Snitches get stitches.

Cecil Newton, the gift that keeps on giving:

dan (huntsville,al) [via mobile]

Why did miss state have such a weak recruiting class? Also, the big name decommits?

Chris Low

(1:52 PM)

There are several theories. A lot of the Mississippi State people believe the Cam Newton stuff was used against them and that rival recruiters were pounding away on prospects and telling them that the Bulldogs might be facing some NCAA penalties of their own. Can you imagine that? Negative recruiting in the SEC?

Mike Slive has to be pleased.


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11 responses to “Snitches get stitches.

  1. Brandon

    Payton Manning on SNL: “Now I’ll kill a snitch, I ain’t saying have, and ain’t saying I want, whatever you kids don’t know #@%!


  2. WarD Eagle

    Did Chris Low ever consider that maybe, just maybe, MSU has never had a great recruiting class?


  3. TennesseeDawg

    The real problem is that MSU recruits usually take a official visit to Starkville. There in lies the root cause.


  4. What fresh hell is this?

    It’s hard to compete when you don’t offer the Auburn signing bonus.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      The problem may be that they did–just not enough.


      • 81Dog

        Starkville is the ultimate small market franchise. Auburn is kind of like the New York Mets: throwing money at free agents for years with very little to show for it (until this year), and now looking over their collective shoulder for the feds to wreak havoc (the SEC is coming after the Wilpons for all the Madoff money they raked in, and the FBI may be coming for Lowder, McGregor, et al). Knocking the Mets out of the bidding still doesnt add anything to the Kansas City Royals bank account, though, so the folks in StarkVegas are just SOL. Unless some delta genius finds a way to use catfish, soybeans and cotton to create cold fusion, MSU is never going to have the resources to run with the high powered programs.


  5. Leroy White

    Chris says Auburn is no longer under NCAA investigation? I thought it was ongoing…….not that they will do anything unless the FBI finds something.