But he breaks just like a little girl.

Judging from the reaction, whatever chance Damon Evans had of surviving his arrest with his job intact has likely gone out the window with the release of the police report.  Specifically, this part of the police report:

The subject began crying uncontrollably before I took him into the jail.

Lurid details aside, there’s not much of a surprise in the rest of the report.  We already knew he’d been drinking.  We already knew he’d gotten behind the wheel while he was intoxicated.  We already knew that he was with someone he shouldn’t have been with at a questionable hour.  And we already knew he wanted to keep his job.

But crying?  There’s no crying in college athletics, at least not on the administration side of things.



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  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    All right, here we are:


  2. Brandon

    Yep, I thought he should be gone to start with but that is pretty much the nail in the coffin. Don Corleone, what’em I gonna do…what’em I gonna do…geez take it like a man.


    • Section Z alum


      The trooper, who noted that Evans had a pair of red panties between his legs, asked the athletic director “what her panties were doing in his side of the seat. He stated, ‘She took them off and I held them because I was just trying to get her home.’ “


      • Freehawk

        I re-read that quote “I was just trying to get her home” again.

        I am not hip with the lingo these days, does “get her home” mean what I think it does?

        I think noted wordsmith and cultural icon Sir Mixalot referred to it as “get the friction on.”


  3. Scorpio Jones, III

    Vincent, for God’s sake, pick up the phone.

    Tell him to resign.

    I hate it, you really hate it, but we have to move on.



    • No One Knows You're a Dawg

      I’m sure the reason Evans hasn’t offered his resignation is because he wants a buyout of his contract. If he simply resigned, he’d get nothing. At this point, he’s “looking out for number one.” To me, it makes all his pronouncements about UGA at the press conference meaningless.

      Why would Adams agree to a buyout when he could just fire Evans? So he can make sure Evans never writes a book.

      I expect we’ll hear of a buyout and confidentiality agreement next week (depending upon how quickly Evans’ attorneys can negotiate a “max offer” from UGA).


  4. Damon, next time hit em with….I’m Rick James bitch.

    After all, it couldn’t make you look any worse.


  5. UFTimmy

    Ahh, a true rival, can’t even talk about your own skeletons without taking a jab at the GPOOE. Well done.


    • I wish I could take credit for that, but seriously, my inspirations here were Bob Dylan and A League of Their Own.

      I have to admit you’ve made me regret the missed opportunity, though. 😉


    • Well Timmy, he did set the bar for crying in college football…..jus sayin.

      I have to be totally honest…..last year, after the Gumps had pounded the Saurians into oblivion in the SECCG and Tebow teared up……I shed a tear myself.

      God Bless!


  6. Brandon

    And for anyone who has doubted whether the guy was actually drunk or not, why in the hell would you not stuff the panties under the seat when you got pulled over unless you were completely wasted. Adams needs to be gone too, this is his second hire that has made us the laughing stock of the nation, and that prick hasn’t even made a decision yet about what to do rather he is just sitting back wetted finger to the wind to see what the prevailing sentiment is, no thought of doing the right thing.


    • Dawgfan17

      I agree, Adams has to take some heat for this as well.


      • Charles D.

        Don Leebern is at the heart of all the problems. He needs to be removed from the Board of Regents and all UGA affiliations.


        • Why?

          Because he owns Crown Distributing?

          Or because he beat the crap out of Mason Bentley?


          • aristoggle

            Youclan …


            • Charles D.

              Because the hypocrisy that lies at the root of all of the issues at UGA springs from the fact that a glorified moonshiner is the puppetmaster for all things there.

              Who do you think was responsible for building the Stegeman practice facility? Damon Evans? Really?


              • What hypocrisy are we referring to Charles?

                Why does it matter how he made his money?

                As far as Stegeman, you say that like it’s a bad thing.

                Now if you want to talk about some of his more questionable lapses in judgment like flying some members of the gymnastics team to NY on his private jet, having a Georgia coach living with him while he was still married or even placing the UGA AA logo on some wine bottles then I might listen. But the whole glorified bootlegger that is responsible for all of UGA’s woes doesn’t really work for me. Sorry.


        • Sep


          Did anyone else get caught DUI with a lady other than his wife? Damn dude. You point blame at a major contributor. Is he the only person selling alcohol?

          Booze didn’t have a damn thing with this poor, poor decision by a guy who’s paid very well to know better. The crying and asking if you know who I am changes everything for me.

          Fire him. How can you have discipline after this? I’m sad this guy is a lower than expected citizen.

          He’s brought the school down and made us a joke. Fire him.


        • PNWDawg

          I thought you were done with the Dawgs.


  7. I am so done with Damon Evans. Let’s move the discussion to something that truly matters.

    There is a man in Gainesville. He is a Georgia grad and an Athens native. He knows what it takes to build a great athletic department. His name is Greg McGarity. If we call him, he will come…..and he won’t be Mike Adams yes man.


  8. No One Knows You're a Dawg

    “…..and he won’t be Mike Adams yes man.”

    If true, it means there’s no chance of Adams hiring him.


  9. HVL Dawg

    I think he was crying uncontrolably because he realized he had just thrown away his wife and two children.

    I think that is worthy of unconsolable grief.


  10. FourOFour

    Adams wants to gauge the alumi and boosters prior to making a decision?!


    Terry Collage, Dec 1993; Section 107, Seats 15-18


  11. 69Dawg

    Karma is a bitch and Damon’s firing of the cheerleader coach for nothing but a trumped up charge has come back and bit him in his butt.


  12. Julie

    Damon might want to keep those red panties because he has certainly gotten too big for his britches. I expect Adams to put humanely put him down Tuesday or Wednesday, as soon as the AA attorneys have finalized the walking papers.


    • Sep

      Exactly. The comment of ” do you know I’m the AD at Ga” confirms his above the law attitude.

      Power does bad things to some people.


  13. Dallasga6

    Anyone else anxiously awaiting the release of the dashcam video?? I have a scary feeling It’s going to look like an episode of COPS…. Deunk driver & some crazy redneck trash woman running around with no panties on, yelling & screaming at the trooper…. Oh Boy….Damn, Just Damn….


  14. AthensHomerDawg

    schadenfreude. A handy word we stole from the Germans, it combines schaden (damage) and freude (joy) to describe the pleasure we take in the misfortunes of others. We Dawgs had better toughen up …..a lot muckraking coming our way.


    • Brandon

      We definately are going to be a big punch line over this, deservedly so. Personally, this kind of thing is why I don’t go around giving other people are hard time about their school’s crap (or when we beat up on them). What goes around comes around and it’s coming around.


      • AthensHomerDawg

        My Tennessee friend called to wish us a happy fourth…and then added, ” I understand you are renaming the “Redcoat Marching Band”. I won’t give away his punch line. I’m sure you can see it. That Dawg/Vol game just can’t get here soon enough for me and I’m hoping CMR doesn’t call off the Dawgs until the last second ticks off the clock. Just sayin’!


        • Brandon

          Oh I’m with you, the big urnge guys some of the worst. I’m from South Georgia and grew up hating Florida most and I still do but UT is right up there nipping at their heels these days. We’ve just got so much else going on now, the game last year, the Dooley connection, I hope we clobber em’.


  15. Marquaveous

    Cut our losses, fire him and save face. He should have resigned. I hate it for him, but he screwed up.


    • Hill Dawg

      Think about it. Damon is riding along in his Beemer with a new contract worth $550,000 +. A gal in the front seat just took off her red panties. He’s got a buzz going and all of a sudden the blue light comes on behind him. Just like that, it is over. No gal, no Beemer, no $550,000+, maybe no wife, no prestige. All gone…. No crying in baseball but a lot of tears in life. It makes me want to cry for him. All caused by him. It is so sad.


      • Brandon

        It’s definately sad but there is no excuse for him to be crying on the side of the road about this, piss poor.


  16. Dboy

    I guess the SEC gypsies will have to sell bottled Damon tears alongside the bottled Tebow tears. Sad


  17. Depending on the time element as to when the exact time of the traffic stop was made and the time Damon’s new contract was to have taken effect, there could be a legal question as to whether Damon was in violation of his old expiring contract under the list of violations covered for bringng discredit to UGA and he could possibly be fired for that violation of the contract then in place, thereby rendering his new contract null and void.


  18. Prosticutor

    Ok…glass half full, silver linings, turning that frown upside down, bright side of life—Ok, got it! At least our guy knows how to party!!


  19. Spence

    He probably needs to go, but it’d be nice if the BullDawg Nation recognizes he’s not some petty thug or Tony Cole. He’s a double UGA grad that played for us and has done by all accounts a fantastic job as AD. Evans deserves critcism for what he did, but bashing him mercilessly (not saying you did, Senator, referring to some posters here and elsewhere) only twists the wife in an embarassing wound.

    One of our own really f-ed up and his life as he knows it is effectively over. Anyone who has ever made a mistake before has to feel for him. For anyone who hasn’t made a mistake, please let us all know how it feels to be perfect. As UGA fans we should all hope he can get straightened out and land back on his feet with some appreciation what he’s lost and some perspective on life.


  20. CDawg

    I think Noone Knows You’re a Dawg hit the nail on the head as to why Evans didn’t resign.

    But can someone please explain why Dr. Adams allowed him to hold a press conference at the University in the president’s absence, with all of the coaches in tow (other than Richt), a day before the police report was to be released?

    Must be one hell of a vacation. For someone who is supposedly politically savvy, this was truly stupid.

    Evans is not the only one who should be held accountable.


    • Normaltown Mike

      IMHO Adams wanted Damon to do his very best mea culpa press conference and then Mike could wait for the response.

      If it was overwhelmingly supportive, he’d keep him. I read it as overwhelmingly disappointed/flabberghasted so I’d say its a done deal.

      -Sometime Tuesday morning Damon will look at Mike and say “Et tu Brutus?”


      • CDawg

        If Mike waits until Tuesday, he might as well skip the fireworks tomorrow because they will be nothing like what he will face when he surfaces.


        • Brandon

          Adams is supposed to be so politically savvy but in my experience he isn’t smooth at all. I’ll never forget him calling the cops on the basketball team the time they went over to his house after he pulled them out of the big dance.


          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            That pull-out was uncalled for, too. OK, the coach did things he should not have done as well as his son, the Asst. coach. Fire them. So, one of the players played hanky panky with a grade and a class. Kick him out of school. Any other players dirty? Suspend them. But to refuse to send a team at all? What about the players that didn’t do anything wrong? And what about UGA’s obligations to the other schools in the conference? The only reason Adams did what he did was to save his own hide. Adams hired Harrick, so he had to over-react to atone. The ax should have gotten Adams along with the Harricks.


  21. Prosticutor

    It’s time to go all in. Play the cards right and we could end up with a new President as well. Damon needs to cough up for a PR firm and figure out how to put this all on Adams. Crazier things have happened.


  22. THis is REdiculous

    He CRy For HIs MAma!


  23. Dog in Fla

    An Evening in Buckhead – A Devolution in Four-Part Disharmony:

    1st: The Plan

    2nd: The Wrong Selection

    3rd: What Is She Doing?


    4th: Conclusion by these two guys


  24. Normaltown Mike

    No such thing as bad publicity:

    The panties were red.


  25. Will Trane

    What do you think all those coaches wives are saying right now. “Honey is there we want to raise our family and work” . What do you think most of the Dawgs’ alumni feel…anger and embarassment for years. Do you think Evans could attend any function for UGA and the SEC and not be whispered about. Do you think he could discipline any coach or player in the department?

    Let’s see why he should be fired: lack of judgement, lack of discipline, lack of love and respect for his wife and children, lack of love and respect for the coaches and players, lack of love and respect for a great University, and etc. You have one of the best jobs in America, and you go pull a Tiger Woods stunt.

    He was not my choice when the position was open. Hopefully, someone will look at the new hire in a professional light this go around.

    He has hurt his wife and children forever. For me this is the worst. There is no forgiving here. The pain, hurt, and heartache is beyond words.

    For once I would like to see some man act like one. And I’m not saying they should hire one. Just someone with some G2, character, class, and respect and love for others.

    He should go now before the sunsets.


    • Brandon

      That’s the true legacy of Bill Clinton, people used to quit/resign when they were caught in things dead to rights, now they all hang on to see if they can whether the storm like he did. Fortunately most of them aren’t as slick as ole Slick Willy.


  26. Dog in Fla

    But if Damon rides off into the sunset, just think of the unfairness to our opposing fans, some of whom could probably adapt the highlights of the clearly legible and easily readable arrest report into Cameron Crazies’ stunt comedy acts like these:

    “Don’t get me wrong, there were still some delightful moments. The Duke students did a wonderful job mocking Lefty Driesell during that era. Students would show up wearing bald skullcaps (sometimes with an empty gas gauge on the forehead) and dressed as the Maryland coach with his ugly ties and his too-large sports coats. One year when Driesell broke his ankle and arrived wearing a cast, half a dozen of the Driesell look-alikes also showed up sporting casts.”



  27. Hogbody Spradlin

    Blutarsky has a good point. Cying like a baby at the police station is unmanly, to use an old fashion word.

    The red panties are a nice touch. Makes you wonder what caused him to weave. Maybe she was giving a rolling hummer.


    • Dog in Fla

      I think he’s still maintains a certain degree of manliness because the arrest report said he was cying before being taken to jail, not at the jail.

      I just know that when I’ve been pulled over and after saying that I’ve only had three highballs at a couple of different places, refuse to blow and then say those magic words, “I’m not trying to bribe you, but…” to the cop, game and fish warden, MP, crossing guard or anything else wearing a uniform, whether I remember to cry or not, it just never seems to work out well for me.

      And that’s even in those rare traffic pullover instances when I don’t have a super-hot girl’s thong between my legs and her, without a thong between her legs (that’s the part that makes it manly), in the front passenger seat acting up and carrying our her duty to protect and serve me.


  28. Brandon

    Still pretty wussified to be crying cause you’re going to jail, those are tears over your self. I’m old school and I generally think men should try to refrain from crying in front of others but at least if someone’s crying at a funeral of their parents/wife/children or because there kid’s got cancer or something they’re not crying for themself. Damon was crying for himself like a little kid caught doing something he shouldn’t have been. It’s pathetic, it shows what kind of a man he is/isn’t. There is always some two bit whore willing to pull those kind of stunts with a man, especially if he’s got any money at all, that don’t impress me much. Your posts crack me up sometimes by the way.


  29. CDawg

    I guess we can now officially dispense with the Mark Richt is on the “hot seat” storyline.


  30. WindyCityDawg

    At least the panties were red and not orange and blue.

    He’s gone. Whether it will be Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday depends on whether the Athletic Association is making it’s lawyers work the Fourth.

    It’s a real shame. He was doing an admirable job and had begun to get out of Dooley’s shadow.

    Who do you guy’s think would make a good AD next?


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