He’s under a lot of stress.

Angst.  It’s what’s for postgame in Tallahassee.

$40 million buyouts make you brave.



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22 responses to “He’s under a lot of stress.

  1. Dolly Llama

    What an asshole. After the game, it was all about “defending the kids.” The fan wasn’t saying shit about the kids. Asshole.

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  2. CVegas Dawg

    So will a fence, a football team, and several hundred security personnel. The idea that FSU needs a new coach is dumb, but that’s what you get with Fanatics.

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  3. Greg

    Glad to see that there are some left….players have softened, coaches have softened, the world has……


  4. Fisher is an enabling douche. I used to like FSU. His offense is awful (yes, I know he lost his starting QB in the Bama game), and his defense can’t stop anybody.

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  5. 81Dog

    Trash gonna trash, I guess. Both in the stands and on the field.

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  6. Spike

    He better watch out in this day and age. One of those fans may just come down there and take him up on his offer.

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    Stay classy FSU..


  8. “Drag your ass to the Bass Pro parking lot and say it to me.”—Jimbo Fisher, probably.

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  9. doofusdawg

    Think Bobo will be the next coach at free shoes… in the winter of 2020.


    • ChiliDawg

      Two 7-6 seasons at Colorado State after taking over a 10 win team… Bobo isn’t a candidate on anybody’s list right now.


      • 81Dog

        uh, don’t look now, but he’s 6-2 with a better loss to Alabama than Tennessee or Vandy or Ole Miss had.

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      • Taking over a team that the Sharkhumper recruited (in other words, he was left with no QB) … if you haven’t watched them this year, he has taken the offense he ran at UGA to another level. They run spread and pro-style. In the MWC, that’s lethal because everyone is recruiting to stop the spread. They’re pretty good on defense considering the conference they are in.


  10. Cousin Eddie

    Saw that in a clip where another fan is recording it from behind the “fan.” A security guard is standing next to the guy trying to get him to take down an inappropriate sign so Jimblows knew the guy couldn’t go down if he wanted to. So both of them can keep being a prick about it.


  11. Any fan who thinks it’s ok to yell at coaches or players on the field deserves to get body slammed by state patrol. There are many good reasons you’re in the stands watching. You can always kneel your entitled ass in protest, though.


    • Greg



    • Jimbo should fire his OL coach. His line has been trash since before Winston was there raping people on camera and destroying evidence before the police got a chance to interview him and the witnesses while Jimbo was running interference with the police and media. Perhaps entitlement goes both ways.