Sign and drive.

Now this is an interesting development.

UGA has received signed financial aid agreements from 2014 prospects Jacob Park and Josh Malone, the university confirmed Thursday after an open records request from Dawgs247.

Park, a quarterback from Goose Creek, S.C., is committed to UGA and intends to enroll this spring.

Malone, a receiver from Gallatin, Tenn., has announced his intentions to sign agreements with multiple schools and thus loosen recruiting restrictions before he chooses the school he’ll attend. Malone will also enroll early this spring.  [Emphasis added.]

I’d already noted how these new agreements were more player-oriented in nature and thus welcome.  But Malone (or somebody advising Malone) has figured out that there’s no negative impact to signing multiple deals and he can bypass the standard in-person contact rules with as many schools as he wants by doing so.  That’s a clever move both for the kid and for the particular schools in which he’s interested.  I bet it catches on big time.

I wonder what Paul Johnson thinks of it.


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21 responses to “Sign and drive.

  1. adam

    Very cool.

    I also still really hope he ends up at Georgia, but Tennessee is recruiting very well this year. But a team can use as many playmaking WRs as they can collect.


  2. Other than Tennessee is home for Malone, why go to a school that has a dumpster fire situation at QB? Certainly, there is likely more playing time at uT as well.


  3. By Georgia We Did It

    We should have Park call him early and often.


  4. By Georgia We Did It

    On another note, how does this hamstring the coaching staff in deciding how many more scholly’s they have left to give out? I guess in the long run it’s no diferent than it was before but it seems like they (NCAA) would limit the number of times a player can sign those forms. Smart on his part to do that though.


    • I’m guessing since he plans on enrolling early, the coaches don’t feel like it puts them in a bad spot. If he goes elsewhere, they still have time to give that scholly to someone else.

      They may not be as willing to play the game with a bunch of guys waiting until signing day though. It will be interesting to see what the trends end up being with this strategy over the next few years.


  5. Will (the other one)

    He’s a good recruit, right? Paul Johnson probably isn’t familiar with him.


  6. Spike

    I’m not sold on this Park fella. Just a feeling…


  7. JRW7

    This is not fair to the schools, they have to honor the signed aid agreement, but the player does not have to honor his signed name on an a signed agreement. This has to be changed by the NCAA!


  8. Sock Puppet

    And what happens when he chooses a school? Will the left out schools stop calling?


    • DawgPhan

      I think that there are rules about contacting students. Once he is enrolled and sitting in class he is off limits, until then schools can have unlimited contact.

      I think the unlimited nature of it will be eye opening for some kids.


  9. DawgPhan

    I will also say that I think that this is awesome and I hope that all the top kids get the right advice to use this loophole. It really does even the playing field and I would imagine that it will only be used with early enrollment type kids.