Does Coach O’s 2017 = Kirby Smart’s 2016?

I generally like Steven Godfrey’s work, but this strikes me as a little too superficial.

Or, maybe, 2017 LSU is a version of another program that replaced another tenured, consistent head coach who was often great but unable to surpass Alabama: Georgia and Kirby Smart.

Um… nah.  He even rebuts his proposition with a quote in the same piece from an unnamed SEC assistant coach.

“The difference is, Orgeron has had more time than Smart, with the interim year, and the big thing is that expectations were way out of line. O sold LSU on immediate consistency, not a rebuild. That’s where a lot of the anger is coming from. He’s got really good coaches. He’s going to recruit really well. His biggest mistake is hiding how much work their (sic) was. But maybe he thought he wouldn’t get hired for a rebuild.”

Smart’s flaws last season were the result of a first-time head coach going through a phase of on the job training.  Orgeron, by contrast, is on his third head coaching gig, his second in the SEC.  Beyond that, he’s a promoted interim head coach, which means the usual arguments about getting acclimated to the personnel and culture change issues don’t apply as they did at Georgia last season.  The learning curve at LSU should already be kicking in; that it isn’t is a pretty good indicator that the Tigers got what most expected they had with Orgeron.

Whatever that is, it ain’t Kirby Smart.


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24 responses to “Does Coach O’s 2017 = Kirby Smart’s 2016?

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    LSU fan base: hubris, meet nemesis


  2. Spike

    Coach O and LSU.. Help a fella out. Beat UF in the Swamp.


  3. Mayor

    Whatever the reasons Coach O isn’t being treated fairly IMHO. LSU fired a HC who won them a natty and multiple SEC titles. Ed Orgeron gets hired mid season to (1) finish that year and (2) later is hired to presumably make the changes necessary. He’s 4 games into his first full season and the troglodytes at LSU already want to fire him. Give the guy a chance!! Like they say at the court house: “Give him a fair trial–THEN hang him.”


  4. DawgPhan

    saw that tweet yesterday…sighed and rolled my eyes and kept scrolling.

    Coach O was a massively stupid hire…everyone gets fired in red stick and he probably just crushed the career aspirations of both his coordinators, setting them back years in their progression.


    • Mayor

      I agree he was a bad hire but they hired him. Why hire the guy then undermine him 4 games into the season? Give the guy a chance. He’s already on the job. Worst buyer’s remorse I ever saw.


  5. Coach O’s teams all share a common theme: once teams start fighting back or show something he didn’t expect, he’s helpless.

    Yaw Yaw Footbaw is the only coach I’ve ever seen who is worse in-game than Butch Jones.


  6. Vidaliaway

    Let the waterboy be a waterboy. Don’t hire him as a head coach.


  7. Go Dawgs!

    One other major difference that this guy ignores is that we have seen what Coach O can do as a head coach in the SEC before. Granted, he’s got greater resources and advantages at LSU now than he did at Ole Miss, but this season fits in pretty well win his overall history as a head coach.


  8. paul

    Coach O has always impressed me as a guy who is all about emotion. When he’s successful, it’s because he can get his guys fired up. But emotion can only take you so far.


  9. W Cobb Dawg

    That’s why they call him Coach O. As in Oh shit! Why did we hire this guy!?


  10. Russ

    Wow, so Fields committed to the Dawgs? That’s amazing! I figured he was gone to FSU for sure. Plus, I love the fact that he’s got great grades and ACT score, and would be in regardless of his athletic ability. This will really jump our recruiting for 2018.

    Well done, Kirby!


  11. whb209

    To hell with Coach O.
    Justin Fields just committed to UGA.. Go Dawgs


  12. Mayor

    On second thought LSU needs to fire Coach O midseason. The state of Louisiana is flat broke and barely avoiding bankruptcy. Pay another guy $10 Mil plus to not coach–yeah do that. Then you won’t have enough money to hire anyone good.