More defensive red meat for starving Dawg fans

“We want to be aggressive. We want to attack. We want to be relentless in our pursuit to the ball.”

I tell you what:  if Todd Grantham coaches half as well as he communicates, it’s gonna be a fun year.


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26 responses to “More defensive red meat for starving Dawg fans

  1. DavetheDawg

    And if the defense communicates half as well, I’m inclined to believe you. That was a real issue under Willie. Except for those thumb signals, of course.


  2. FJ

    I know we salivate over this stuff because we haven’t seen for a while but is it really that earth shattering for a defensive coach to say “we want to attack, be aggressive and pursue the ball”?


    • Generally speaking, or just in Athens?


      • Derek

        Other “non-Earth shattering statements” that would all be welcome by Georgia fans:

        – “Tackling is important.”

        – “We’d really rather not have receivers running alone in our secondary.”

        – “One thing we’d like to do is be in position to make the play.”

        – “Taking the ball away from the other team’s offense is actually better than forcing punts or waiting for the inevitable kick-off to get the ball back to our offense.”

        – “We’d really rather not have the opposing QB debating whether or not taking a shower is really necessary after the game.”


        • JC in Powder Springs

          How ’bout, ‘we’re never, ever, ever going to directional kick again.’


          • Hackerdog

            Or the corollary, “the kickoff team should not be comprised of walk-ons.”


            • rbubp

              I kind of like, “We will never, ever again have a DB face-guarding as an intentional defensive strategy.”


            • Macallanlover

              Reply to Hackerdog’s comment above: I have no issue with disagreeing with my position, but it would be better if you stuck with the facts. I have NEVER, in any post, said authorities (police) cannot be wrong, abusive, or poorly trained. I have also consistently said there is a venue for handling that, in the courts with followup challenges, not at the point where said actions occur. So important is this being held to a higher standard, that I support stiffer punishments for police abuse and wrongdoing.

              Our society hinges on respect for the law, and law enforcement. If an officer says stop, or turns on a blue light, you obey. While drifting far from the original point, I was saying UGA fans bend over backwards to not hold our players accountable, both on the field of play and off, that it mimics our current culture of excusing bad behavior and passing problems on. You may agree, or not, with that, but don’t misstate my position to make your point based a totally different setr of premises.


        • Junkyard

          +10 Derek


  3. Hometeamdawg

    “It’s no longer a requirement for our linebackers to imitate granite statues prior to the snap.”


  4. RamZ

    Jarvis Jones very well could be one of our most coveted recruits – can’t wait for him to spend an entire year getting bigger/smarter/faster…knock-a-sucka!!


  5. negative ?

    Macallanlover Quote :

    “All problems are the coaches fault, never the players (off the field it is the police/authorities’ fault.)”

    It is certainly not my fault that we have so many excuses readily handy dandy for the fact that we lead the nation in arrests / suspensions / penalties / fumbles / interceptions and lies

    that we are SO DAMN GREAT

    when our

    # 11 Football Program All-Time in 1-A wins

    is in fact :

    # 19 in won / lost record the last 4 yrs 38-14

    # 3 in Fulmer Cup Standings over same last 4 yrs

    Something has got to give.

    My vote ?



    These 2 are to blame.


  6. Elvis

    C’mon, don’t do that “the last 4 years” crap. That is so arbitrary and only blatantly skews the stats for your point. How are we with 2005 (last 5) or last 3 ( dropping 2006)? Not saying ’06 and 09 don’t count, but it is pretty obvious how you are framing that a la Fox News.