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Too much Clausen is never enough.

Tell me you don’t get a chuckle out of this…

Maybe they can put Jimmy in charge of the team’s transportation.



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Where’s a blue dress when you need one?

The NCAA filed its response to the O’Bannon plaintiffs’ request for summary judgment, and as you might expect, it’s a hoot-and-a-half.

Thursday night, the NCAA argued there are five justifications for the compensation limits — and it unloaded 87 exhibits to back those justifications. Among the exhibits are new statements from nine college presidents or chancellors, six conference commissioners and six athletics directors…

A good chunk of what’s mentioned in the article is a repeat of stale arguments that the judge has already rejected, but I do love me some Ken Starr:

“[P]aying student-athletes in men’s basketball and football would have a corrosive effect on University culture at Baylor and elsewhere, would be demoralizing to numerous other students, and would create an elitist group of paid athletes whose separateness from other students could interfere with their relationships with other students and faculty.”

“Could interfere with their relationships with other students and faculty”?  Where has this guy been for the last two decades?  Oh wait… never mind.


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“It’s almost like I didn’t get to say goodbye.”

From Aaron Murray’s presser today:

Murray (c)laims he still very much part of the Bulldogs’ team. He plans to be on the sideline with the team for the TaxSlayer.com Gator Bowl on New Year’s Day in Jacksonville and actually plans on sitting in on the quarterback meetings and helping game plan for Nebraska “as much as Coach Bobo will let me.”

He plans on being ready for Georgia’s Pro Day in April.  I wouldn’t put it past him.


UPDATE:  If you want to get an idea about what Murray’s up against, check out this article.


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“Winning makes people happy, and happy people like to spend money.”

If you win it, they will come.

“The schools that win national championships see a significant push in their licensing revenues,” Thomas said. “When you win a national championship, you take on a more national effect because of the exposure that goes with it.”

Thomas predicted that if Georgia won a national championship in football, royalties would gross more than $9 million, nearly twice the amount made last year ($5.383 million). Georgia merchandise royalties could climb even if the football team lost in a national championship, as evidenced by Notre Dame’s climb up the list of top grossing schools after appearing in the 2013 title game, according to ESPN.com’s Darren Rovell. (Notre Dame went from ninth to third in one year.)

And even if you don’t, it may work out if you have a forgiving fan base.

“I don’t really think that Georgia fans get down for that long,” Towe said. “Everybody’s disappointed when they lose but there’s always next week. I see a quick rebound in attitude. People take a couple of days to pout and then it’s back to business.”

You’ve got to make hay while the sun shines.  And that sunshine doesn’t last too long.

But once the football season is over, the rush trickles down. Red Zone and the Clubhouse don’t see nearly as much traffic in the spring as they do in the fall. Royals said the rest of the year was just a lot quieter.

Her store and other Georgia memorabilia stores like it are able to stay in business because of a constant, if somewhat dimmed, demand for “G” or Bulldogs-branded items.

“We’ve seen the cycle 10 times and it’s pretty much unchanged,” said Towe, who opened Red Zone in 2003. “The end of football season is also the same as the end of the calendar year and the holiday season. There’s that typical dip. We climb through December and January 1st, until the bowl game, and then (sales) take a nose dive. Then it’s a steady climb back up the ladder.”

You want to get those licensing revenues up?  Get to that national championship game, or schedule more regular season home games.  Cupcake?  It’s what’s on the menu.


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“That model is starting to fall apart for a bowl trip.”

Boy, Nebraska fans are psyched for the Gator Bowl.



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The Georgia Way is under attack!, part two.

Okay, Greg’s gotten a towel, cleaned up the mess he made, refilled his coffee cup, turned back to read some more news, only to spit take again.

College football’s newest arms race has gotten plenty of attention this summer as coaches across the country race to fill out their support staffs with more coaches than ever before.

Under Gus Malzahn, Auburn appears to be keeping pace.

For the first time, Auburn’s full football staff is now available on the school’s web site, and the Tigers have 21 members in off-the-field roles, seven more than the 14 carried by Gene Chizik last season.

In addition to an influx of high school coaches, Malzahn brought over the bulk of his coaching staff at Arkansas State, even though only offensive coordinator Rhett Lashlee and offensive line coach J.B. Grimes joined his staff as assistants. Four other Arkansas State assistants — David Gunn, Casey Woods, Kenny Ingram and Brandon Hall — have joined Malzahn’s staff at Auburn, as well as several members of his off-the-field staff in Jonesboro.

As McGarity mops up the second mess he’s made in a matter of minutes, he ponders the future of the program and the reserve fund.  Clearly matters are getting out of hand.  The new TV money will only exacerbate things.  As he thoroughly reviews the situation, there only appear to be two viable options from which to choose:  give Mark Richt the authority to keep up with the Joneses, or push hard with the SEC and NCAA to create caps on the size of college football support staffs.

McGarity makes up his mind about which course to take, picks up his phone, punches a speed dial number and puts in a call to…


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The Georgia Way is under attack!, part one

For some reason, I have this picture in my mind of Greg McGarity getting up this morning, pouring himself a nice cup of coffee, picking up the morning paper/cutting on the laptop, perusing the sports page… and doing a massive spit take upon reading this.

Texas A&M’s Kevin Sumlin will become college football’s third $5 million-a-year coach under a six-year contract extension that was approved by the university’s board of regents and executed Thursday, according to a release from the school’s athletics department.

Six years, thirty million bucks for a guy coming off an 8-4 regular season who hasn’t coached in a conference title game.  Makes you wonder what a coach with slightly better credentials might be worth on the open market, or what it might cost to hire somebody to replace said coach with slightly better credentials if said coach with slightly better credentials were to leave.

Maybe Dink NeSmith has some helpful suggestions for McGarity.  Ol’ Dink seems kinda quaint now, doesn’t he?

And I’m wondering… if you’re a head coach in Athens, is there a better way to achieve job security than do to a good job and not seek top dollar for your efforts?


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