“It’s a tradition like no other.”

If by that, you mean Georgia Tech can’t keep its jalopy/mascot in a state of decent repair, well, okay.

Perhaps you remember this mishap from a couple of years ago.

Now, there are more problems.

A Georgia Tech student has filed suit against the school and a Cobb County metal fabricator, blaming them for injuries he suffered when a hand rail broke and he fell of Tech’s iconic car, the Ramblin’ Wreck.

The suit, filed Wednesday in Fulton Superior Court, names Tech, the company and the state of Georgia as defendants.  The suit holds Tech responsible for  “promoting the unsafe use of a vehicle by students.”

Georgia Tech and Eco-Clean Inc., the Cobb County business that installed the railings, both declined to comment Thursday.

You really would think a school full of engineers could do better.

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15 responses to ““It’s a tradition like no other.”

  1. You’d also think a school full of engineers would be able to find a damn parking spot for the car, but they struggle at that, too.


  2. Russell

    Can’t come up with a decent comment beyond a snicker, but somehow that feels good enough.


  3. JaxDawg

    It’s too damn bad that the old piece of shit and the truck carrying it didn’t flip 37 times and explode in a firey blaze.

    And that would have been too good for those sorry sonsofbitches.


    • Want to see the Wreck get wrecked? Just have Damon Evans drive it.


      • Tommy

        Actually, even drunk, Damon didn’t manage to wreck his BMW. Perfectly sober engineers piloting their school’s mascot? Not so much.

        I didn’t think there was anything funny about a DUI, but there you go proving me wrong.


        • Moggs

          He also got a girl in his car AND got her panties off. What Techie can claim that? If there is one, GT would probably HIRE him for AD!!!


        • Will

          These are the same people that celebrated Uga’s death. If you’re expecting class, you’re looking in the wrong place.


      • NCT

        Damon’s unemployed. The wreck still has a job.


        • 81Dog

          Damon can get a job. The Wreck will never get any dignity so long as it remains the dilapidated symbol of bunch of self-important nerds.

          Plus, they’ll be ice skating in hell before any spindly nerd pilots the Wreck with a pantyless female as his co-pilot.


  4. Dim[K]=F/L^(3/2) or in laymen engineer’s terms..

    Crack tips produce a 1/Sqrt(r) singularity. The stress fields near a crack tip of an isotropic linear elastic material can be expressed as a product of 1/Sqrt(r) and a function of theta with a scaling factor K: ….or so they say. I dunno.

    Just don’t lean on the cheap piece of crap Poindexter


  5. Rival

    He’s named the state of Georgia as a defendant in the suit.

    I wonder if that exposes UGA to any liability since we run this state.

    Perhaps not since it was after the 2008 anomaly but before last year’s return to normalcy.

    Regardless, Tech has sucked it and will continue to suck it, which will be the only rational outcome of any legal proceeding in this matter.


  6. the Coondawg

    I bet the hand rail had nothing to do with it. I bet they passed a business that had the Star Wars/Rings/Star Trek box sets on sale and he was in a daze. Not to metnion he was violating State law by hanging on the car while it was being driven.


    • Will

      Aw, cut them some slack, it’s not like they have a law school or are a real university. They do what they can.


  7. shane#1

    Who the hell but a bunch of snobs would take a Ford jalopy to Eco-Clean? Take the crate to Bubba’s Paint and Body you turkeys!