“With their induction, the 2017 inductees become permanently etched into the historical fabric of this storied rivalry.”

Speaking of the Cocktail Party, I’m not sure the Jacksonville Sports and Entertainment Office could have come up with a group of inductees for the Florida-Georgia Hall of Fame better designed to elicit the gamut of emotions from Dawg fans than this year’s bunch.  (Well, maybe Michael Adams, Steve Spurrier and Herschel Walker… but I digress.)

I’ll be interested in comparing the reactions of our crowd to McGarity and Tebow.  Greg’s probably relieved he wasn’t inducted last year.



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19 responses to ““With their induction, the 2017 inductees become permanently etched into the historical fabric of this storied rivalry.”

  1. Why in the hell would our AD be in the Cocktail Party Hall of Fame? When I saw that, my first thought was, “How much did the Parker family give the City of Jacksonville for this honor?”


  2. Aladawg

    That’s what you call “buying in”


  3. heyberto

    They’re getting it in now so it happens before McGarity’s possible canning.


  4. TomReagan

    I’ll forget about McGarity and focus on two of my favorite Dawgs getting honored. Godfrey was a big surprise on one of the most forgotten great UGA teams ever in 92 and Moreno’s 07 team is about as much fun as I’ve had watching college football.


  5. Ben

    All I can think when I see Knowshon there is how we got smashed in the Cocktail party in 08. I believe it was our opening offensive play, Knowshon got drilled at the line, and the UF LB started jawing immediately.

    That was not a good day for the Dawg Faithful.


    • Macallanlover

      And the refs showed their bias/incompetence on that very play, and set the tone for the Gators. I don’t mind the missed, bang-bang calls but when officials ignore the obvious occurring in slow motion or replays, they should be demoted and/or fired. So should the group in Birmingham who did not act. Eject the slimeball on that play, it was no different than starting a fight.


    • Russ

      All I can think of when I see Knowshon there is the 187 yards he ran over, around, and through Timmy’s Gators in 2007.

      That was a great day for the Dawg Faithful.


  6. saildawg

    All I see is 4 men who worked their ass off for their respective universities. Who paid the price to be great on Saturdays, and receiving a token of appreciation for their hard work. And one man who is compensated handsomely for doing his job that gets the same honor. What a pitiful display.


  7. Russ

    Is McGarity in there for Florida or for Florida?


  8. Alcoholic Genius

    I got a dirt shooter fo them.


  9. I can hear the boo birds already…..You would have thought that McGarity would have learned from President Adams…the way to not get booed is to not go on the field. Even accepting this honor is proof positive that he is just not a very bright man. He will get booed loudly and it will be embarrassing so why do it?


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