He ran this state.

A penny for your thoughts here, Mark Richt.


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  1. Remember the Quincy

    “Coach, can you tell us what to expect when the Jackets play at Mark Richt Field at Historic Sanford Stadium West this fall?”

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    • originaluglydawg

      “One thing that is different is that we have hedges instead of rock walls. So it won’t hurt as bad when one of your players gets used as a battering ram into it.”

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    • 81Dog

      My prediction? Pain. Much pain. But just for Pencil Neck Nation.

      I just hope Coach Capri Pants is there to see it. 🙂


  2. fisheriesdawg

    Coach Collins, will The Drought finally be surpassed under your watch or do you think that honor will ultimately fall to your replacement?

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  3. 79dawg

    “Home-field advantage was always a big plus for me when we played here – how do you work to overcome being a visitor in your own building?”

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  4. Coach Capri Pants, sorry, I meant Collins. What’s the plan to keep Kirby from painting his beatdown masterpiece to take the largest margin in the series from your nerds in Athens in November?

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  5. uga97

    “Coach, your instate rival Georgia had just as many ACC Wins as your program did last year, your 3rd year at the helm what…….ah hell, stop the interview… we are done here.”

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    • Down Island Way

      At his next interview, there is no amount of B.S. to scrub nerdfootball from that resume or even side step the conversation, other than “WH swag been very good to me”…


  6. spur21

    WTF I was told there would be waffles and coffee.

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  7. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    “Coach Collins, I may be a Baptist and not a Catholic, but I think it’s time for Last Rights.”

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    • 81Dog

      “You have the right to get your ass beat. Anything that looks like a play will be used to humiliate you.”


      • Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

        I think you’re confusing Miranda Rights with the Catholic Last Rites… likely because my iPhone autocorrected Rites to Rights. Hah!


  8. Ran A

    CMR has 8 wins at Grant Field at the HC of the Dawgs and another win at Grant Field, while at Miami. So that’s 9 wins.

    Collins has a total of 9 wins in 3 seasons, with 3 of them being on the road. That’s right – CMR has 3 more wins at Grant Field than Collins does.

    All credit to the Senator…

    “Mark Richt Field”


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  9. Texas Dawg

    Was listening to ESPNU yesterday afternoon. Former GT player Roddy White was discussing the “neutral site” opening games. He said that UGA in Atlanta is essentially a home game for the DAWGS vs Oregon. He went on to say that then he was playing for GT and they played UGA at home, it was essentially a home game for UGA. That’s quite telling that a GT player has now accepted that Bobby Dodd Stadium is a UGA home field advantage when playing the nerds.

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  10. Granthams Replacement

    Coach Collins, I think you’ll like being a commentator on the ACC network next season…….


  11. Richt to Collins: “I’m sorry…who are you?”

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  12. siskey

    The 2001 Tech game is on YouTube and it is a great one to watch. Get to see a flawed but talented team with a young Richt make O’Leary red faced before he left for Notre Dame. The amazing thing about it is the talent that Tech had compared to now. O’Leary and Gailey averaged having at least 2-3 players drafted from 2000 to 2010 but they have only had 11 drafted since, 2 of whom were punters or kickers.
    If they beat Georgia this year it would have to be one of the biggest upsets in the history of college football and certainly the biggest upset suffered by Georgia in my memory.

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    • miltondawg

      I’m actually not joking…Georgia Tech beating Georgia in Athens this fall might be a bigger upset than Appalachian State beating Michigan in The Big House in 2007. Sure, Michigan was #5 going into the game. But they finished 9-4 ranked #23 (including getting bludgeoned at home by Oregon the week after App State). And while App State was FCS, they were at least the #1 FCS team in the nation, finished 13-2, and won the FCS national championship.


  13. godawgs1701

    Pretty sure Richt handed Geoff Collins his bags as he walked in.

    When Coach Collins explained who he was, Coach Richt apologized and waited politely until Collins eventually picked up his bags and carried them for him.

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  14. practicaldawg

    The look on Richt’s face says it all

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  15. MGW

    The look on Richt’s face…


  16. Dawgfan1995

    Richt’s internal monologue: “hahahahahahahah Tech Sucks hahahahahahah”

    Richt’s external monologue: “Tech Sucks, Coach. How do you stop that — or can you?”

    Internal: “hahahahahahahahah”

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  17. cowetadawg

    ACC Network. Do people really watch that? Coach needs to move on up. I’d love to watch him on SEC or ESPN. He would be a giant upgrade from most of the personalities inflicted upon us.

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  18. More sideline push-ups?


  19. archiecreek

    Mark Richt stands up…
    Drops the microphone…
    And hollers…
    turns and walks off with his arms raised like a touchdown!!

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  20. RangerRuss

    Coach Richt laid the foundation for Kirby to build UGA into its present position as the best college football program ever. I’m very happy.
    We run this country.

    Soon I will be offline for awhile. Got a job to do and then taking a long vacation. Upgrading devices also.
    Give ‘em hell y’all.

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    • siskey

      You can get online anywhere Russ, even Elberton. Get back before the season starts due to luck and whatnot.


      • RangerRuss

        Siskey, I’ll be in Elberton for the first time in a year this Friday. Don’t go there unless I have to. I keep running into chums with bottles of rum and we wind up drinking all night.
        New iPhone was easy to set up and I have the old 8 as a backup. Taking the Verizon employee out of the equation simplified things.
        I watched as much of that ACC show as I could stomach. Richt appeared miserable.


    • cowetadawg

      Be well, RR. Get back soon.

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  21. “Hey Jeff with a G, you’ve lost your 2 games to UGA by a combined 97-7. Is that bad?”

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  22. DawgFaithful

    I wonder if Collins asked Coach Richt for advise on how to win at Bobby Dodd. Pretty sure CMR has more wins there than he does.

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    • ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

      Evil Richt is thinking in a scarface voice…”i own all you bitchez…say hello to my little friend”

      Coach Richt was elite at whoopin Tech’s ass!

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  23. Sweet D

    Friends, that is a tortured expression on MRs face. Equal parts sympathy and disgust.


  24. Faltering Memory

    My game plan for this year will be when the referee signals the end of the coin flip ceremony, it will actually start the game clock which will run continuously through the half until the end of the game. That should hold UGA under 50.


  25. Smothered? Covered? Both?