You know who’s gonna have a great season?

No, Jimmy Sexton isn’t James Franklin’s agent.  But with the current crop of geniuses running athletic departments, ask yourself how much that matters.

By the way, it turns out Bert’s buyout figure is less than half what people thought it was, should he be canned at season’s end.  It’s kind of pathetic that a $5.9 million payout is a cause for celebration, but, hey, that’s the world the SEC lives in these days.



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3 responses to “You know who’s gonna have a great season?

  1. Macallanlover

    Enjoy is while it lasts ’cause the times, they are a changing. A cold north wind is gonna blow on all this irrational exuberance.


    • Russ

      I agree with you Mac, but how will it play out? None of the current “name” coaches are going to take pay cuts. Is it going to start with a Tennessee (for example) hiring a new, untested coach for $2M? And then LSU follows along with a $2M hire? I’m just wondering how the genie will get stuffed back into the bottle.


      • Macallanlover

        Well, it won’t start that way. I don’t see any sacrificial program being the first to throw themselves in front of the moving train. The Vols certainly aren’t going to go cheaply on the next hire, they are desperate and will gladly over pay. My feeling it will be smaller, less well healed programs first because they can least afford to make a long term mistake. The fall off in attendance and new contract negotiations with the networks will lead the correction, imo. Only a significant, national economic crisis will cause major changes before that more gradual move. The Mouse’s sudden cuts were a pretty strong indicator that changes are beginning, and should be a warning flag to those making long term guarantees.