Monday morning buffet

Let’s get your week started.

  • It’s amazing to me how many big time records Herschel Walker still holds, despite only playing three years of college ball.
  • There haven’t been two SEC quarterbacks taken in the first round of the NFL draft since 1952.
  • If you care about such things, here’s some speculation about what the SEC might look like in ten years.
  • Steve Spurrier being a smart ass is the genesis of a rivalry?  I do not think that word means what you think it means.
  • Aaron Murray is saying the right thing, at least:  “I’m constantly working on my footwork; you can never be too perfect. You always want a good base to throw accurate passes and the more drills you can do, the better, so footwork is definitely the most important thing I’m working on…”
  • Over the last three seasons, Georgia hasn’t been as unlucky with injuries as you might think.
  • Here’s another piece ranking the SEC coaches.
  • And this is a good a description of SEC Media Days as you’ll see:  “there are tons of media around but nothing really happens.”
  • “No one,” Jones said smiling, “wants to be the first team that Missouri beats while in the SEC.”


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4 responses to “Monday morning buffet

  1. What fresh hell is this?

    When Spurrier said he really liked playing UGA early in the year because you could always count on some player suspensions, I really wish Richt would have responded, “I wish we could play SC in the summer when they serve all their suspensions” instead of “that sounds like Steve”.


    • Bulldawg165

      +1. I’m ok with us having stricter discipline policies than other schools, but at least don’t let someone like Spurrier make it sound like we run a thug program because we actually punish our players for wrongdoing.


  2. Dog in Fla

    Henny Saban, 60, took some shots back at Spurrier on Wednesday. “You know, there are some other coaches in this league, like Steve Spurrier, that are older than me that I look up to that are my mentors that I really learn a lot from and that I really want to try to be like,” he said. “In fact, I was even going to consider wearing a visor on the sidelines this year. But I was afraid I’d throw it.”


  3. Cojones

    Placing Richt 4th and behind Spurrier while giving Spurrier credit for years gone by leaves out those years that FSU kicked FU’s butt with Richt as the O coach who did the kicking. Richt is a better coach than Spurrier and were it not for last year’s miscues by individual UGA players, it wouldn’t even be debatable.