Toomer’s Corner goes west.

You can take the Plainsman out of the Plains, but you can’t take the Plains out of the Plainsman… or something like that.

Which reminds me – anybody seen Harvey Updyke lately?


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  1. Bazooka Joe

    Not to worry, when FSU gets through with them they will need the TP to wipe away tears……


    • when FSU gets through with them they will need the TP to wipe away tears……

      Not that I’ve studied it, but I don’t see how Auburn can win.

      But since they’re the SEC team, I’ll pull for them, hard as that is. Why? Because it helps us, in several ways, not the least being an Auburn win could help get us in the playoffs sometime on the next 4 or 5 years.

      That’s how powerful the 8-in-a-row thing would be. But it’s more likely FSU will demolish Auburn, I’m afraid. And will take a lot of power out of the 7 straight SEC NC’s, if not negate it.

      The SEC needs this game going into the playoffs. So if Auburn loses, it’ll be yet another reason to dislike and disrespect them.

      Just like the idiotic Toomer’s Corner ‘tradition’.


  2. Gravidy

    Oh, man, that’s some high quality grist for the mill, isn’t it?


  3. FisheriesDawg

    Only two types of people would look at a picture of a tree and automatically think how much fun it would be to throw toilet paper in it: idiot kids who just turned 16 and Auburn fans.


  4. Spike

    I never have gotten the Auburn/ Toilet Paper thing. Throwing Butt Tape in a tree? WTF?


    • Blame it on Georgia Dooley’s Dogs went 11-1 in ’71. Their only loss on the way to a #7 ranking was to the Barners… 35-20. And now the Rest of the Story
      After their planting in 1937, two massive old-growth oak trees hung over the corner.[5] A tradition developed in which, whenever there was cause for celebration in the Auburn community, the trees were festooned with toilet paper. Also known as “rolling the corner” or “rolling Toomer’s,” this tradition was said to have begun when Toomer’s Drugs had the only telegraph in the city. During away football games, when employees of the local drug store received news of a win, they would throw the ticker tape from the telegraph onto the power lines. It is unclear when the “rolling” of the trees themselves started, but a newspaper article from November 1971 said that they were “rolled” then, after an Auburn football victory over the University of Georgia.[6] Mainly used as a way to celebrate football victories, the tradition became a way to celebrate anything good that happened involving Auburn. The Student Government Association worked with the City of Auburn to bring pep rallies on the plains back to Toomer’s Corner during football season.

      Civilized folks just ring a Chapel Bell!


  5. Scorpio Jones, III

    I am certain most of the reaction to what I’m gonna say will be variously negative.

    Having said that, I lived, gloriously, through a miracle season. It was like having great sex every day, twice a day from some time in early November, the day of the Miracles on Duval Street, till the end of the Sugar Bowl.

    I believe in football miracles. I believe football miracles are what makes life good.

    But for a play that looks like a miracle to actually BE a miracle, everything has to work out in the end.

    Auburn has had two plays that sure look like miracles, but for those two plays to really be miraculous in the overall scheme of things, Auburn has to beat Free Shoes University.

    Me? War Damn Eagle!!! I need miracles to happen…seeing miracles happen helps my circulation, makes my knee less sore.

    Hell, it don’t even bother me to say it…War Damn Eagle.


  6. Slaw Dawg

    When you live outside the South like I do, it’s downright embarrassing having to answer questions such as “Why do Southerners throw toilet paper on trees after winning football games?” (I’ve even been asked about W VA’s couch burning habits, and they’re not even in the damn conference.) Anyone can understand a Chapel Bell or even (God help me) “Rocky Top” or Gator Chomp tradition, but once again Auburn holds the entire frickin’ region up to ridicule. Wasn’t Cam Newton enough?

    Lord Have Mercy, can’t wait for this season to be done.


  7. hassan

    Oh boy…here come the Clampetts.


  8. BCDawg97

    You all do realize, no matter how good FSU is, no matter that if 9/10 times they play, FSU should win, AU is going to win this game just on the sheer “rub it in our faces” destiny their season has turned into….

    Don’t read the latest ESPN magazine either…unless you are a sadimasichist


  9. Nashville West

    Someone better tell the peace buzzards not to play with the flush toilets in the motel rooms or do their laundry in the cement pond…Geeze!!!


  10. shit hook

    The barn is going to win by at least 2 TDs. Malzahn’s offense is unstoppable. When he gets his full set of personnel the barn is going to dominate the conference like the ol’ ball sack did in the 90s.
    We had best pray that Texass somehow lures Malzahn away.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      One more time….the Malzahn O is nothing more than the Wing T. Malzahn said so himself. The only difference is that Auburn runs it in go fast mode. Every team in the SEC will have it figured out by next season. Now that doesn’t mean that every team in the SEC will beat Auburn next year because like most offenses the Auburn offense is athlete-dependent, the Jimmies and Joes thing. And Auburn does have good athletes–bought and paid for and sprung out of jail.


    • Line & Sinker

      If they don’t, the dawgs’r gonna look like real shee-it against Clem’s Son.


  11. JAX

    I hope FSU and Auburn play a clean, injury-free game. And I hope FSU wins 45-3. And I hope Nick Fairley runs his car off a cliff. And I can’t wait to see the next reject that Auburn admits into their program. And I can’t wait for the next NCAA investigation into Auburn which is right around the corner.