Mark Bradley’s just trying to help, y’all.

Concern troll gets smacked.

Bradley beat a hasty retreat by incorporating Rowe’s comment into his post, but I still bet if Richt doesn’t have his man in a week, we’ll start seeing comparisons to the process leading to Ted Roof’s hire.


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  1. Warden182

    Seems a little harsh. If Smart does come home, even if HCIW isn’t official, I think it’s going to be assumed as unofficial. And are the recruiting restrictions really THAT severe to effectively “kill” it? Even if they are, I could see that being a piece of NCAA legislation that gets overturned.

  2. Spence

    Rowe is a little out of line there. Wonder what the beef is?

    Also, Smart wouldn’t be the assumed HCIW if CMR left. There’s just no way that happens when Bobo has been around this long. None. Maybe the two of them can be a co-head coach though? Anyone? Hello?

    • Warden182

      You’re assuming that Bobo wouldn’t be on board with Smart getting the HCIW. Bobo wants to win, and he wants to coach with his friend. Yes, he also would love to be HC at UGA some day, but I don’t think it’s a given that he doesn’t say “do whatever it takes to bring Kirby home”.

      • Well it would make for an interesting Sunday school lesson for CMR. Returning prodigal son and all. What makes you think that Bobo doesn’t want to be HC. Do you have sons? I have two. They push each other harder than their mother ever allowed me to press them. I think Bobo will make a fine HC. He’s probably already suggested to Smart to fish or cut bait. Smart is not at Georgia.

    • lamontsanford

      This is exactly why I don’t want Kirby. He’ll cost a fortune and Bobo should be the next HC. He’s earned it.

      • Greg

        Bobo should be the next head coach? Good grief, you must be from South Georgia. How many head coaching sniffs, much less offers, has he gotten? Have we learned nothing from Ray Goff?

        I can almost guarantee you people will be bitching up a storm about Bobo again next season now that Murray isn’t around to bail him out despite his miserable play calling and Grantham won’t be the designated whipping boy. How does Bobo get a pass for the Vandy and Nebraska losses? The Mason/Bobo combo isn’t exactly tearing it up. They were awful for most of the game versus Tech(10 points late in the 3rd quarter), but people seem to forget that since Gurley bailed us out late in the 2nd half and the OT’s. The point total was completely misleading in that game. The Nebraska game was even worse with 1 TD in 6 or 7 red zone trips.

        • Mark Richt already lost control of the “Murray is the reason for Bobo’s success” meme back when it was “UGA’s offense is only good because it has Stafford, Moreno, Massaquoi, and AJ Green”.

        • Anon

          “Good grief, you must be from South Georgia.”

          Howbout GFY Greg.

        • Hackerdog

          I agree. A decent offensive coordinator shouldn’t even notice when half the starters are injured. Bobo should be able to take random people out of the stands and still put up 50+ on BCS competition. My son routinely puts up 70-80 points on NFL competition in video games. Just tell Bobo to keep pressing the circle button in the press box.

        • Jim

          Hey man, no comparison there with Ray Goff. Goff was a running backs coach when promoted to HC. Bobo has been a coordinator, a step RG skipped. Georgia has set offensive records the past 2 years. If the defense had been as productive we would never even played Nebraska. You say Gurley “bailed us out” of the tech game. I think HM, AL, and a number of other guys played a role in that win. Also, though I like AL a lot it was him, not Bobo, who dropped a sure TD pass that would have won the game for UGA despite not playing our best game.

    • If you’ve been routinely subjected to Bradley’s idioicy, I’d be more curious about how people wouldn’t have a little beef, or tolerate his stupidity.

    • Brownesman

      His beef is with constant poor lazy thrown together journalism by someone who is supposed to work for what used to be a reputable paper. Guys like Bradley devalue the work that Jake does. People like Bradley need to be called out more often.

  3. Jim

    Agree. We’ve already got our head coach in waiting and he is named mike bobo

    I assume he has gotten more calls and interest than we know about and has been given appropriate assurances. I don’t know how long we can keep him but I do know:
    1- bobo is married to Vince dooley’s niece
    2- he has a bunch of kids
    3- he could be happy coaching high school like his dad

    I don’t see him as the kind of guy to hold us up every year for more money

    If he leaves it will be to take a HC job somewhere else to get his feet wet. If the right opportunity is there. But I could also see him continuing to rack up huge numbers as our OC until right decides to hang it up and he gets his shot on his home field

    • Russ

      Yep that would suit me just fine.

    • charlottedawg

      why does everyone want Mike Bobo to go from UGA OC directly to UGA HC? Every assistant including Richt has said that the Coordinator job and HC job are vastly different hence why for every Mark Richt or Bob Stoops hire you have ten Gene Chiziks. I’m not saying he’d be a bad head coach but it would probably be better for him and UGA if Bobo cut his teeth and got his growing pains as a HC elsewhere.

      • charlottedawg

        nm read the first sentence of your last paragraph.

        • Russ

          FWIW I agree with your point. If Bobo cut his teeth somewhere else it would be fine though I worry our offense would suffer in his absence. If we had a stable staff I could see Bobo being promoted directly to HC. I would just hate for us to miss our window of opportunity like we did with Erk.

      • The only reason I would want him to do that is so that he can continue to run the offense and hone his craft with high-powered offenses at UGA. I think he is practically the assistant head coach with how much he now influences the offense.

  4. Dog in Fla

    How can it be that Bark Madly does not know that Bobo is The Man With No Name when it comes to being a de facto HCIW for recruiting purposes

    • Bark Madly.
      Sir, I am simply in awe! As a fan of juxtapositioning letters in places and people names, you really knocked this out of the park, and it is soo fitting. I’m an out of state dawg who hasn’t read the AJC with any frequency in 20+ years, so this euphemism is new to me. Bravo!

    • Ole Dawg

      This is totally cool. Should probably be known as the Man with No Name’s Greatest Hits!!!

  5. Will Trane

    Have not heard any word from CMR about candidates like the last go-round. But I found out he was at a coaches convention. Guess that is the place to put up a stand and for hire poster. You have to hand it to UT’s Strong and Louisville’s Petrino, they are making their hires [perhaps at the convention]. And Franklin, he is on pace to flip 6 Vandy recruits to PSU. Guess conventions work for coaches and recruits.

  6. ScoutDawg

    While we are talking about shit stains… Does anyone remember the blog we saw a couple years ago about the shit stains Kiffikins and Petrino? Obi Wan, I need your help.

  7. Will (the other one)

    I’m still amazed that people outside of the delusional ones (aka the NATS fanbase) still think Ted Roof is a great DC.

  8. Macallanlover

    I am not interested in Kirby Smart as a DC. much less as a HC, or staff member promised a HC job. If KS wants to be a HC, let him go show what he can do on his own, there are legit questions about his abilities, and the role he plays at Bama. If he proves himself at a mid-major or decent D1 program, then he can be considered when we have an opening. He burned a lot of bridges with UGA three years ago, and the last thing we need is a DC who will be interviewing every off season. I wouldn’t have him on my Top 30 list, much less my short list.

    I also feel if Bobo wants to be a HC at UGA he also needs to go get his creds somewhere else as a HC. I like CMB but he shouldn’t be a candidate for the HC job at Georgia until he has proven himself as able to handle the top spot.

    • Macallan, I think I would rather have CMB’s coordinating, QB coaching and recruiting in Athens rather than cutting HC teeth elsewhere. Tough trade-off but see your point.

      • Macallanlover

        Not saying that I want to do without Bobo but that is the route to take if he wants a top quality HC job. I don’t think CMR would stand in his way to pursue a lifelong goal at this point. Some coordinators can make that jump successfully, CMR did, but most major programs today will not take that risk. I don’t want us to take it.

        Being a good coordinator, and watching a successful coach like Richt is no guarantee of success at the next level. Balancing all the balls at one time, and managing people isn’t the same at the highest level. Not to mention the PR skills needed with boosters, fans, media, etc. Not saying Mike Bobo wouldn’t handle this well, but I don’t think a school like UGA should take that risk again. Muschamp even had the benefit of being in several programs, under multiple coaching styles and is…..struggling, and that is kind. No guarantees either way but it makes sense to spend a couple of years to prove yourself and build your resume.

    • W Cobb Dawg

      Agree. The best route to HC is to take a job at someplace like Arky State, like malzahn did. You do great with somebody elses recruits for a year or two, and the programs that need a HC beats a path to your door.

    • I will say this, though…Mark Richt was never a Head Coach before Georgia…and God, I mean, we all know how much HE sucks at it, right? Oh, wait….

    • Cojones

      There is nothing required of HC that Bobo hasn’t found out in the close years with MR. Richt trained him to his O and gave him the reins when it was necessary, Bobo calls the game plan and shots, Bobo has a great idea what it takes to be the HC while working with Mark: who the hell else does? He has the good fortune to have learned the UGA HC job before anyone has even considered going after the job.

      There is no way that a better HC for UGA is going to be found somewhere else. Who says he has to get the initials “HC” by his name at some podunk college in order for him to be accepted or acceptable as HC UGA? Just the opposite; he is the only one qualified thus far.

      By the way, think of all the available coaches out there with HC by their names that deserve to be our Dawgs Head Coach. HC is just different admin-wise from OC and you don’t have as much time to truly coach as you do when you are in the arena and under it’s skin. To say that Bobo doesn’t qualify and shouldn’t be the next HC at UGA is fallaceous thinking of the “two doobys” variety. Take it from me, that’s one beer short of a case.

      • Cojones

        Why don’t we get our D coaches replaced before we throw our baby out with the bathwater? I don’t care where he comes from (even HS ranks) just that he knows how to walk in and organize from the start and never look back. They are out there and they aren’t the replays on the market. Div II probably has a few.

    • Doug

      Mac, you and I disagree on a lot of things, but on this we agree 100%. There is no reason on God’s green earth that we should be going after Kirby Smart until he’s proven he can thrive outside of Saban’s shadow. History is littered with folks such as Derek Dooley and Bobby Williams who went straight from being Saban acolytes to being head coaches, and their track records are terrible. How some folks could already be willing to throw a quasi-HCIW title at Smart is absolutely beyond me.

      Not to mention it makes our program look weak and foolish when our fan base goes crawling to Kirby’s doorstep every few years. Dude’s already spurned us twice, and while I’m not judging him for that — he’s got to do what’s right for himself and his family, he has no obligations to us — we go back to that well this many times and it starts to look like the answering-machine scene from “Swingers.” He’s made his choices and moved on. We would be wise to do the same.

  9. Will Trane

    Amazing how the HC goes out of town, and while away half of his defensive staff walks out. Can we file that under “having a feel for the game”. Now we all know why the B-M building was so quiet after the Gator Bowl fiasco…pondering their future other than in Athens. Based on the performance of all the sports currently, the AD has his hands full.

  10. Will Trane

    Pruitt and Smart are not coming to Athens. Fans can just get over that. Those 2 coaches are at championship football programs. Not sure the present setup in Athens can reduce to Dawgs program to that where a coach says I am very happy here and we have a good thing going on. CMR gets off the plane and his secreatry hands him a top priority list of thing s to acommplish and not do.

  11. Will Trane

    Did Bradley not say one time that CMR has lost control of his program. Did CMR have any idea 2 coaches would bolt in less than a week? 2 weeks after a bowl game, in the middle of the most crucial recruiting period, and spring practice planning, and 2 are gone. But ask PSU, their HC got feed up with the stuff in some programs.

  12. How excited would the DoucheyDawg 1/2 of the fan base be if Vandy hired Bobo as HC? I mean, they get rid of Aaron Murray, Todd Grantham AND Mike Bobo all in the same season? Sports and Grits would sell the circle-jerk to PPV.

  13. Cojones

    At least Wilson won’t be going to Bama. They sucked Bo Davis out of USC for the job of D-line coord. one week after he joined USC staff. Sounds Kiffinish to me.

  14. WarD Eagle

    Would’ve worked out perfectly if Muschamp was fired in December.