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Have mouth; won’t travel.

The idea that Gus Malzahn’s wife’s admittedly idiotic interview (warning:  too excruciating to watch more than thirty seconds) could be grounds for an AD’s decision not to take a chance on hiring Malzahn is exactly the kind of thinking that leads to retreads like Franchione and Erickson getting third and fourth cracks at head coaching jobs.

I hope whoever it is who said that brings on Terry Bowden to run his football program.


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Remember, cut blocks are entirely legal.

Probably like many of you, I assumed when DeAngelo Tyson went down on the second play of the Tech game and the flag came out that he was the recipient of a chop block.  Turned out the replay showed that wasn’t the case; he just went down on his own favoring a leg.  I then assumed that he’d tweaked something before the game.

Wrong, bacon breath.  Here’s what happened to Tyson on the first play of the game (h/t Alcoholic Genius):

It’s even uglier when you watch it on the broadcast replay.  Tyson is several yards away from Tyler Melton, who’s in the process of winding up to throw the ball as this takes place, and is moving laterally with Melton.  He’s not even the closest defender to Melton (that was Abry Jones).

The Tech player in question is center Jay Finch, who has moved away from another block and is simply looking for a Georgia player to go after.  His block had no effect on the outcome of the play.  However it did put Tyson on the ground for a while, although it’s unclear from the broadcast for how long, and then out of the game for good.  It’s a shame ESPN didn’t go back, find it and make something out of it during the broadcast.

It’s also a shame that Georgia Tech continues to get away with this kind of garbage.  Even Coach Garner didn’t seem overly troubled by it, which I don’t understand.  I’m curious what you think about it.


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“It just so happens…”

Mark Richt’s never been one to toot his own horn much, so I appreciate the subtle way he goes about reminding the media at today’s presser that his program has been a member of the SEC’s upper crust over the past decade:

“Since I’ve been at Georgia, LSU has been the winningest team in the Southeastern Conference. It just so happens that three of the four times we’ve been in the SEC Championship Game, LSU has been our opponent. We’re looking forward to the opportunity and the challenge of it.”

Nobody’s made more championship visits to the Dome in the last ten years than he has.


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It’s just a flesh wound.

If you love the Tennessee football program as much as I do, you’ll get a chuckle out of John Pennington’s post about the Knoxville natives getting restless with Son of Dooley.  The best part of all is Pennington’s advice that comes after a lengthy list of (rumored) examples of how things are slowly sliding out of control:

… a long-term view suggests that UT’s best bet is to stick with Dooley for at least one more season and allow him to further stabilize the program from a roster standpoint.

One can only hope.  In fact, I would argue that he needs more than one short season to try to right the ship.


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Second year’s the charm

When it comes to stats, I always prefer it when somebody else does the heavy lifting for me.

Such is the case with Year2’s look at the Georgia defense under Todd Grantham’s second year of direction.  It’s pretty frickin’ impressive:

… Here is how Georgia’s BCS conference opponents (plus Boise State) did against Grantham’s crew this season. The points are offensive points only; I did not include special teams scores, defensive scores, or safeties. Also, I did not include any stats accumulated against I-AA opponents.

Opponent Points PPG Diff. Yards YPG Diff.
Boise State 35 41.82 -6.82 390 477.6 -87.6
South Carolina 24 24.62 -0.62 395 366.5 28.5
Ole Miss 7 12.55 -5.55 183 277.6 -94.6
Mississippi State 3 20.73 -17.73 213 335.5 -122.5
Tennessee 12 17.82 -5.82 270 323 -53.0
Vanderbilt 21 22.55 -1.55 349 345.8 3.2
Florida 13 20.91 -7.91 226 323.4 -97.4
Auburn 7 19.27 -12.27 195 320.3 -125.3
Kentucky 10 13.82 -3.82 142 242.9 -100.9
Georgia Tech 17 31.00 -14.00 355 441.2 -86.2

Average Point Differential: -7.61

Average Yard Differential: -73.58

Grantham’s crew held every offense below its season average to some extent. He held eight of the ten under their yardage averages as well.

Actually, Year2 understates the case in one respect.  68 of South Carolina’s rushing yards came on that bloody Melvin Ingram fake punt (that if I hadn’t seen with my own eyes still wouldn’t believe had happened) and not against Grantham’s defense.  Take that out of the equation and only one team finished with a total offensive yardage amount over its season average against the Dawgs’ defense, Vanderbilt – and that was barely above.

That being said, I think Vandy was the one team this season which caught Grantham unprepared in one area, although to be fair, nobody saw Jordan Rodgers’ success as a runner coming that day.  Hell, he wasn’t even the starter.

So maybe one question we ought to be asking is whether LSU plays it straight on offense or whether the Tigers decide to throw Grantham a curve ball.  The stats suggest that the more they stick to the script, the better Georgia’s chances are to slow them down.


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Rematch, redux

Sounds like Mike Gundy could stand a few lessons in BCS politicking from Mack  Brown:

Gundy is not a voter in this season’s USA Today/Coaches poll. But he said if he did fill out a ballot, right now he would put 11-1 Alabama ahead of 10-1 OSU after comparing each team’s loss.

“If somebody sat me down and said (I) had to make a decision,” Gundy said, “with where we’re at right now, Alabama lost to what would be the No. 1 team in the country (LSU), and Oklahoma State lost to Iowa State.

“In our situation, if I was doing it fair, I don’t know how I could put us in front of (Alabama) right now.”

Fair?  Screw fair!

Somewhere in this great land of ours, T. Boone Pickens is blowing a gasket right now.


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Over 9 Million and counting

The last million hits at the site came in less than three months.  November is already a record month in that regard at GTP, with a day and a half to go.  It’s getting well over fifteen thousand hits a day now.  Wow.

And that’s without nudity or a football program in disarray.

Thanks for coming, folks.


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