TFW you read the perfect offseason header

I mean, does it get any better than “Why Josh Heupel and Tennessee football give me hope for Dan Mullen“?

And to think they say hope is maybe the best of things…


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27 responses to “TFW you read the perfect offseason header

  1. Joshua Garrett

    “Dan Mullen can be a good coach again now that NIL collectives can recruit for him”


  2. 81Dog

    Quit trying to make MuLLLLLLen happen. He’s never going to happen. And I like how Blake glosses over the tipping point last year. It wasn’t losing close to Alabama, which somehow was proof to the Blakes of the world that FLORIDA HAS THE HORSES TO WIN THE EAST, MAYBE EVEN THE SEC!

    The tipping point came in Jacksonville. Kirby Smart, who can’t coach, can’t develop players, can’t win a championship, can’t beat Nick, 1980, etc, etc, etc, broke those bitches. He literally made them not want to play football again so much that they had to pull one of of their colon to BEAT SAMFORD.

    FTMF, and anyone who was banging the “Mullen is a better coach than Kirby” drum right up to Jacksonville.

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  3. Down Island Way

    Heard this on the enterweb, considering how much he liked to throw B.S. around, corch wannabe is gonna’ loosen up his whispering skills and enter a cow chip tournament, disguised as a heefa’ some where near Dung City limits, right after the wake board season winds up, soooo, he’s gonna’ be busy spewing his crapola on a near by Mickey channel, just don’t see any hope…#FTMF


  4. So basically “What’s Britney doing with her life,” only instead of Britney it’s Dan Mullen? And a whole column about it? Man, this guy must be bored.

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  5. May I add a humble retort to this reporters breathless article…

    First off, he says an 11th ranking in recruiting is a mark of success. Its not. Its pedestrian. Now on to the points… he says:

    “How [are things gonna be great?] ? I point to three reasons:

    Point: He’s loosened up a bit from his coordinator days Counterpoint: its head coaching 101.
    Point: It’s not difficult to recruit to Tennessee.
    Counterpoint: Yes it is
    Point: Collectives can dish name, image and likeness deals. The collective linked with UT is, by all accounts, a juggernaut.
    Counterpoint: If only other schools had collectives…no wait, they do.

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  6. Ran A

    I’m not sure this guy got one thing correct in this article.

    First off – Mullen was the original Portal Master. And his recruiting wasn’t that bad – (18-21, according to 247 – 14,12,7 and 9). The reason he was fired was because of Georgia. Those are not bad classes; the problem was that Georgia recruits Top 5 every year. And there is a bigger gap – between the 5th ranked class and the 10th ranked class verses the 10th ranked class and 20th ranked class. Right now, Billy has them at 11.

    2019 Class for 2019 was 13th – 2020 – UT had the 10th ranked class and 2021 had the 11th ranked class. Last year’s was 22nd after Heupel’s first year. All of those classes average player rating is right where UT is sitting right now. So they are right where they have been averaging.

    In other words, as least as of today, both rivals are doing what they have been doing on the recruiting trail wheat they have done in the past.

    Mullen back in the SEC? Maybe? He’s a better fit in a less competitive conference. ACC school, heck, maybe even Georgia Tech, where the expectations are just a little different.

    Will say this; if I were putting money on Brewer or Heupel; I would bet on Brewer. He is copying Bama and Georgia in his recruiting model and trying to build through the LOS (he’s struggling, but trying). Just not convinced Heupel’s model will hold up in the SEC. They’ll be fun to watch and will get you that big upset on occasion, but they’ll also lose games they shouldn’t lose.

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    • akascuba

      Heupel’s offense puts a lot of stress on the UT defense when it’s not hitting on all cylinders. What coach needs is a special DC someone with lots of SEC experience. Todd Grantham is a perfect fit for UT.

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  7. We beat the living coach out of Mullen. He ain’t coming back.

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    • originaluglydawg

      He conveniently didn’t mention Kirby and the Dawgs.
      This is akin writing about The Battle of the Little Bighorn and not mentioning Chief Sitting Bull and his Indians.

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  8. Harold Miller

    Speaking from personal experience, tripping on shrooms is nothing like the last half hour of Interstellar.

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  9. What base is he even addressing with this article? Are there people out there from ANY schools’ fan bases wondering about Mullen’s future?

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  10. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    Man… the Sideshow Dan the Clown lovers just can’t quit them some Cousin Eddie.

    It’s so… creepy and weird, just like MuLLLLen himself.

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  11. godawgs1701

    His point actually makes sense if you ask me. Mullen can run an offense well enough, he just can’t recruit. If Florida had a fully armed and operations NIL cheating machine running to bring in players without Mullen having to do anything, he would have had better talent to deploy. Now, can Dan Mullen win big if he’s at an alpha dog program instead of one where he can sneak up on you? I have no idea. But certainly, boosting his ability to bring in talented football players would have helped.


    • Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

      Thing is… history has shown MuLLLLen isn’t a guy who can win big anywhere, really. This idea that he did “more with less” at Mississippi State does not hold up when facts are brought to bear.

      His record against the SEC and the Top-25 while in Starkville was abysmal. If someone does “more with less,” you’d expect them to win some games they weren’t supposed to win. When you look at his average production for the Fauxdogs, he won the games he was supposed to win and lost the games he was supposed to lose.

      This idea that Sideshow Dan the Clown was some kind of SEC version of Bill Snyder was a complete media fabrication.


      • godawgs1701

        On his watch in Starkville, a lot more of the games they were supposed to lost became the games they were supposed to win. Now why would that be?

        He beat Georgia in 2020. We’ve got our own Metchie and Williams excuses for that, but the fact is he did beat us. And as the SEC East champion that year his team gave Alabama a hell of a game and then they gave Alabama a hell of a game last year. He won a lot of games in Gainesville. The fact that his 2021 group collapsed in the second half of the season and quit on him is all we like to remember around here, but the myth that he is a terrible coach is just that – a myth. I don’t know if he’s got what it takes to lead a championship program at a school that gets everyone’s best shot each week. I think he’s better at a place like Starkville where he can sneak up on you every once in a while and the 9 and 10 win seasons feel like gifts from God and not disappointments. He’s probably not a national championship coach. But you’ve got to go a long way to get from there to being a bum.


        • Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

          Did I say he was a terrible coach? Nope, I did not.

          I simply stated, correctly, that the myth about his coaching genius has been overstated.


          • ciddawg

            Mullet is waiting on his dream job at Auburn to open up later this year (and I’m all for that) …
            meanwhile he appears to have his agent out fluffing sports writers hoping to polish that turd up here at the end of talking season…