Just win, babies.

Phil Steele notes that Georgia’s wins have come over opponents that in turn have done their fair share of winning.  When you add it all up — “if you beat an FBS opponent you get credit for all their wins over their FBS opponents” — Georgia is second on his list, behind only Clemson.

Does that factor into an analysis of Georgia’s strength?  Welp, Anderson & Hester, which focuses solely on teams’ accomplishments to date, just posted their first set of rankings for the season and the Dawgs are on top.  (A&H was one of the computer services the BCS relied on to publish its rankings not too long ago.)

Notre Dame is the gift that keeps on giving, but we also ought to embrace thinking like this.  Should Georgia make it into the CFP discussion later this season, stuff like this will likely matter.




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10 responses to “Just win, babies.

  1. Mayor

    Senator, in a post after the UGA-MSU game you asked how many regular season wins we thought Missy State would end up with at the end of this season. I said 8. I stand by that. But I cheated. I actually looked at their schedule instead of just taking a stab at it like most sports writers do.


  2. Cojones

    Gander at Auburn next to SC with schedules ranked in the 80s. So this is why Auburn has been winning and projected to beat us; a weak schedule? Am I reading this incorrectly?


  3. Macallanlover

    There are many complicated ways UGA can get into the CFB playoff of they lose and do not win the SEC, but winning the SEC by beating Bama or Auburn in Atlanta will get them in. That is the ticket every year, win the SEC…which should always be our goal, every single year. Anything after that is gravy, and subjective. But you are right, just win.


  4. Russ

    He has Clemson at #2 but he doesn’t appear to give them credit for beating Auburn. Am I reading the chart incorrectly?


  5. Otto

    I want ND to get 1 more loss. I could see those media darlings getting the nod over a 1 loss UGA.


  6. Stoopnagle

    I’ve got no qualms rooting for the Domers and Maroons to finish the year well. Tennessee, OTOH, I want to dissolve into utter chaos.


    • Otto

      I am pulling for Tennessee, Butch needs to win enough to justify his salary.

      UGA doesn’t need ND to win. UGA gets in as 1 loss SEC Champ. I want them to get 1 more loss to keep them out of playoff regardless of UGA’s standing.


      • Macallanlover

        Not so sure, ND would be a good draw for UGA if we both got in. We are better offensively, and as stout on defense.


        • Macallanlover

          Meant to add, those zone read was open for 20 yards from Fromm all night, but we weren’t allowed to run it then with Eason out. If they respected Fromm running it, the Chubb/Sony show would have contributed much more.


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