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You know Mark Richt’s lost control of this.

Suspension news!  For once, it’s the other guys.

I think Quinn’s a starting DB, Hatcher’s a defensive lineman and Robinson is a wide receiver.



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Sign and drive.

Now this is an interesting development.

UGA has received signed financial aid agreements from 2014 prospects Jacob Park and Josh Malone, the university confirmed Thursday after an open records request from Dawgs247.

Park, a quarterback from Goose Creek, S.C., is committed to UGA and intends to enroll this spring.

Malone, a receiver from Gallatin, Tenn., has announced his intentions to sign agreements with multiple schools and thus loosen recruiting restrictions before he chooses the school he’ll attend. Malone will also enroll early this spring.  [Emphasis added.]

I’d already noted how these new agreements were more player-oriented in nature and thus welcome.  But Malone (or somebody advising Malone) has figured out that there’s no negative impact to signing multiple deals and he can bypass the standard in-person contact rules with as many schools as he wants by doing so.  That’s a clever move both for the kid and for the particular schools in which he’s interested.  I bet it catches on big time.

I wonder what Paul Johnson thinks of it.


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Thursday morning buffet

Life goes on and the buffet line is open.


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The NCAA does the most NCAA thing ever.

After this, I figure all that’s left is for the NCAA to sue every person who ever bought a version of NCAA Football.


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Afternoon, Charleston! We’re on the air with Penn Wagers.

Evidently the SEC has no problem with one of its legendary officials spending time on the radio explaining his game calls.

Sure would be a lot more fun for Penn to do that on Richt’s show.


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Musical palate cleanser: how does it feel? edition

I can’t embed it, but if you haven’t seen the first ever official video for “Like a Rolling Stone”, mosey on over here and check it out.  It’s really cool.


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