how Acee Christian got his Bulldog to let go. Spit on his finger and shoved it in the dog’s ass. He let loose with a Yelp.
    That might be what some of y’all need. Like Charlie Harper says, you want the spit!

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  12. Y’all are focusing on the wrong snark. Imagine just for a minute that we have a head coach that is complaining how hosting recruits at the National Title Game. I want to live in that world where we actually have pre-season debates about it.

    Forget all the rest.

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  13. Kevin’s Missing Pinky

    He should.


  14. Hobnail_Boot

    Odd hill to die on.