Who said this?

The Todd Grantham fan club checks in (anonymously):

If anybody but Spurrier made that last comment, I’ll eat my hat.


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  1. JAX

    I am not surprised that opposing coaches are disappointed that Grantham’s “bend and break” defenses are leaving the SEC.

    • Brandon

      Most of the guys I know who coach football for a living and are Georgia fans were not kind to Grantham. Players not knowing where to line up in the bowl game, that’s coaching. 12 men on the field after a defensive timeout on fourth and 2 in the fourth quarter against your biggest rival, that’s coaching. Bobby Petrino should never have to buy a beer or a girl in the State of Georgia ever again. Bobby, all is forgiven.

  2. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Louisville will learn the hard way. At least Petrino has experience coaching teams that play with a bad defense, though.

  3. D.N. Nation

    Grantham could always talk a big game, which worked on certain rubes with axes to grind in the Dawgosphere, but objective observers from other programs know better. Says it all.

    • NoAxeToGrind

      If you are referring to me, I made no comment about Grantham one way or the other. I let other rubes make the comments. I reserve all my comments for UGA’s overpaid head coach, which, I admit, seems to piss a lot of people off. So far as I am concerned regarding Grantham, most ot the Richt Fan Club should write Petrino a card of thanks. Saved Richt from making another gut wrenching decision.

  4. Irwin R Fletcher

    You know, the kind of man that tries to pillage his former school’s recruiting class while saying that any kid that decommits from him isn’t a man of honor seems like the kind of guy to do anonymous trolling via a blogger.

    If it is a HC, Spurrier is clearly the favorite…but Franklin would be a pretty easy troll here, too.

  5. Oh, it’s Spurrier…. No doubt!

    • uglydawg

      It depends on the sincerity of the remark. If it’s snarky, it’s probably SOS, but there are some coaches that would genuinely say something kind.

  6. Lorenzo Dawgriguez

    I wonder if Louisville will continue with the nickname of “3rd&Todd” an if he and Petrino will be taking motorcycle rides together

  7. 69Dawg

    Lord only knows he made a lot of fan bases happy on 3rd and long.

  8. Will Trane

    is their connection via former NFL days. cards can pay. uga can not. amazed me for the past 3 to 4 years how the cards have all of their men’s big 3 in the top in D1. Forbes ranks Dawgs every year in top 10, but never see the cards. takes bucks to pay for horse feed. that is why many in the SEC view UGA as a dog and pony show.

  9. Will Trane

    CMR and GM have a lot of work to do. Just maybe they get it right this time. to be honest our last 2 DC have not exactly set the world on fire. for me the most telling games were against Bama, Mizzou, Vandy, and Nebraska. When you get down to it there were very few play makers on D in 2013, came close but never crossed midfield

  10. Will Trane

    My pick for DC. After the sugar bowl this year, i’d take the guy at OU. Or Oregeron. Time is a wastin. Those recruits for the D side want to know. You can bet the Dawgs should not be a preseason top 25 pick now…not with a new staff, lingering injuries, and possible loss of recruits and depth.

  11. Mike

    Spurrier and I think a lot alike.

    • Macallanlover

      Did you and Stevie have children together in the 90s Mike? It is OK to turn on him after the way he jilted you, I see it all the time on Dateline and Scorned Killers shows. Plus, he isn’t the same guy you knew back then, bitter old man now. Where do I send my “Save Muschamp” contribution, need an address.

      • Well GD Mac. Scorp I got nothing on Mac. I’m forwarding this to my youngest son who reprimands me on occasion (politely) about being kinder and gentler. LOL. Gee Mac has a sense of style there.

      • Mike

        Thank you for your kid reply, scotch drunkard.

        Steve still holds a white hot hate for Georgia. That makes him OK in my book, even with a messy divorce. No kids came out of the marriage though. Only one crystal trophy and six SEC trophies.

        • Macallanlover

          I give credit to the six SEC titles, have to admit that was quite a run. Steve and I have had many conversations about his UGA feelings, and they are real. But he has now become a drooling, bitter old man. Better for you to remember him when he was functioning on all cylinders, plus he isn’t going back. Focus on Agent Muschamp, he can get you back to some minor bowls….just give him a few more years.

          • Mike

            That is exactly the way I remember him. Shame on you for bringing up more recent history.

            Muschamp will have this year to prove himself. And no more. We don’t allow a wallow in mediocrity for too long.