Is the Kirby Smart coaching tree beginning to take root?

Boy, that didn’t take long.

If Tucker’s defense continues to play the way it has through the rest of the season, the logical next step would be for a potential head coaching opportunity to emerge.

“Mel’s a great leader. He commands great respect,” Smart said. “Players really follow Mel’s lead. He does a tremendous job of game-planning, X-and-O-ing, calling the game. But more important than that, he’s a very loyal soldier that helps guys out. If guys are struggling or their confidence is struggling, he’s able to go to pep them up. They follow his lead.

“So yeah, he’d do a tremendous job. He’s been an interim coach before, and I know he’d do a tremendous job given the opportunity.”

I wonder if anyone will say, “but everyone knows it’s Kirby Smart’s defense”.


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12 responses to “Is the Kirby Smart coaching tree beginning to take root?

  1. Derek

    Yes, but remaining to be done is establishing a “if you just have to, smoke someone else’s weed at their place” policy.

    Maybe Athens can go the way of Atlanta on the marijuana issue before it costs us something important like a football game.

    Btw: 4 hours to the most important commitment announcement in a very, very, very long time…


  2. Mayor

    A little premature to be talking about Mel Tucker being named a HC. As far as I know he hasn’t even been contacted by anyone.


  3. He’s black, so he’ll have to wait about 5x longer than a similarly situated white coach, especially while Muschamp and Ogeron keep getting chance after chance in the SEC for no reason.

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  4. kckd

    Mel’s had too much experience to say he’s Kirby’s. Tons of NFL experience doing what he’s doing now. Interim HC. He’s just a great coach who has worked with a lot of other great coaches.

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  5. JakeScott

    I hope Mel is our DC for years to come.

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  6. W Cobb Dawg

    If Mel says to fire somebody or he’s leaving (a la BVG vs. Garner), I suggest having a pink slip handy for whomever Mel wants canned.

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  7. Joel Shivar

    Firstly, when Mel was in Jacksonville, he had one of the best defensive units that organization ever had and I had hoped that the Jaguars would have made him a head coach instead of Mularkey, who by the way was fired after one year and Mel left for Chicago.
    Secondly, I don’t know about his recruiting skills but if he can take a mediocre defensive unit and make them champions, he should be a Head Coach. Just hope no one notices and gives all credit to Kirby.