If we only knew then what we know now.

Today marks thirteen years since Vince Dooley’s last good call as AD.

Happy anniversary, Coach.


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  1. Ginny

    Happy anniversary indeed. One of the better decisions in our program’s history I’d say. But I’m a Disney Dawg.😉

  2. sniffer

    I’m not even mad……..yet. Sceptic, Cosmic, Carolina, Charlotte in three, two one…..

  3. Ben

    Wow. He looks young. Disappointing a bunch of entitled white men sure has aged him.

  4. Jay Riemenschneider

    What a Christmas present it turned out to be for him, his family and for all Bulldogs!!

  5. Lorenzo Dawgriquez

    And to think that we heard rumors then about Mikey Adams wanting yet another UCLA retread, Terry Donahue.

  6. Mudcats Impala...

    Here’s a link to the ABH article from 12/26/00…


  7. uglydawg

    Mark Richt is pure Class! We’re fortunate to have him as the Head Coach of the Georgia Bulldogs.

  8. Aus

    The poor guy can’t control anything…

  9. Russ

    Great day in Bulldog history.

  10. I Wanna Red Cup

    I agree with Russ. Great man and coach. It’s great, to be, a Georgia Bulldog ……etc etc

  11. Bright Idea

    Amazing that he is still at UGA. 13 years has become a long tenure in college football. At this point it is kind of like the health of a healthy 75 year old, nothing should surprise us from this point on. Only Richt’s perspective on things allowed him to survive under Adams, Evans, the BOR and the overall complacency in the athletic program. He has a rare skill, go along to get along. Saban, Spurrier, Meyer, Miles, etc. would have popped a vessel at UGA. Say what you want about the real need for an indoor facility, all of those guys would have left town long before 13 years if they wanted one and didn’t get it, even without a NC for collateral.

  12. TennesseeDawg

    13 years of great offenses, defensive head scratching and special teams blunders.

  13. I remember being happy that day, and am still happy about it. The first 5 years (the Richt I era) was great.

    It hasn’t been since then, but there is still hope, in my mind, that Richt can pull it all back together, and have the kind of success he wants and deserves. So there’s still a good possibility that this will be a date everyone remembers fondly.

    Even in a worst-case scenario, it’ll never be bad. It’ll just mean a good football coach, who was a great guy, got off to a good start but just couldn’t keep it going, just couldn’t get it done in the end.

    But for me personally, I’ll never regret hiring Mark Richt.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      If the O had scored on the final play in the 2012 SECCG and won that game, then played in and won the BCSNCG, the mantra would be different. Everybody would be saying CMR was the greatest. I believe that was the point the Senator was making with his post the other day about the difference in perception due to that tipped pass. Why should one play change anything?

      • Cosmic Dawg

        “If the O had scored on the final play in the 2012 SECCG and won that game, then played in and won the BCSNCG, the mantra would be different.”

        Even as a big CMR supporter, I don’t think it’s fair to take 13 years and suggest people’s frustration over not winning the NC is based on “one play”. Even still, shouldn’t we *expect* the mantra to be a little different for a coach who lost his league’s championship game vs. one who won the national title game?!!

        On the flip side, if CMR leads us to an NC next year, wouldn’t you expect his stock to increase? Of course you would, and by quite a bit, and that’s why 2012, as much fun as it was, is not “basically the same as winning a NC”, which is kind of what that argument puts out there.

  14. Will Trane

    Again, Josh Harvey Clemons is suspended. Plus Sheldon Dawson. JHC can never do this alone.Safety is a major area needing to be addressed this season. Can not depend on Matthews or JHC. They are never available to play. There are players our there that are . Sign them up, and game plan without these 3.

  15. Will Trane

    One thing CMR’s team lead the nation in. Yep. Freaking player suspensions. Now why does this continue to be an unending issue in Athens.

    • Will Trane

      Always good to see other SEC teams, mainly Bama and Auburn, play for a national title. Really would like to know how they get it done and UGA does not. Perhaps that sorry ass athetic board and AD should resign. That would be good starting point. Clean the entire house.

      • heyberto

        Auburn is lucky things fall their way. They could be on the outside looking in. It’s not like haven’t won enough games to be in the discussion, things just haven’t fallen our way when we had the team and record to be in the discussion. A little luck is always part of the equation.

      • Macallanlover

        Really don’t know how they can win so many SEC titles Will? Signing an entire extra class of recruits more than us every four years is a helluva start, Throw in the lack of standards/discipline with drug testing and alcohol issues on top of that and you get a even better chance. If that isn’t enough, add a few thieves tossed from other schools if they are supremely talented and play a position of need. Might even readmit a violent former player previously kicked out of school just because he also fits your needs. Whatever it takes you know.

        Since those rings mean so much to you, why make yourself miserable about it? it would be a much better fit for you in that state to the West, make a run for the border. Considering our stance on issues of integrity, most of us know we will get some titles the right way but it is definitely tougher and may not come along frequently enough for you. That would help “clean our house”.

        • ed


          • LorenzoDawgriquez

            + ed’s 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 and infinity

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            I was reading your post Mac and at first I thought you were suggesting UGA should change direction and begin to oversign, plus change standards/discipline on drug and alcohol testing to be more in line with what other schools in the conference are doing. Then I realized you were merely spouting that same “holier than thou” nonsense about the Georgia program being on a higher plane than our rivals so, “it’s OK for us to lose to them because we’re morally superior.” It’s that kind of BS that puts the Dawgs (the players and coaches, not the bean counters at B-M) at a disadvantage when playing our rivals. Only somebody stupid would advocate that we continue the ridiculous mandatory game suspensions (imposed by Mike Adams for his own career aggrandizement goals) for Georgia players doing what all the rest of the student body does–and what all the other players at rival institutions do–without penalty. Don’t you drink Mac? Didn’t you drink in college? Maybe you ought to be suspended. And the wasted scholarships!!! That’s the punishment imposed on institutional violators by the NCAA–loss of scholarships. But the NCAA doesn’t need to do that to UGA, nooooo, because UGA does that to itself! I figured out a couple of years ago that the number of scholarships not used by CMR for real recruits was actually greater than the number of scholarships taken away from USC by the NCAA–and UGA didn’t even do anything wrong! Do UGA a favor Mac. Start being a “fan” of some other school, OK. With fans like you Georgia doesn’t need any enemies.

            • Macallanlover

              I am sorry for you, but I cannot write it simple enough for you to comprehend, nor do I feel compelled to explain everything to someone who cannot keep up. In addition, you may have other shortcomings with thought processes in general Mayor. Again, I am sorry for your loss.

              No where did I say what you attributed to me, but otherwise, great response. So the next time you “go off” on someone, you should have your caregiver, or somebody you trust, preview what you are responding to and save you the embarrassment of having missed the point entirely. In short, here is a quick recap of what you missed above:

              1. My response was to someone who stated they didn’t understand how the obstacles we face make things different than those who do not operate their programs as we do. I did not endorse, nor state support for the policies in question in my comment. I simply stated the number of available players for UGA versus other programs we face often puts us at a disadvantage and makes it more difficult (not impossible)to win games/titles. If you think differently, perhaps you should explain your position; that should be a very interesting discourse. (For instance, UGA had about 67 scholarship athletes on the field last December against Alabama. Someone can help you with the math but in the prior 4 years Alabama’s over signing policy allowed them to accept commitments from approximately 115 HS players to UGA’s 85 or so. That just might be an edge to Bama, but I don’t want to interpret or think for you. Not all of that differential is due to over signing BTW.) An entire signing class, 20-25 players, more every four years allows coaches to cover up several mistakes in recruiting Those are simply facts, whether you agree with them or not, and only Florida and UGA supported a restriction to allow teams to only sign to the available scholarship level of 85 max.

              2. There are also many games where we also face teams with fewer players due to our strict adherence to drug and alcohol laws and policies that differ from the standards set by our opponents. I have stated many times that I am opposed to many of the drug and alcohol laws in this country and state. That doesn’t mean I feel we should give our athletes a pass on violating laws, rather I support working to change the laws but regardless of that effort I more strongly support a leveling of the playing field by the NCAA and our conference. I am proud that UGA sets and adheres to standards that are consistent with the laws and don’t understand why others don’t. This past week I also made the point in a comment that the general student population should have the same level of “social drug testing” as athletes with results being public. In my opinion, our drug and alcohol laws would be modified if more of the hypocrisy were exposed. Not playing loose with the rules and having punishments administered doesn’t make me, or UGA, “holier than thou”. It is the way society works, As a man, I wonder about people who don’t have that level of integrity as a human. a father, a citizen, or a fan. If that offends you…..good, because you should be called out and I enjoy separation from folks like you.

              3. I have never felt we couldn’t win within our current rules, that would be silly since we have won against all the teams who do have more lax rules, but it would be pretty dumb to say that doesn’t make it more difficult. I thought even you could figure that one out. We have won and succeeded within this structure, we will win again this way, and we will do so without lowering ourselves to the lowest among us just to compete, or gain an edge. You may think I should leave the UGA fan base for not whoring my ethics for a trophy, but if you would ever open your eyes you might see, there are more people who feel as I do than live in your gutter. And further, I really don’t give, and never have given, a crap what people of your ilk think.

  16. Will Trane

    After a decade is there a national championship in CMR’s future. Do not think so. think he is a coach that can only go so far in the drill or the areana, but he can not finish the drill.

    • Bright Idea

      Richt is far from the only coach who could never win a NC at UGA. If we got in the administration might forfeit cause it would conflict with the first day of Spring semester.

  17. heyberto

    Damn good dog. Yeah… I’m a Disney Dawg I guess.. but I’m happy he’s our coach, and hope he’ll be with us for a long time to come. That title will come.

  18. I just want to thank Vince for his Dooley Dawg Shrimp recipe! Delicious!

  19. I have loved my Dawgs for 47 years (or at least for all of the 47 years I can remember.) Obviously the one National Title in those 47 years matters but there must be plenty of other reasons I love the Dawgs, right? Mark Richt being the man he is ranks way up there among the reasons. Thanks Coach. I hope you are here another 13 years.

  20. I’m still proud that I said immediately after Donnan was fired, I wanted Mark Richt. 13 years later, I’m still glad he’s our coach.