Not your daddy’s Tahd?

Hoo, boy, Ian Boyd’s flex against ‘Bama is something.

I have wondered all offseason how much of a tell was it that Saban took an offensive lineman transfer from Vanderbilt to insert in the starting line up.  It would have been unheard of just a few short years ago.



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  1. back9k9

    Grade inflation. Bama bounce. Whatever you want to call it. They keep having to plug in transfers to start at WR, RB, OL, LB, etc.

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  2. siskey

    We (the smartest and most erudite of Georgia fans who oppressively post on this blog- the finest of its kind) have been saying this since at least January. They may just run through everyone and beat us by 30 (again) because Saban but what I saw last year in all their games except the two against us (less the 4th quarter of the Natty) resembled flawed Georgia teams pre- Kirby much more so than it resembled what we’ve become accustomed to in Tuscaloosa.

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  3. W Cobb Dawg

    I agree those interior defensive linemen were bama’s stamped-ticket to the natty. We’ve got Jalen Carter. They don’t. I’ll be intensely watching our DL to see who rises to replace Davis, Walker & Wyatt.


  4. Eventually the world was going to catch-up to Nicky. He has to constantly innovate making more frequent nimble decisions than before. At some point, those decisions are wrong and things begin to regress. He’s not finished, but his lead is significantly diminished.

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  5. Russ

    Finally someone pointing out a.flaw in the Emporor’s clothing.

    A lineman from Vandy and a RB from Tech, both starting for Bama. Neither of these places is known for stacking talent.

    Bama isn’t developing those recruits like they have been in the past.

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  6. ugafidelis

    The true definition of sausage making.

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    • Down Island Way

      In alabamia, the question is not who, what or where is your daddy…but, is your wife really your sister?


  7. stoopnagle

    Alabama is going to be fine. I’m frankly not concerned about them until they clinch a spot in Atlanta.

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  8. IMO, getting a RB transfer from GT who is not only expected to start, but to also get a majority of touches at that position says it all. Bama is missing on high school player talent evaluation a bit lately. No doubt.

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  9. realitycheckhere

    Many will think it is foolish to say Saban is in decline. Alabama could win the National championship this year. But even the greatest coaches have started to decline in their 70’s. Not necessarily fast, but a decline nonetheless. He is still great. I perceive Kirby may have already passed him. The next 10 years will be our time.

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  10. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    Bama could easily lose two regular season games this year. Their o-line is, “Not great, Bob!” If teams put pressure on Young instead of letting him sit back there and pick them apart in Bama’s YAC offense, they will drop a game and maybe two.

    I think Arkansas can beat them. For real. Straight up. No gimmick. Then you have TAMU and Missy State which are dangerous games.

    I wonder if Eric with a K in his deepest darkest moments would admit any of that truth to himself?

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  11. olddawg22

    It still amazes me that the only two games Bama played last year according to the talking heads were the SEC championships and The Natty! ( we all know why they lost the second game!) What about all the close calls, including a gift win on the plains! Seems I’m forgetting something, oh yeah, they lost a game! To a not great team. They had one dominant game (or 2nd qtr) and suddenly they are the best team in the land? Revenge tour may not go quite as planned, but hey it’s Saban, so let’s rock n roll!, it’s time to see what happens on the field!

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  12. moe pritchett

    Arkansas beats Bama. Mark it.

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  13. munsoning

    Arkansas, TAMU, Tenn., MS St., LSU, Ole Miss. That’s Bama’s October and the first half of their November. Right now looks like a tough stretch. Hope it looks even tougher once the season begins. Roll Tahd…right down the toilet.

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  14. archiecreek

    A few short years ago…
    Kirby was cruitin’ talent to gumpland
    Cochran was developing talent in gumpland…
    Where, o where, are those two now when the gumps need’em????

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  15. uga97

    The sign of his program humming was when Saban pulled in new coaches year after year and didn’t miss a beat. It’s plug & play and runs itself. Now he’s trying to see if this formula applies to free agents, ahem, lots of new transfers than ever & maintain as a sustainable model. We shall see.


  16. RangerRuss

    I’m not as inclined to doubt kirby as much these days. Hell, I think his assessment and development of players is unparalleled. Saban on the other hand seems to have slipped. Is it poor selection of recruits or the more likely lack of focus on development of depth? Either way Saban has identified a flaw in his program and seeks to remedy said flaw through the portal. Patching his program if you will. Smart drivers know a patched tire will only get you so far and will not hold up at high performance.
    I think Kirby has identified the areas that need strengthening and seeks to improve from within the roster and recruiting. Whether that’s great development or Dabo-like arrogance remains to be seen.
    Winning the SEC regularly will require reigning in Bama privilege. As Saban slips and Kirby ascends the power of the refs to dictate the outcome of games with their blatantly biased PI calls will lose significance as the Dawgs will simply overwhelm the Tide in other areas. Until Saban truly loses it or quits this will continue to hamstring the Dawg’s opportunities. Time for some ot that Georgia Privilege.

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