Tuesday morning buffet

Go get a plate and dig in.

  • Keith Marshall makes a funny about Bubba Watson.
  • It’s springtime, and you know what that means:  this year, the Florida offense is going to be good.
  • The SEC’s appeal of the NCAA’s interpretation of the rule permitting recruits to sign early multiple financial aid offers is being heard today.
  • A student task force at the University of Michigan found that Brady Hoke likely lied about a player who was alleged to have been involved in a sexual assault?  Whoa.  We’ll see if the rule about the coverup being a bigger problem than the original incident plays out in Ann Arbor.
  • Brice Ramsey, on his G-Day performance:  “I was picking up blitzes, making the right reads. I just need to put the ball on. I had a bad day throwing.”
  • ”In theory, it could give the private universities a recruiting advantage.”
  • John Pennington argues for a rule that would prevent SEC teams from signing kids who had been kicked out of other SEC programs for violations.  One rationale for that: “The fact that a booted player could come back to haunt a coach down the road might lead some to hang onto players a bit longer even if they’ve proven to be bad news.”  That’s never been a concern at Georgia, obviously.
  • And Seth Emerson says the NCAA can’t find a middle ground.  Wouldn’t it have to be looking for one first?


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22 responses to “Tuesday morning buffet

  1. “He earned his dismissal and Pinkel deserves credit for protecting the integrity of his football program. Pinkel does not deserve to face Green-Beckham if/when the player purifies himself with a year of junior college ball.”

    I’ve seen references in a couple of places now that DGB could go the JUCO route. Is that even an option? Can’t you only play 2 years at the JUCO level? It would stand to reason then that if you’ve played two years at the FBS level, you would have exhausted your JUCO eligibility too, right? Or is there a rule I don’t know about?

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      I think you’re right Rev. DGB played 2 seasons already and logically one would think he can’t go the JC route now. He could, however, transfer to another 4 year FBS college and sit out a season or go to an FCS team and play immediately. Any rules experts out there?

  2. RocketDawg

    If you want a good laugh scroll down and read the comments on Pennington’s article. The only ones who are against the rule prohibiting players from going to another SEC school after being dismissed from another school in the conference are the Aubies. That cheating bunch of scum deserves Bruce Pearl.

  3. Dawgfan Will

    I’m thinking “purifies himself with a year of junior college ball” might be potential Lexicon fodder.

  4. heyberto

    I don’t really agree with the Pennington Piece for one simple reason. It’s about what’s best for the coach/team/conference and not the kid. As much as I enjoy making fun of Auburn for taking the latest offender from other programs, when is the kid’s punishment over? Why stop at the conference? Which offenses are truly awful and warrant banishment from CFB overall? Which warrant a second chance to play somewhere else? I’d argue that, on the surface, both Mett and Nick didn’t deserve to have their careers derailed… But any proposal that doesn’t make a case for what is best for trying to correct the student-athlete’s behavior is hollow and disengenuous… Even if it does benefit UGA. At least this gives the offender a shot at redemption for making stupid mistakes. I’d hate to have been given a ‘death penalty’ over my youthful stupidity.

    • I see both sides. But I don’t see being banished from a conference as a death penalty. Just as an example, let’s say a player from the state of GA went to UGA largely bc he wanted to be close to home so his family could come to all the home games. Now let’s say he got kicked out, and can’t attend an SEC school. Depending on what part of GA he’s from, he could still end up at Clemson, Ga Tech, or FSU, have the same opportunity to get to the NFL, and be just as close to home for family purposes. Granted, nobody really wants to go to Tech, that might be cruel and unusual punishment after all. 🙂

      I realize that not all examples line up as perfectly as that one, but being banished from one conference isn’t really a death penalty for your career.

      • heyberto

        No, but that’s not discussion of punishment as much as it is making things work for member programs. If the punishment is the removal, and the player has to sit out from the FBS for a year… is it really fair punishment to be ‘blackballed’ from a whole segment of schools that may work best for that student-athlete, just so one team isn’t inconvenienced with having to face one individual? Again.. getting back to the NCAA and the SEC as organizations that supposedly keep the best interests of the student-athlete in mind? I just think it’s a crap argument on the part of Pennington that is tone deaf and one-sided.

    • uglydawg

      Bad behaviour has consequenses. Some of these kids need to learn that fact. Knowing that if they get dismissed for bad behaviour will mean they can’t sign with another SEC school isn’t a bad thing. If a kid’s behavior is bad enough for (let’s say CMR) an SEC coach to dismiss him from a program..and especially if that kid is highly talented at football, then he needs to learn that lesson (consequenses). It’s hard for me to feel like they’re getting screwed..I’d rather think the coach and team are the ones getting screwed. In short..I don’t see these kids as victims…I see the coaches and his teammates as the victims. That’s where my sympathy is.

      • heyberto

        Of course it should. My point isn’t that. It’s that this isn’t about the kids, it’s about the programs getting the shaft. Did Mett really needed to be blackballed from the SEC because of what he did? Did Nick Marshall? The type and severity of the punishment is debatable, I get that. But if someone gets kicked off for, god forbid, getting a speeding ticket or “emerging from an alley”, he’s then banished from the SEC? What’s to keep Nick Saban from roster management by elimination because of a relatively minor infraction.. then that kid is barred from competition? Are we talking felonies or misdemeanors? Right now, the argument is simple team ejection with no discussion of due process for the kid, or any kind of evaluation of the infraction or whether or not the player in question has been ‘reformed / learned their lesson’. I’m not suggesting that anyone get off without punishment which could include limitation of playing time… but I think this is a VERY slippery slope with inconsistency written all over it.

    • Bulldog Joe

      Agree. Last thing we need now is another rule benefiting the school and penalizing the player.

  5. PatinDC

    I know I am getting old when I click on the link to Keith Henderson’s twitter posting and I can’t understand it. Is there a translation available for non- twitterers?

    • LOL, well first, it’s Keith Marshall, not Keith Henderson. 🙂

      The original tweet was by Bubba himself, and Keith “retweeted” it (that’s what the RT means). So if you look at only the part past the “RT”, Bubba is saying he was celebrating his win with dinner at Waffle House.

      Keith’s comment is to the left of the “RT”, making a funny that only a UGA grad would celebrate a Masters win at Waffle House. Keith is pretty funny/witty on Twitter.

      • Macallanlover

        Can anyone think of a better place to go in Augusta at 1 AM if you are hungry? Or almost any other city for that matter when you are out of town and don’t know any local places? Folks can take a shot at WH all they want but the food is amazingly consistent whereever you go, and there is something on that menu that everyone will like. Disclaimer: I own no WH stock although I have contributed to its success.

        • DawgPhan

          I dont think that Marshall was taking a shot at WH, UGA, Bubbas, or hasbrowns.

          Also twitter is awesome.

      • Also, the reason Keith “retweeted” it, is because if somebody follows Keith but doesn’t follow Bubba, they wouldn’t have ever seen Bubba’s original tweet. So if all Keith tweeted was “This how you know he went to UGA”, his followers that don’t also follow Bubba would have had no clue what he was talking about. The retweet portion provides context. And that concludes about the extent of what I know about Twitter. 🙂

        I’ll tell you though, you’re missing out by not being on Twitter. I very, very rarely “tweet” anything, but I use it more as a newsfeed. I only follow people I’m interested in, and 90% of them are somehow related to sports, especially college football. A lot of time the writers like Seth Emerson, Marc Weiszer, and even the national guys like Feldman, Mandel, etc throw little tidbits out on twitter that you never see in their articles. Plus it has become THE place for breaking news in general. I don’t care what the story is, it hits twitter before any other medium. When you first start using it, it takes a few days to figure out how the heck it all works, but once you’re comfortable with it, you’ll love it. My dad is 62 and he’s always texting me things he’s seen on Twitter even before I see them.

        • PatinDC

          Thx. The reason I am not on Twitter is that I have to actually work during the day.😉.

          One more distraction and I am done for.

          • Ha, well it’s kind of like Facebook, in that whenever you do log in, it’s all there for you to read. It doesn’t send you notifications throughout the day or anything like that, you can just log in before and after work and see what people have been tweeting about. But, I understand not wanting one more thing to check!

  6. Ben

    If Waffle House is kind of the quintessential Southern chain, what does it mean if your town in the south only had a Huddle House?

    • Macallanlover

      WH started out with locations all adjacent to interstate exits so most small towns were not included. Huddle House is a pretty good alternative for small towns where there usually no other choices until the farmers get u at sunrise. A “poor man’s WH” is a little misleading but I do believe Huddle Houses are the copycats. A few of those around me in the mountains so I have been on more of those in the past 2 years than the rest of my life combined. I still prefer an independent café/diner though but they are hard to find.

    • Dog in Fla

      It means that if Kristi and Gus were there:

      Kristi: Hurry up.
      Gus: For Waffle House?
      Kristi: No, Huddle House