“It’s not good.”

This is what being out of position looks like:

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  1. Faulkner

    2013 Dawgs played like crap in all their loses and still had a chance to win all those games. I need this off season as bad as they do.

  2. IAmAGurleyMan

    Ladies and gentlemen, presenting your CTG-coached defense! Expect more of the same next year from this disastrous regime.

  3. Grantham said we were in a cover-2, so Mauger was responsible for that half of the field. If you watch the play, by the time Mauger comes into the picture, he’s just crossing the hashmarks which tells me he was basically coming from the dead center of the field………in other words, he’s as far out of the middle of his zone as possible, and it’s no wonder he couldn’t get to the sideline in time.

    So is that a coaching issue, or just a player execution issue? Or is there really a difference between the two? It’s just so frustrating because the SC and LSU defenses were just as bad as ours were when we played them early in the year, yet by the end they had both rounded into decent units. But we seemed to get no improvement at all.

    • I would say judging from Wiggins’ reaction during the play and his comment in the linked article that Mauger screwed the pooch big time on that play.

      • Oh I agree, what I’m asking is who is at fault? Is Mauger not coached up properly? Is he coached up but doesn’t listen? Does he listen but just doesn’t comprehend? I know he’s a true frosh but he enrolled early so had an entire spring practice, fall practice, and season’s worth of experience…….how does he get so far out of position on a pretty straightforward coverage call?

        I’m more talking out loud than anything, I don’t expect anyone here to actually have the answers to the above questions. I just wonder how much of it is the coaches, and how much of it is the coachees.

        • Bright Idea

          Both were looking into the backfield and Mauger was flatfooted. Poor play or poor coaching? If they do it over and over again it is poor coaching.

        • adam

          He’s a true freshman backup safety who isn’t that good. That’s how he blows that play that badly. He may be good later on, but very few true freshman are ready to start in the secondary in the SEC. Very, very few. Tray Matthews is one of them and he was out hurt.

          • Atticus

            Ding, ding, ding. That is the important point. Sanders and Marshall were kicked off the team, we lost a few others and they don’t fill in the holes. You should NEVER have 5 true freshmen starting on a defense during the year.

        • Reverend, It is all of what you say, but more than anything it is immaturity. The only sport that seems partial to the immature is Golf. Ever noticed that?

      • Anon

        And then he tried the rarely effective bump tackle.

        I’m not a “Sky is falling” fan, but I am a “Does anyone associated with the program realize it’s raining?” fan.

      • BosnianDawg

        I just rewatched that play and both Swann’s and Wiggin’s receivers are behind them. It looks like Mauger was staying inside over Swann’s receiver before trying to get to the outside. I remember the commentators mentioning something about this as well. Was this more than just Mauger screwing up? I mean, are both DBs allowed to let their receivers deep if they are on the same side of the field? It sounds to me like that would overload the safety and there would always be somebody open.

        • If you look carefully, Swann’s breaking in the direction of the throw and off of his man.

          Again, I have to think from Wiggins’ gesture and the comments in the linked piece that Mauger wasn’t where he was supposed to be on that play.

          • IAmAGurleyMan

            But, again, when this is happening in game 13, we are dealing with a coaching problem.

            • TennesseeDawg

              Winner, winner chicken dinner

              • Correct. A coaching problem in that they failed to recruit adequately behind last years class and got burned this year for it. There is only so much you teach freshman before sending them to the wolves of the SEC.

                • MinnesotaDawg

                  …..or against a pretty bad Big Ten passing attack…and freshman QB…..on a rainy day.

                  Basic responsibility in that situation is not that complicated, even for a true freshman (although five months of practice and game experience should count for something). Fundamental football applies: Don’t get beat deep and, if you do and the WR makes the catch, then tackle him. This is something a 12 year-old safety is/should be coached and better learn. That Mauger failed so badly on both responsibilities is both incredible and par for the course for this season’s defensive backfield performance.

  4. Will Trane

    Say it again. Get out of Jacksonville. Not good for CMR. What is his HC record there. Have to give Nebraska’s QB & receiver credit…good throw and did not drop the ball. Plus a great call by their staff How many drops did we have in the 4th quarter alone. Like to know where CMR’s “Dream Team ” is right about now.

  5. Will Trane

    Mauger. That is TG’s top prospect and player…very high on him…or that is the rumor. That is why TG was mum on that play in post game comments.

    • Irwin R. Fletcher

      I thought you were leaving?

      “It wasn’t a missed assignment. There should’ve been guys there,” Grantham said. Georgia was in cover-2 defense on the play, and Grantham said there should have been two players on the receiver “based on route distribution.”

      Not sure how that is anything other than saying Mauger should have been helping on coverage…but you hear what you want to hear, I guess.

      • “It wasn’t a missed assignment. There should’ve been guys there,” Grantham said

        I have never been in the arena but is that not the damn definition of a missed assignment?

        • LOLOLOLOL, I thought the same thing. If their assignment was to be there, and they weren’t there……………..

          • adam

            “Missed assignment” means he covered the wrong person (in man) or the wrong place (in zone). He was out of position and he was stupidly looking into the backfield. “Missed assignment” has a very specific meaning. Mauger didn’t miss his assignement – he knew who he was supposed to covering. He just didn’t get over in time and he looked in the backfield too long and then he blew the tackle.

  6. Russ

    Well, I’m fairly certain we can’t give up a longer “third and Grantham” in the future, so at least we’ve got that going for us.

  7. Skitty Fritty

    Q. Way was #81 in the game to receive the 3rd punt? And then allowed to stay in the game to receive punts?

    • Dawgfan Will

      I assumed at the time it was because McGowan almost muffed the previous punt. I can’t explain why Davis was kept in after he actually muffed one.

  8. Skitty Fritty

    Q. Why are our assistants never being targeted by other schools other than Bobo from Ga. Southern?

  9. Skitty Fritty

    At least we have basketball season to look forward too……………………………

  10. Isar

    Since the beginning of the Mark Richt era every coach has been replaced except Mark Richt and Bobo. We’re just as bad now as we have been from the beginning. Clean house people, the whole house.

  11. Fred Russo

    Who the he@@ would want our coachs ???? please.

  12. Lrgk9

    Until the principals (Richt and McGarity) are willing to resolve or evolve, its best to discard 3rd party discourse. Snark

  13. C

    Hate to say it but I have seen it all year…Gurley is getting the “I’m bigger than the team attitude”. Watch the trash talk, first to shove and fight in situations that could be critical for the offense’s success, loafs when he doesn’t get the ball and refuses to pass block. His pass blocks have zero effort. He has all the talent in the world but I have to call what I see. Perhaps a push for his job would help.

  14. Korndawgs

    Last year we were 5 yards away from getting to the National Championship game and would have likely won it. This year we lose a considerable amount of offensive production and our defense was young, plus injured. Yeah – Let’s fire everyone!

  15. Korndawgs

    If we are lucky we’ll replicate what Tennessee has done. Oh wait, yeah about that…

  16. Korndawgs

    oh.. and Mark Richt would get snatched up before he could finish his press conference. Wasn’t too long ago everyone was complaining that Bobo was terrible, now most are concerned he will leave. Give it a rest – Follow another team if you just can’t stand this one. The Dawgs will be fine with or without you… guaranteed!

  17. Korndawgs

    For the record – The 99 yard TD was not relevant. We had a couple of opportunities to win the game, but failed to convert on two 4th down conversions because our receivers could not hold onto the ball. That’s piss poor coaching, right? We should all post our displeasure for that outlandish display of unacceptable effort. We should, no seriously we should.

  18. Bulldawg35

    Grantham needs to head back to the NFL. But their is no position job going to pay him 850,000! So CTG is going no where and I’m pretty dang depressed about this situation!