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GTP Gift Guide updated

As the header indicates, I’ve updated the listings in the blog’s Gift Guide based on your suggestions, along with a thing or two I’ve come across.  I tried to fix broken links, too.  (If I missed something, please let me know.)

Happy holidays!


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You may remember him.

This is an interesting turn of events.

If Kirby could do that, whom would you like to see brought in as a staff addition?



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Your Daily Gator… is back.

They’ve still got it.

Pay no attention to all those players who got drafted this year!

Bless their hearts.


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Meet Emmert’s replacement.

He’s from the government and he’s here to help.

If he’s better at risk assessment — and it would hard for him not to be than his predecessor was — it’s a step up for the organization.


UPDATE: That being said…

No experience at a college or in education?  Guess you know where their priorities lie now.


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Thursday ticket exchange

With word that the school plans to send its Peach Bowl tickets via mobile delivery on Monday to the lucky 13,000 who got their orders filled, I thought I’d go ahead and put up and exchange post for folks.

Be forewarned:  they aren’t gonna be cheap.

Tickets started at $345 each on Wednesday on Stubhub for standing room only tickets.

Tickets started at $428 in the 300 levels, $630 in the 200 levels and $562 in the 100 level. Club seats in the 100-level started at $1,062 and $1,360 in the 200 level.

You know what to do in the comments.


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Football gods, I’m a little disappointed, tbh.

Not what I was hoping for…

That’s not all he’s widely regarded about.

Ah, well.  He and Jimbo could have been the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


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How do you know the NFL draft is approaching?

Easy.  It’s when tools who like to call themselves “draft experts” start passing on whispers from NFL teams who want a player’s stock to drop so they can get a shot at him.  You know, like this:

Ironically, Carter had advisors whispering in his ears earlier this year when he was injured to rehab and then skip out for the draft.  I must have missed when he bailed on his teammates.  So, I guess, did his teammates.



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Coming soon to a legislature near you…

The next phase of player compensation is about to commence.

Yes, to answer your question, that would be on top of the COA and Alston payments they’re already receiving.  Also, this.

But don’t call them employees!


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