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If you can’t beat ’em…

steal from ’em.

Buster Faulkner, a longtime coaching veteran who’s been serving as an offensive analyst on Kirby Smart’s University of Georgia staff, is set to take the reins of the Georgia Tech offense, sources tell FootballScoop.

Key, that sumbitch!

Although I can’t help but wonder what that says about whether Monken is going anywhere any time soon.



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Sticking to sports

This gives new meaning to “We Run This State”:

Kickoff for the work of next year’s Georgia General Assembly may have to wait until after the kickoff of the College Football National Championship if the University of Georgia Bulldogs continue their ferocious winning streak.

Earlier this year, the Republican-led Georgia Legislature went on temporary hiatus as Bulldog-loving legislators bolted shortly after the opening gavel to travel to Indianapolis and to watch UGA’s national football championship win.

As the Bulldogs make another title run, the championship game once again falls on the first day of the planned legislative session: Jan. 9, 2023. That’s why state officials are quietly making plans to rearrange the schedule; that is, if UGA first defeats Ohio State in the Dec. 31 Peach Bowl.

If that’s the case, we’re told to expect another abbreviated Monday session (Jan. 9) and a light schedule on Tuesday to give legislators, state officials and perhaps a reporter or two time to return from Los Angeles.

And Gov. Brian Kemp — a diehard fan himself — has given himself a cushion in case he travels to the game, too. His inauguration is set for Thursday, Jan. 12 — three days after the possible championship.

Ain’t nothing bigger in this state than Georgia football, peeps.


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“ESPN has all the keys to the castle for this to happen.”

You will be shocked, shocked to learn that Oklahoma and Texas would like to leave early for the SEC, but money is a sticking point.

We all know what the “It” in “It Just Means More” really stands for.


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First one to 50 wins?

As worried as you might be about the play of Georgia’s pass defense in the second half of the SECCG, it’s not close to how Ohio State folks view their defensive meltdown against Michigan.  And it was a doozy.

So far, there’s been a significant correlation between explosive plays allowed and opponents’ average offensive yards per game.

As a result, each team put up 30 or more points on the Buckeyes. They were the three top offenses Ohio State faced all regular season. Michigan ranks 27th in average yards per game (453.5), Penn State ranks 35th (432.4) and Maryland is slotted at No. 51 (406.1).

The good news for Dawg fans is that Georgia cranks out more yards per game than do those three teams.

The Buckeyes’ next opponent, defending national champion Georgia, averages nearly 40 more yards of offense than any of those teams. The Bulldogs’ 491.9 yards per game are seventh-best in the nation, and their 39.2 points per game are second only to Michigan in terms of Ohio State adversaries. Georgia is fresh off an SEC Championship Game performance in which it put up 50 points on then the No. 14 team in the country, and the Bulldogs had 35 points before halftime.

Maybe that’s why Ryan Day said OSU needs to score somewhere in the ballpark of 49-50 points to notch him a second CFP win.


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Betting the ranch with other people’s money

Sadly, this is exactly how your typical athletic director thinks ($$).

… Rarely are coaching searches undergone and extensions drawn up with sober, level heads. And what Fisher, Tucker and Venables’ did in 2022, spawning groans across their campuses, won’t mean fewer such contracts in the future.

Instead? It just means more.

“Those guaranteed contracts reset the market,” one Power 5 athletic director said.

The why shouldn’t be hard to figure out.

Athletic directors’ jobs often are defined by their ability to get their man. Missing a candidate or worse, missing a candidate willing to take your job because negotiations fell through can cost an athletic director his or her own job.

“You can say you won’t make a deal like that, but in the new market, not making a deal like that is the difference between getting a coach and not getting him,” a Power 5 athletic director said.

No athletic director ever has been fired for overpaying for a successful coach who becomes the most popular man on campus. And thus, another chapter of the most lopsided rivalry in college sports — agents versus athletic directors — is written.

Jimmy Sexton may not be undefeated, but he’s got the highest winning percentage in college sports.

And there’s a touch of irony that shouldn’t be ignored here.

Coaching contracts with higher and higher percentages of guaranteed money have arisen, in part, because of a growing lack of patience from fans and boosters, and as a result, athletic directors are quick to pull the rug out from under once-promising candidates.

That’s a lot harder to do if you’re on the paying side of, say, a seven-year guaranteed deal.  Just ask Texas A&M.  So the end result in situations like this — again, as is the case in Aggie Land — is that these deals wind up acting as a brake on fans’ impatience.  Maybe that’s good, but if it’s not… well, ADs generally don’t have seven-year guaranteed deals.


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Pick Six

Eleven Warriors picks out six Georgia players whom Ohio State will have to game plan for.  Can you guess all six?


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For those who wish college football was more like the NFL…

Be careful what you wish for.

I hate the selection committee with the heat of a thousand suns, but I’d still rather have that than the above.


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The Pirate, on choppy seas

If you didn’t hear the news last night, Mike Leach had to be taken to the hospital as a result of what the school called “a personal health issue at his home”.  There hasn’t been much subsequent news, but what little has emerged makes it sound like Leach’s situation remains quite serious.

Hope he comes through.  Whether you like him or not, he’s a true character and college football can always use its share of true characters.


UPDATE:  Situation unchanged.


UPDATE #2:  Holy crap, this sounds awful.

Mississippi State football coach Mike Leach had a massive heart attack on Sunday in Starkville and was transferred to University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, where he is still being cared for on Monday.

According to multiple sources, Leach, 61, collapsed at his home in Starkville, but did not receive medical attention for between 10 to 15 minutes. EMTs used a defibrillator machine and delivered multiple shocks to restore normal heart rhythm.

After he was stabilized at Oktibbeha County Hospital, he was transported by helicopter to UMMC.

Sources said two of four his children are already in Jackson with the other two en route.

It appears, according to sources, that Leach may have suffered seizures with the possibility of brain damage. Sources said the situation is dire.


UPDATE #3:  I hope Leach fully recovers, if only to hear his reaction to this.


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