Mark Richt isn’t losing control over other teams’ logos.

We’ve seen this play before.


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25 responses to “Mark Richt isn’t losing control over other teams’ logos.

  1. Granthams replacement

    And 2 weeks later was the best 15 yard penalty ever


  2. Russ

    Love that guy. Glad he’s doing well down there.

    And yes, I’m ecstatic over how Kirby is doing here.

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  3. TXBaller

    Charlie Brown needs his mouth washed out with soap…. two straight weeks of foul mouthness…..The Genius will get him Thursday night!


    • simpl_matter

      Fcuk Tech and piss on any Richt-haters. You’ll never hear that man poor-mouthing us or describing his time at UGA as “temporary insanity.” I’m happy for him, cannot for the life of me understand any UGA fan who isn’t.

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      • Uglydawg

        Worries me that CMR has a short week (If I’m understanding the Thursday Night remark) to get his defense ready. Hope he beats the lead out of those pencil necks.


      • Macallanlover

        Some true lost, weird souls here simpl_matter. I know lots of people that are 100% behind KS, but I don’t know one that dislikes Mark Richt and his association with UGA. Man took us to another level, now Kirby gets to build from there. Both are now at the schools they each played for, sounds like there is little reason for hate in this “happy story”….but we have some guys who need better meds, or more counseling.


    • “The Genius will get him Thursday night!”

      The CMR hate fest has gone to an all-time low.


  4. Legatedawg

    Ah Yes, Vanderbilt 10/13/07 when he drove our players off the Commodores’ logo seconds after the win. Glad he did so, although it seemed to me that their celebration was more for our kicker and passed over the middle of the field rather than being directed towards it. But our team sure took some public heat about it, I recall reading how Jim Rome went into overdrive ranting about and wouldn’t let it home. As for two weeks later…”Honk if you’ve sacked Tebow.”


    • Legatedawg

      “…ranting about it and wouldn’t let it go.”


    • Macallanlover

      You are right, the kicker happened to be there when out kids went out to congratulate/mob him. Much ado about nothing from light-brained Rome.

      I will say though that I had a conversation with Mark about our guys celebrating/taunting and the 15 yard penalties, and he had this belief that you had to be careful where you drew that line and not take the spirit out of these guys. Happy to say that Kirby has handled this much better, very pleased with how our guys conduct themselves during a game. Now Kirby himself…….


  5. Otto

    You don’t see Saban team being told to stop doing stuff like this. I believe Smart coaches discipline during the week such that he will very rarely if ever have to do something like that. I am not surprised Richt had to do this.


  6. Mayor

    You have to remember that CMR was an assistant at FSU for damn near 20 years, too.