“Really, nobody cares how you determine your champion.”

Dennis Dodd is reporting that the NCAA expects to pass legislation in 2016 “deregulating” conference championship games.  According to Bob Bowlsby, the ACC may take that authorization and run with it.

“I think there’s some belief that ACC would play three divisions, have two highest ranked play in postseason,” said Bob Bowlsby, chairman of the new NCAA Football Oversight Committee.

I can’t wait for the year the ACC has, say, three teams ranked in the top six and argues that the team that wins its championship game and the team that didn’t play in it both deserve slots in the national semifinals.

By the way, I put “deregulating” in quotes, because this line from Bowlsby is state of the art bullshit:

“This isn’t really changing the [conference championship game] rule, it’s deregulating.”

Houston, I think we’ve got a new buzz phrase.

“We’re not really changing quarterbacks.  We’re deregulating the position.”



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8 responses to ““Really, nobody cares how you determine your champion.”

  1. James Stephenson

    I thought Les Miles had already Deregulated the Quarterback position.


  2. BMan

    Penn Wagers has been deregulating penalty calls for years.


  3. AusDawg85

    Notre Dame…Division of 1.


  4. Will

    The Tea-Partyization of the NCAA. Boy, I just can’t wait.


  5. Dawgoholic

    Not sure why anyone cares how a conference determines its champion. You can’t have but one true champion anyway – isn’t that right Baylor?? As I see it, a conference with two champions will be like a team with two quarterbacks – it won’t have one at all.


  6. Cojones

    I don’t know ’bout yall, but it looks like a posse is forming at NCAA. It’s the perception of crime that they are going to clean up and put the rope around the neck of the first protestor. It’s coincidental that the ACC and the Big 12 are first up whining about how everyone ranks them down such that they aren’t represented. Well, OK.

    Why not solve the problem by working towards a Championship in the Big 12 and rearrange your shitty divisions in the ACC? Certainly there is enough creative mind in that vast part of the country that will get enough respect to arrange a meaningful champ w/o trying to undo what the SEC made meaningful years ago. Seed your top 4 teams and let’em play, boys. Make it a Big 12 instead of a Pussy 10.

    The half-vast part of the country called the ACC can invent anything difficult that they want to make them stand out, but don’t go light on the champ game again or there will be hell to pay concerning strong team perceptions. Don’t let your steamboat mouths overload your motorboat ass else you will come out looking weak as hell and with that NCAA posse you riled up in the saloon bearing down on your motorboat ass, you could end up lynched on your own pitard.

    Suggestion: Why don’t yall start with your perceived champs playing each other in a big ole bowl in Texas with the victor eligible for the Chosen Four for starters. In other words, give one up for the Gipper cause he ain’t playing anybody to get in the big matchups. Not while he’s having fun impressing the Committee by running up the score on some puny-ass ACC teams. Just how is that working out, Huh? Letting ND make their bones on your conference w/o any liability back on’em doesn’t smell good ’round heay.