Wednesday random bits

Here’s what a little ‘Net surfing turned up:

  • What’s the new meme at Georgia?  Knowshon Moreno not living up to expectations, especially against SEC defenses.
  • If you’re just looking to catch up on a bunch of random stuff about some of what’s going on in the non-BCS confererences (plus a couple of notes about Kansas State and Washington State), Matt over at Statistically Speaking can scratch your back.
  • Good to see the SEC is going to spend some of that TV money on something worthwhile.
  • I know this isn’t about football, but how does Billy Gillispie get away with some of the crap he pulls?
  • I get the feeling that she writes this column every year.  And it sounds like he recycles, too.
  • The best part of this blog post isn’t what Barnhart wrote, but this comment in response to his suggestion that Clemmins do its damnedest to hire Vandy’s Bobby Johnson:  “It is pretty bad for Clemson when the best hire they can make is the Vanderbilt coach. It will be even worse when he turns down the offer.”


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6 responses to “Wednesday random bits

  1. dean

    Even with an experienced OL it would be tough to run the ball when every defense we face is hell bent on preventing us from doing so. However it’s not that Moreno has been unproductive or ineffective. Just having him in the backfield demands the defense to respect the run. Just my $0.02


  2. NebraskaDawg

    I think the biggest difference from last year is that SEC defenses are specifically game planning for KM which has in turn opened up the passing game (hence Stafford’s two best passing games of his career have been this year.)


  3. UgaMatt

    I think KM is having a great year. There’s no way of tracking how many of his runs would be for negative yardage if it were any other back, but it has to be a ton, especially against SC.


  4. I hope KM underperforms all the way to the SECCG and beyond.

    His blocking goes unpraised by all but UGA coaches, players and fans. But, he has punished some people on blocks – including himself unfortunately. I’m sure NFL scouts aren’t disappointed in what they see.


  5. Turd Ferguson

    About Moreno …

    1. As has already been pointed out, his crazy skills came as a surprise to defenses last year. This year, not so much.

    2. The offensive line is growing up. Last year, it took them the first half of the season to learn how to pass protect. This year, it’s taking them the first half of the season to learn how to run block.

    3. Eventually, defenses are going to realize that by stacking the box, they’re only getting burned by Stafford downfield. This should force defenses to balance things out a bit more, which in turn should open up a bit more of the field for Moreno.

    4. If someone told me before the season started that, through 6 games, Moreno would be averaging 5.6 yards per carry for about 600 yards and 10 touchdowns, I’d have been pretty darn pleased. Anyone who thinks he’s been under-performing ought to keep in mind that injuries in games 1 and 5 (cramps, elbow contusion) kept him to just 8 and 9 carries respectively. The South Carolina game was really the only legit sub-100 game for him, and not surprisingly, it was against one of the better defenses in all of college football.


  6. Ally

    How on earth is what Billy Gillespie did legal, much less ethical? In that mammoth ncaa rule book, how did this very situation go overlooked?

    More importantly, what does it say about a coach who seeks these types loopholes to exploit? I’m sure Saban & Urban can shed some light on my query.