Sunday morning buffet

Go for it.



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11 responses to “Sunday morning buffet

  1. Wow! I don’t follow recruiting so I really don’t understand how they can compare and contrast cornerback X in Texas with cornerback Y in South Carolina, so the ranking don’t make sense to me. Even if I don’t understand the rankings any ranking that puts anything about Florida football below Vandy makes me say, “wow!”


  2. CannonDawg

    Congrats to Nick Chubb for his high S.I. regard. Normally, losing a running back of the stature of Todd Gurley would set in motion all manner of clinical depression about how he could never be adequately be replaced. Not so much this time. And that’s more a shout out to Chubb than a diss of Gurley. Todd will be missed, but Nick will be welcomed back by being given the ball 25-30 times a game. And we’ve already seen a preview of what can happen.


  3. j4k372

    Well FU put themselves into a worst case scenario. They didn’t support the coach fully and they didn’t fire him. After the GSU loss at home in 2013, Foley should have fired Boom immediately.

    Fast forward to 2015, you have Boom over at Auburn recruiting what few high profile recruits FU does have on the board. A coach that has been out in Colorado the past few years with no real connection to these kids trying to sell them on the “new” Florida. FU essentially threw out two recruiting seasons.


  4. Wow Tennessee is having another great recruiting year. “Butch Pleeze” must be one heck of a recruiter!


    • Bulldawg165

      They had a pretty good recruiting class last year too. It’s easy to do when:

      1) you can sign the biggest class in the conference due to extreme attrition the past several years
      2) you suck so bad that nearly every talented senior has a legit shot of playing time his first year.

      I don’t expect them to maintain this level of recruiting prowess in the years to come.


  5. SouthGaDawg

    Was thinking earlier how Schotty could utilize both Chubb and Michel in the backfield together. Look no further than the CFNC game. OSU ran the jet sweep action then handed the ball to the RB on the counter trey.They destroyed Oregon with that series. Couldn’t you just see Michel running the motion, Blazevich from the H-back position pulling and leading the play, and Chubb rumblin’ off-tackle. I’m really looking forward to next year.


  6. Scorpio Jones, III

    Maybe this is wishful thinking, but from the way Florida seems to be scrambling to fill its class would you not think the coaching staff won’t be able to delve into “character issues” as much.

    I wonder what the attrition rate might be for a coach’s first recruiting class in a situation like this?

    The rate of loss from Kiffin’s first class at Tennessee was pretty high, but that was a very strange deal, so I am not sure it counts as much as it would seem to.


  7. Cojones

    Gosh, you look at the 5-star players left uncommitted in FL and you think that FU can rebound at the snap (or crook) of a finger and land up there with a good class. Those guys know already that they will play first year, so those who don’t to apply effort to compete can see an easier road. But for those stars who want to compete in the best market have a shot at picking us. If Jefferson leaves Fl, then look out for the rest running away also, but you have to think they have the inside track but for a couple of things; if these big players land on this FU team, where will they get the help to make them great and competitive

    Lotta “iffy” shit happening that can go for or against FU. I think they have to turn a handful to get a decent class upward. If they can’t, then their year will stretch to 3yrs to restock.


  8. Goat Balls

    “An all round depleted roster at FU” and we still didn’t beat them. I will refrain from using an expletive laden rant.


    • Jeepers. STFU. The team named after a tree,won the championship, lost to a 7-6 VTech that finished 5th in their conference, by 14 points while playing at OSU?
      VT unranked– Sep 6 @Ohio St. #1—>>>> Won 35-21
      Yeah … we let down. We beat the SEC East Champs by how much? Auburn scored how many on our D? Towel Boy set new records against us in his first bowl? What were they?


  9. rchris

    Well, we a nice little run of being 10th on Stassen’s all time win list. When they gave back JoePa’s wins Penn State got them back as well and it knocks us back down to 11th. We’re only 28 behind USC though. Beat them by 4 wins a year for 7 years and we’re back in the top 10.