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Old habits die hard.

You know, I bet he can do those in his sleep.


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At Butts-Mehre, virtue is its own reward.

I hit a link to this page at Marty’s site based on a tweet I saw yesterday justifying McCarron’s invite to the Heisman ceremony.  Since I couldn’t care less about the award, this isn’t meant as a knock on McCarron, but I found myself sliding my eyes down to number 13 on that list.  And then I made a couple of lists of my own.  Like this one.  And this one.

Aaron Murray had one helluva year, folks.  Unlike AJ, he did it with a motley crew of a supporting cast.  And unlike AJ, he walks away with a slew of career SEC records.  Yet it’s remarkable how quiet an awards period he’s having.  Before you blame his situation on the team record, think about it for a minute.  There are SEC quarterbacks who are legends who never won a national or conference title.  Murray sounds like he’s fated to be the guy about whom people say when asked, “yeah, I remember him… he was pretty good… but…”  Why?  Because that’s the narrative that’s been dealt to him.

Frankly, that kinda sucks.  How does he not deserve better than having to shake off that big game reputation, which has been thoroughly shredded this season anyway?

I was going to take this post in the direction of wondering what that says about how the football program is managed at the very top – the Heisman push for the sake of the Heisman may be meaningless, but positive promotion for Georgia football is anything but – and then I see that Bernie and Tyler have already plowed that ground.  And like them, I can’t help but wonder if this passiveness creeps into other areas.

Our complete and total lack of carpe diem when it comes to things like Heisman campaigns (because in all honesty we should have been promoting two candidates starting in June in the very least) and sticking up for the players on the field when officiating and NCAA rules fail them is astounding. We have an eternal take it easy as it comes attitude. Forever willing to accept our lot in life. Hoping for the future while getting kicked in the crotch by any and all comers.

Additionally, go ahead and explain away the rematch with Nebraska in the upcoming Gator Bowl as old Bill Snyder throwing himself a hissy. But also ask why we don’t have anyone that can dictate the selection procedure with authority? Who is representing Georgia’s best interest? You think Chris Burnette and Artie Lynch came to the University of Georgia wanting their last game, their last trip on the bus with their teammates, to be against a team they played 12 months earlier? Who is going to bat to make sure these players get what’s best for them?

I’m only asking because UGA continually promotes our athletic programs as above certain standards and doing things “the Georgia way”. Yet it is a mere casual observance to fancy from a SkyBox. A simple play toy to enjoy several times a year instead of a business to run, market and promote.

Embarrassing. Dawg fans deserve better. And the University of Georgia’s athletes certainly deserve better.

This wasn’t even a money issue.  There was no real cost associated with promoting Murray’s stellar season; it’s just that nobody at B-M thought it was worthy of a special effort.  It makes you wonder if there’s anything that would qualify as special enough.

Maybe you don’t think this matters much, but I’d ask you to consider a couple of things.  First of all, the postseason gets a lot more subjective next season.  Buzz, like it or not, will play more than it did before.  If you’re not willing to push yourself if need be, don’t count on the next guy to do it for you.  And don’t be surprised when you’re on the outside looking in on the playoff field.

The second point is for a narrower audience, the folks who think Richt needs to move on and that Georgia can do better.  What gives you the impression there’s a mindset that makes that automatic?


UPDATE:  More thoughts on this topic at Hey Jenny Slater.


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Sabaning the Sabanator

Just wonderin’… you think Nick Saban’s having to deal with much negative recruiting on the trail these days?  Because you know he and Kirby would be laying it on pretty thick if the rumor shoe was on the other foot, so to speak.


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“We’ve got a desire to make it happen by consensus.”

Consensus?  I do not think that word means what you think it means, Larry Scott.

Also, I think this “big tent” analogy lacks something.  Instead, look at D-1 as a big airplane.  Jim Delany wants to sit in first class.  Coach?  That’s for the Sun Belt.


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Is Mark Emmert hinting at a way out of O’Bannon?

The NCAA president is all over the place in his remarks about student-athlete compensation at the IMG Intercollegiate Athletics Forum in New York City, but there’s one little mention of something that might be worth keeping an eye on.

Some have suggested players could be compensated by selling their autographs or by being permitted to market themselves. While Emmert said the latter is at least being discussed, he says the autograph issue seems like a non-starter. [Emphasis added.]

The reason I can see there being some movement on that isn’t because it doesn’t violate the NCAA’s sacred rule of amateurism.  Face it, the extra subsidy Emmert’s already on board for crosses the pay for play line no matter how hard he wants to deny it.  Nah, the reason it’s got a shot, however slight, of happening is because it won’t cost the schools anything.  Which is more than you can say for pursuing O’Bannon all the way to the Supreme Court, especially if the NCAA comes out on the losing end of the stick.

Am I being cynical?  Is there any other way to be about this?


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“A lot of teams are going to be at the mercy of their strength of their conference.”

We’re starting to hear a few things from the poobahs on the selection committee about criteria.  There’s a lot of talk about schedule strength, which is welcome, of course.  But it’s also one of those easier said than done things, too.  Or maybe not.

As an athletic director, one of Radakovich’s prime duties is making Clemson’s nonconference football schedule. He has to mix the right blend of teams with the Atlantic Coast Conference opponents to come up with a slate that draws fans to Memorial Stadium and gives the Tigers a chance to succeed.

He doesn’t necessarily see the implementation of the College Football Playoff as catalyst for sweeping changes in how teams schedule.

“There are certain times when people are going to say, ‘This team that we have coming back is going to be really good. We have a chance to really make a run. Is this schedule set up for us to do that?” Radakovich said. “Now the year following that the same AD may say, ‘I’ve lost all of this stuff. How am I going to make sure that this team has a chance to be successful?’ That’s the difference between football and basketball.

“In basketball you can change your schedule like that. In football it’s a lot more difficult. It could be something that’s an outgrowth of this new system.”

C’mon, Dan, it’s not that difficult to drop a 1-AA cupcake for a neutral site game to start the season against a D-1 opponent.  You pull out the ol’ Rolodex – or more likely, you’ve got the number on speed dial – call your friends at ESPN to make something happen, and voilà!, instant schedule credibility.  (Plus, do it early, and even if you lose, you’ve got time to regain your stature with a playoff run.)

Expect to see a rise in spot scheduling like this as teams realize ways to game the new system.


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At least we got shoes.

Today’s moment of BWAHAHAAAHAHA!!1!! comes from the president of the Georgia Bulldog Club of Jacksonville, who, in speaking about the early enthusiasm level for the Gator Bowl, noted one essential truth:

“I think it’ll raise up to an 8 once we let it sink in,” Daniel said. “It’s not what we thought it would be, but it’s a bowl game. You hear teasing around here that Florida would take the Gator Bowl all day long.”


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