“Mom, I got this.”

Mark Schlabach has a good story about Jake Fromm’s temperament going into the Notre Dame game.  But that’s not what I want to post about.  This is:

In January 2015, longtime NFL assistant Brian Schottenheimer replaced current Colorado State coach Mike Bobo as Georgia’s offensive coordinator. Schottenheimer had been on the job only a few weeks when he traveled to Warner Robins to see Fromm work out. He also evaluated Bailey Hockman, another in-state quarterback from McEachern High School in Powder Springs, Georgia. At the time, the Bulldogs were trying to decide which quarterback to take as part of their 2017 recruiting class. Fromm and Hockman were both highly rated prospects.

It was cold and windy on the day Schottenheimer watched Fromm throw, and his father admits it wasn’t a great workout. About three days later, Emerson pulled Jake out of school and took him to Athens to meet with Schottenheimer and the rest of Georgia’s assistants. Emerson said Jake was immediately turned off by Schottenheimer’s first question: “Do you have any other offers?”

Jake had already received scholarship offers from more than a dozen schools, including Cincinnati, Kentucky, Michigan State, Ole Miss, Penn State and South Carolina.

“Jake is pretty quick,” Emerson said. “He either likes you or he doesn’t. When Schottenheimer asked him that, it just really turned him off. Jake was just disinterested after that.”

The guy drove a productive offense into the ditch and displayed a deft touch on the recruiting trail, all to the tune of $950,000 a year, which at the time made him “the second-highest paid offensive assistant in the SEC and the nation, trailing only LSU’s Cam Cameron, who made $1.3 million in 2014.”  As they used to say in the Garment District, “such a deal”.

I’ll keep saying it until the day I die, but somebody ought to write a book about Georgia’s 2015 season.  If you didn’t know what went on behind the scenes, you’d never believe it.



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56 responses to ““Mom, I got this.”

  1. Hillbilly Dawg

    Didn’t like Shittenhammers from the second it was announced.
    But yes, don’t kiss and tell…just tells us.


  2. rex

    Feel free to plug your own opinions into what you do know. The truth is like poetry and most people hate poetry.

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  3. <

    blockquote> If you didn’t know what went on behind the scenes, you’d never believe it. </blockquote)

    Go on…

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  4. Bigshot

    I’d like to hear the whole story. Why mention it if you are not going to tell it. Give it to us please.


  5. Derek

    They were going to get Trevor Lawrence after Eason anyway, right? So why be nice?

    I would ask though. Why is that a shitty question?

    I get that a) any question can be asked in such a tone as to be “dick-ish” and b) that Schotty probably should have known that but maybe he just wanted to hear how he said the names looking for enthusiasm about or within the list or a lack of any.

    In any event I’m not impressed that the question was out of bounds or dumb or impolite or whatever.

    Having participated in a non-revenue sport as a walk on I can assure you that had I been asked that question my response would have been telling. It would read: I’d rather walk on here than go for free there.


    • You honestly believe Georgia didn’t have someone on its recruiting staff that was aware of Fromm’s offers?


      • Derek

        I actually covered that in my post. It’s there. A lot. With a partial life story to boot.


        • I guess I didn’t understand your insertion of “probably”… maybe I was distracted by your life story.

          Instead of wanting to hear inflection from a kid he was meeting face-to-face for the first time, why not just come out and ask about his interest? After all, judging from the speed with which Fromm dropped Alabama for Georgia, it wouldn’t exactly have been a secret where his heart was.


          • Derek

            I’m not saying they didn’t fuck it up. It’s obvious they did. It’s the import of the question in all this that I question. It could be that there’s a greater truth that isn’t worth telling publicly.

            I’m just wondering why: “do you have any offers?” in and of itself made a lasting, negative impression.


            • dubyadee

              You are a pretty smart guy, so I am surprised you need that spelled out for you. This wasn’t a job interview, it was recruiting. Just really stupid to lead with something that puts the other person on the spot. Would have been really stupid even in the context of a job interview.


              • Derek

                I can see that and I can see that it may have sounded worse than it reads, it just doesn’t strike me as something that would be a big deal. Perhaps we have to explain why we were all set to go to alabama if we’re now the qb at UGA? Maybe?

                Anyway, like I said it was a failure, but it could be worse:


  6. Bright Idea

    My first concern with Schott was his ability or inability to coach up QBs. I still wonder who connected him to Richt in the first place. We could win a national championship but still never forget the oddness of the 2015 season.


    • Derek

      Then Lambert threw two incompletions over two games.

      The next week Lambert showed up with no balls to play Bama. That’s not coaching. It’s a lack of courage. The 1st play call had MM 2 yards deeper than Alabama’s deepest player. Schotty didn’t throw it short AND wide. Lambert did.


  7. Charlottedawg

    Richt was a good coach but I’m convinced towards the end the coordinators ran the program for better or worse. Hence when bobo left richt was fucked.


    • sniffer

      MR’s cardinal sin was stubbornness. His virtue was trust. He stubbornly stuck with game plans and personnel and trusted everyone to do their jobs. It had worked pretty well at FSU for Bowden.


    • 3rdandGrantham

      This is correct – Richt left a lot if the work up to the assistants, especially recruiting. There really was no true leader, hence CJP taking the reigns and publicly complaining about the lack of an IPF and such. Assistant coaches even formed cliques and didn’t get along with one another…just insane stuff.


  8. ChiliDawg

    Just more proof that the regime change was overdue.


    • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

      This, exactly. I don’t know what the whole story is and I really don’t care. If it ever gets published, I’ll probably read it in the same way that one might stop and look at a car wreck, but my eyes told me that as good of a person as CMR is, he had lost control of the program by 2015, and we were pretty much rudderless. Hopefully, the ship is getting righted.

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  9. Charlottedawg

    I know hindsight is 20/20 But I don’t remember any notable accomplishments on schottenheimers resume other than a good last name. Come to think of it other than coaching drew brees the same could be said of Chaney. I know I know he made Peterson at Pitt suck less and destroyed Willie Martinez. Color me unimpressed.


  10. PTC DAWG

    There are many reasons we have a new Coach…


  11. Skeptic Dawg

    Please! Please tell me that someone in the know is currently scribing a book on the 2015 season! I will flip straight to the chapter on the Florida game before I hit the Barnes and Noble parking lot.

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    • sniffer

      The people that were there, hearing and seeing, will never tell tales. Loran? Chuck? Whoever. Nah, their prestige is tied to their silence. Garner might. Then again, he’s a coach and they rarely tell what they know.


  12. The fact we weren’t on the radar screen of either 5* Georgia QB in the 2016-17 class until Smart’s hiring should speak volumes for the dumpster fire our offensive staff had become. I don’t believe Davis Mills got an offer until Kirby showed up, and, of course, everyone knows Jake’s story of growing up in a Georgia family, committing to Bama, etc.


    • 92 grad

      Fromm, Trevor Lawrence, and the others of their time and earlier could probably say quite a bit about it that we wouldn’t know anything about.


  13. Jack Klompus

    Someone see if Ekeler will talk more.

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  14. dubyadee

    The comment that always stuck with me was from a Rams fan: “He had a hundred different ways to throw for 3 yards on 3rd and seven.”


  15. D.N. Nation

    I still maintain that Schotty was noticeably hungover for the Auburn game.


  16. Biggen

    It’s unreal how the last few years of Richt’s tenure just unraveled. I mean coaches supposedly fighting, a DC who called out the school and AD on spending (or the lack thereof), the dumpster fire of a recruiting class known as 2013, etc… I mean the comedy of errors goes on and on.

    Richt got lazy with his management of the program. It’s sad because I really wanted him to be the UGA coach that got the program to the elite level of play.


    • 3rdandGrantham

      Indeed, but it really started back in ’08 and slowly got worse from there. By ’10 I was calling for a coaching change and did ever since.

      Oh, I’m wrong all the time, but I knew I was 100% right after we hired Shotty and I said it was a horrible hire. After that SCU game when Lambert looked liked Marino I was hammered for a few weeks before ultimately being proven correct.


      • rchris

        And yet from 2008-2015 we won more games than Florida, USC, Nebraska, Virginia Tech, Notre Dame, Penn State, Texas, Auburn, and Miami. Richt at his worst was still a pretty good coach.

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    • Otto

      Agreed however I had little faith in Richt ever getting to an elite level and if he won a national title it would be off once in a career talent , Walker, Vince Young, Cam etc. and luck with injuries

      I would love to know what happened but I suspect we will never really know. I don’t doubt Pruitt pissed many people off in his confrontation of the UGA way and he may not have done it tactfully but we have enjoyed some change because of it. B-M’s hatred of him combined with the masses that wanted to keep Richt will always put him in a less favorable light.

      I am still happy the program has moved on and if Smart turns out to be Boom UF version 2.0 at least we won’t be a program that is under self imposed scholarship limits and facilities have improved.


      • waterloodawg

        Richt is a great guy but he lost me when he wouldn’t keep a full roster. I do wonder if he couldn’t find enough principled and talented guys to even be on the team though.


      • So I’ll say this: my parents were on a cruise in May, and a player who is still on the team was there with his family celebrating his recent graduation. Let’s jus say the players’ mom likes to have a good time and didn’t mind telling everyone what a disaster of a person Jeremy Pruitt was.

        Pruitt was maybe the best DC UGA ever had (I 100% mean that), but he left a smoldering crater on the program. People close to the program around that time don’t have too many pleasantries to share about JP.

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  17. Jared S.

    I’d already forgotten Schotty. Blocked him out of my memory.

    In fact, in my brain I now pretend like no Georgia Football happened between the SECCG in 2012 and last week in South Bend.


  18. In the year 2525, if schotty is still alive, will all be still talking jive.


  19. Dawg in Championship Exile

    Oh if Bobo and Will Friend had stayed…Richt made a poor hire in Schotty. That’s the story. Richt should’ve promoted Bmac to OC or kept Friend as OC. Gone back to QB coaching and calling plays for 1-2 years while he trained another QB coach and developed the OC. In my opinion. Of course that would mean we probably have KS at USC w/Boom as his D.C.


  20. Stoopnagle

    SMH at parents who use “we” to talk about their adult son.

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  21. CB

    I know I pile on Bobo (mainly because he had Brice Ramsey tapped as an SEC starter), but after reading this and also seeing what Jacob Park is doing at Iowa State, I just can’t see Schott’s logic behind bringing in Lambert to start after he got benched at UVA. I don’t consider myself an authority on talent evaluation, but I watched Fromm and Hockman play in 2015 and it was clear to me that Fromm was the superior player. I can’t help but wonder how much of a factor it was that Hockman’s father is the head coach the University of McEachern High School.


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