“All in all, this has been a fun time.”

JT Daniels is just a good dude.

The night before this year’s National Signing Day, quarterback JT Daniels committed to play at Rice.

Daniels, who’ll turn 23 in February and is on the cusp of joining his fourth college program, couldn’t resist a joke.

“Mine was back in 1997,” he told ESPN of his high school signing day. “I’ll use that joke like 40 times this year.”

Daniels has already played at USC, Georgia and West Virginia. Rice will mark his fourth school in six years. There’s even the possibility of a seventh season if needed, as he could apply for a medical redshirt from his 2019 injury in the season opener at USC.

In an interview Wednesday, Daniels reflected — both lightheartedly and seriously — on his circuitous path and why he thinks that Rice could be the situation that helps unlock his talent. Daniels won National High School Player of the Year in 2017 and in 2018 became just the second freshman to ever start a season opener for USC.

A torn ACL in the first game of the 2019 season began his winding path, which included a national title at Georgia and a season of early promise at West Virginia ended with him losing the job after 10 starts. Over the three schools, he’s 17-12 as a starter. Now he’ll be leading Rice into its inaugural season in the American Athletic Conference in 2023. That will be the fourth league he’s played in, joining the Pac-12, SEC and Big 12.

“That’s probably the coolest part of it,” he said. “Has anyone else ever done that?”

Self-deprecating humor aside, he sounds like somebody who’s very comfortable in his own skin.

“I got a [bachelor’s] in psychology from Georgia. I’m starting my masters at Rice. Of course, you want everything to go perfect and smoother and exactly the way you want it. I don’t feel like I’ve been wronged by a university or a group of people. I have great relationships with USC and UGA and great relationships at West Virginia. It’s all just been a part of process.”

Can’t help but root for him, but you get the feeling a guy who’s that grounded is going to find the right path for himself.



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18 responses to ““All in all, this has been a fun time.”

  1. Gaskilldawg

    It is a great interview. Best wishes to him.


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    Well, JT was never afraid to let it fly, so moving around a bit seems in character.


  3. timphd

    After the way he handled everything last year, I’ll be rooting for him hard to have a big year wherever he plays. He was a great teammate from all accounts and I hope he does well at Rice and gets his shot.

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  4. spur21

    Here’s to you JT a DGD.

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  5. Ran A

    Couldn’t help but to chuckle that he didn’t mention academics at WVU. But adding a Master’s from Rice will do nothing but help him. If he doesn’t make it in the pro’s; you could see this kid going down the coaching route or as a sports psychologist. Wish him nothing but the best.

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  6. Probably not too many other Natty rings in the Rice locker room😜
    Best of luck JT! DGD

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  7. originaluglydawg

    Even at Rice, he can do some things to increase his opportunities for the NFL. I’ve got to believe he still has that goal or else he would have thrown in the towel by now.
    Best of luck to a DGD!!

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  8. Dawg in Austin

    He’s certainly had fun. If anyone saw his girlfriend at UGA (and we chatted with them at Chuck’s after the Mizzou game in 2021), JT’s had a good run.

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  9. Tony BarnFart

    Pretty sure he started as a 17yr old his freshman year…. so that’s paid off on the back end. Dude is still only 22.

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  10. realitycheckhere

    I too believe he will be a success in life. Rice is an excellent school and a graduate degree from there means something special, even if he doesn’t make it to the pro ranks.

    I hope he finds success in that regard too. He certainly played well for us.

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  11. theoriginalspike

    Sounds like he has his head on tightly. Sounds like he was raised well by his parents. I hope it works out for him. He will always be a DGD in my book.

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  12. rugbydawg79

    He is a cool cat for sure. It warms my heart that he is beloved by us. It is a good look for UGA.

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  13. Russ

    I may have to go see him play next season. I went to a Rice game a few years back. You could sit on the 50 for next to nothing. It was a fun afternoon.
    Best of luck to JT. He’ll be a DGD in my book.

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  14. debbybalcer

    He is a DGD. I hope he has a great season next year.


  15. Not knocking Rice, but unless they have an academic program he specifically is seeking, it’s a weird choice. His athletic talent can get him to nearly any top graduate program and better NIL deals. Rice?? Good luck JTD…we’ll forever thank you for the Peach Bowl comeback.


  16. Spell Dawg

    Do we beat Clemson without him last season?
    Do we even make it into the playoffs with a loss to Clemson?
    He earned a piece of that Natty, hope he never forgets that.

    DGD indeed, keeping on moving forward JT!

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    • Comin' Down The Track

      I came here specifically to say this. As great as Stetson has become, I’m not sure he would have been ready to start his odyssey at Clemson. That was a rugged and nasty game that required a veteran at the helm. Further, JT handled his situation with class and dignity. I like to think he coached Stetson up a lot last year and helped him become the legend he is today. JT is a DGD forever.

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  17. Got Cowdog

    “What comes out of a China man’s ass? Rice! Rice!”
    Rice is also 3-0 v Alabama. GATA JT.