Another Vandy thought

The more I ponder tomorrow’s game, the more I keep coming back to one thing:  this is a horrendous match up for the Commodores.  Don’t take my word for that, either.  Per publisher Chris Lee,

“I think it’s a very poor matchup for Vanderbilt.

“Vanderbilt hasn’t run the ball on anyone. I think VU’s best chance is to throw the ball, but Georgia is giving up 3.3 yards a throw in SEC play. Plus, although Vandy has pass-blocked well, Georgia has an outstanding front seven, and that could really spell trouble if the Bulldogs can get to Shurmur, who isn’t mobile.

“On offense, Georgia is going to try to run the ball at Vanderbilt. That’s something that’s given the Commodores fits lately…”

Stop the run on defense and make the opposing offense one-dimensional with a non-running quarterback.  Run the ball on offense and take the pressure off your true freshman quarterback.  Gee, where have I seen that work before?

If Vanderbilt manages to keep the game closer than Tennessee did, it’ll be because the ‘Dores don’t turn up on the short end of a minus-3 in turnover margin.


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  1. dawgtired

    If this is a game about match-ups, Vandy appears to be in real trouble in multiple areas. I really don’t see the Dawgs having a ‘let-down’ game THIS year. I think they are enjoying the success to much…and it’s been a long time coming. Also, It will be interesting to see who steps up at ILB. Rice appears to have the potential to be the next stub at the position.


  2. The 34-10 score the Vandy guy threw out is probably pretty reasonable. They are going to have trouble moving the ball, and we aren’t going to give them cheap field position on special teams. The question is whether we control the offensive line of scrimmage.


  3. paul

    I do think Vandy will put up a better fight than Tennessee did. But we should grind them down. There’s not likely to be a lot of throws on our part.

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    • dawgtired

      Well that wouldn’t take much. So we can expect 41-3?


      • paul

        I think Vandy may be able to score twice, though the second score won’t likely come against the first string. I don’t see them stopping the run. So, a fairly quick game since the clock will keep moving. We’re capable of hanging 41 on them but it might be mid thirties. We could see as much as an entire quarter of Jacob Eason.


  4. Mayor

    Everybody is talking like the result of this game is a foregone conclusion. Remind me–who won this game last year?

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  5. kfoge

    I will be curious to see how accurate Shumar is. Dormandy had time on a lot of his throws but was not accurate, I thought we would sack Dormandy more based on the fact that he wasn’t mobile. If Shumar is way more accurate they may complete some passes thet UT missed. Just a thought.


    • Normaltown Mike

      To add to this, Dormandy was severely inaccurate against us. Our DB’s were beat on several plays and he couldn’t put the ball remotely near his WR.

      Not saying we’re in trouble, but I hope our DB’s aren’t reading their press clippings too much.


      • Biggus Rickus

        There weren’t many plays where he missed wide open receivers. He underthrew some deep balls, but that happens, and Georgia’s ability to react and close made a huge difference on those plays.

        Vandy will probably score, though. Georgia’s not going to keep everyone out of the end zone.


      • The second INT was only possible because Dormandy underthrew the receiver so badly that Baker was able to recover and make a play to tip the ball. If Dormandy puts that like 3 feet farther downfield, its a big reception. If he puts it 10 feet farther downfield, it’s probably a TD.


    • Macallanlover

      Agree, we did not get much pressure on Dormandy which surprised me. I think Vandy goes to to the very short to intermediate passes, nothing else seems to offer much hope for them. I would be surprised if they get to double digits. UGA wins, but it is rarely pretty with them. Just win, and stay healthy guys.


  6. Greg

    Maybe I’m still traumatized from last year, but this doesn’t seem like a blow out to me if Vandy comes to play. Miss State was overrated based on a win over an LSU team that everybody just assumed was pretty good. Tennessee is not good either. If Fromm doesn’t get lucky this week and Vandy catches the 2 or 3 balls he throws to them, this will be at least a pretty close game. We need to get to a point where we are at least completing around 15 passes per game or we will lose to Florida and/or Auburn.

    Shurmur will throw for at least 200, possibly 250, on us.

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  7. Scorpio Jones, III

    Worry people, worry. There is no indignity in maintaining a healthy level of concern, very thin at linebacker, for instance. Due a bad game, for another.
    May be raining. Might have a tornado. Nashville is a great place to hunker it down one more time.


  8. Sheriff Williamson says we’ve gotten too comfortable and there is too much going right for the team so he had to shake things up.

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  9. Cojones

    My worry is that our D gets excited and we can get penalized in two ways for very aggressive play. Bad hit with helmet to the chin or vicious tackling OB can give a critical first down plus the possibility of that player thrown out and not being permitted to play first half next game. Mizzou, did you say? Never mind.