As the sphincter tightens

Boom isn’t handling 0-3 very well, I’m afraid.

Despite rallying from 20 points down, the Gators (4-4, 3-3 SEC) are in danger of one of their worst records in the past three decades. The fact that Muschamp is now 0-3 against Georgia, which had not beaten UF three straight times since the late 1980s, will inflame an already aggravated fan base.

The tension mounted to the point that as Muschamp was exiting the field, he shouted back at a fan who was harassing him. The man used an obscene gesture, and Muschamp responded by pointing and yelling at him before his state trooper escort steered him into the locker room.

“I don’t spend two seconds thinking about that,” he said of general hostility from the crowd. “We just move on. We’ve gotta coach our football team. Control the things you can control. That’s what we’re gonna do. And we’re gonna be fine, I can assure you that.”

Talk is cheap, Bubba.  Especially when your season may boil down to the game against Vanderbilt.

On the other hand, nobody can accuse Muschamp of being oblivious to what a Gator fan does.



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21 responses to “As the sphincter tightens

  1. 69Dawg

    Will is just another Saban disciple that can’t be the Master. I live with these idiots and they can’t stand the fact that Urban left them. Will’s biggest mistake was trying go to a pro style O without pro-style players. He should have hired a Wildman as an OC and kept the D for his own. The Gayturds are used to scoring at will. They were pissed last year at 11-2. Karma is kicking their asses and it couldn’t happen to more deserving a’holes.


  2. Mayor of Dawgtown

    The problem for Mus-Chump is the remaining schedule. FU is 4-4 with 4 games left. They still have FSU (loss) and South Carolina in Columbia (probable loss) to play. They have a walkover game (a likely win) and next week….Vanderbilt. The Senator is right. Vandy is the key to Mus-Chump keeping his job. 6-6 and a bowl birth in a minor bowl with a win against a putrid opponent that gets the Gators to 7-6 may save his job. 5-7 and he’s a goner.


  3. Greg

    “Especially when your season may boil down to the game against Vanderbilt”….that makes two of us. Maybe they’ll fare a little better than we did. When you know you’re going to lose 5+ games in a season, there’s not much saving left to do. Just get it over with and move on to the next season.


  4. Lorenzo Dawgriguez

    Is it just me or are the Gators consistently the dirtiest team we play (apologies to Auburn 2010), no matter who the coach is? I agree with other posters that their new nickname should be “Eyegougers”, that is one thing they seem to do well over the years.


    • The Lone Stranger

      It’s certainly not just you … there was so much under/within the pile dirty business I expected Gurley to pop off about it. He deserved a pressure release and the refs used good judgment to let him vent like he did. The junk UF pulled was straight out of the Brandon Spikes volume of nasty tricks.


  5. The other Doug

    With So Cal looking for a coach and Texas rumored to already have a deal with Kirby it’s going to be a tough year to find an elite coach. Also, it doesn’t appear that their offense will be any better next year.

    I can’t decide if I would rather see them hire another mediocre coach this year or keep him so I get another dumpster fire next year.

    Decisions. Decisions.


  6. uglydawg

    Can’t control his emotions. His players are a reflection of him..they punch and eye-gouge (caught on wonder Gurley was pissed…just wait till he’s healthy next year..I pray!).


    • Scorpio Jones, III

      This….Florida yesterday reminded me of Arkansas when Houston Nutt was leading them to mediocrity….some great players, but no discipline.


    • Russ

      I didn’t see the eye gouging. Link or pix? Not doubting just the first I’m hearing about in this game.


      • uglydawg

        Pretty early in the game…they showed a replay of the pile-up after a Gurley carry..they showed it because Gurley got up and was shoving and ready to kill a Florida player….in the replay of the pile (shown a couple of time) a Florida player was reaching into Gurley’s face over the top of his facemask. Sorry can’t tell you exactly what point in the game. Also, see Purifoys blow to AM’s helment as he lay on the fround after the safety sack.


  7. Debby Balcer

    The refs should have stopped their dirty play in the first quarter. They threw punches and twisted Gurley’s leg. They piled on after he was down. Their ignoring that play lead it to escalate.


  8. Honey, it takes two to tango. This bad behavior was on both sides of the ball on Saturday. My Son was thrown out of a game once for cold cocking a player who did some Mama trash talk right on the line of scrimmage. That boy did not even know me, but he said enough to make my son so angry that it got him thrown out of the game. Now who’s to blame for that?


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Who’s to blame? Your son. They snap the ball for the next play in 30 seconds or less. Hit the guy on the next play–don’t do something stupid after the whistle has blown. The other player said what he said to provoke your son into swinging at him to get your son thrown out of the game–and you son fell for it.


      • Listen Mayor, I just don’t see that in every situation someone has to accept blame. No, my son was not to blame, he simply did what any other 16 year old boy would do when someone trashes their Mama. Reactions are to be expected. Blame not always necessary.


  9. Spike

    Give Boom a contract extension.


  10. WarD Eagle

    As an outsider I can humorously say, it took a Bulldog to do what a Hurricane couldn’t – Muschamp leads UGA to three in a row over UF after years of futility by Richt.


  11. Coastal Dawg

    I don’t know if I would go there, Senator. Our season hangs in the balance of a loss to Vandy.