Following the crazy


No, not the Finebaum listener having the heart attack.  That’s just Alabama.  It’s all the national writers who follow the show with regularity that stuns me.


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7 responses to “Following the crazy

  1. Blind leading the blind.

  2. Bryant Denny

    Oversigning gurus.🙂

    Don’t kid yourself. Staples has GTP in his Google Reader, too.

    Have a good evening,


  3. Silver Creek Doug

    I drive through Alabama regularly for work.

    I always feel stupider (is that a real word?) for having to listen to the Finedouche…

    • Scott W.

      No. “More stupid” or “dumber”, please. This call has to be an encompassing metaphor for his show. Finebaum truly is the Stupid Whisperer.