Jim Chaney haz a crayon.

It sounds like Sony Michel’s big day was due in part to a couple of scheme adjustments Georgia installed during the bye week.

“They hit a little slice iso (isolation play) on us and we didn’t fit it right twice. That’s a good thing about Jim [Chaney].” McElwain added that his defense’s No. 1 challenge was to make Georgia one-dimensional (throw the ball), but because of the Bulldogs’ “really good backs,” the Gators had no answer.

Say what you will, but week after week, we’re seeing Georgia’s staff appear better prepared than their opponents’.  Add better talent and better preparation together and that’s how you get on a dominant run like the one the Dawgs have enjoyed.


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  1. sniffer

    I’m curiously aroused after watching that…

    Gonna be a good Monday!


  2. Nessler’s call was so good. “He’s gonna earn it all I think, Gary!”


  3. DawgBiscuit

    That reminds me of the time Verne Lundquist said Knowshon Moreno “does not have great speed” just as he outran the LSU defense for a 68 yard touchdown.


    • Macallanlover

      Well, that LSU LBer was closing fast. Knowshon had some of the best 2-3 yard runs I have ever seen by a UGA RB, but Verne was right, he didn’t have great speed. Another 5 yards and KM would have been caught by that LB, and Knowshon had a big headstart on him.


  4. Timphd

    That game was so fun to watch that I have already watched it twice. Told my wife not to delete it from DVR too so I can enjoy multiple more times. Good for Sony and Nick to have great games against the Gators. DGDs.


    • Jared S.

      Yeah, so happy for Chubb and Michel. AwesomeX1000


    • Puffdawg

      You know what’s amazing: you can STILL hear people bitching and moaning quite audibly after whatever infrequent crummy plays we have. That was a generational type win and was incredible to witness live and yet some folks still feel the urge to “COME ON CHENEY!” or whatever other verbal diarrhea comes to their lips.

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  5. TnDawg

    Sony and Nick take my mind back to Worley and Hampton sometimes when I’m watching.

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  6. TnDawg

    Mostly OT:

    If you had bet $100 that McElwain was the first SEC coach to be fired at the start of the year, you would have won $4000.


  7. Bulldog Joe

    Great use of the umpire to set the final screen.

    Just how you draw it up.


  8. dawgman3000

    Bah! These coaches aren’t any good! At least that’s what I’ve seen by many comments here all off season.


  9. S

    Did Jim Cheney lose a hundred pounds in the offseason? Because according to some stupid assholes on here, fat guys can’t coach. Or do much of anything else. And obviously Cheney is coaching well. So he must have lost weight, right? Right?


  10. tbia

    My only fault with the playcalling was that we never play actioned with max protect and tried to go deep to Godwin on a post.

    Selfish I know.

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  11. Gene Simmons

    I wanted to run the flea-flicker with Eason, up 42-0….
    Just for old time’s sake.

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  12. Sanford222view

    Gary couldn’t have set that up any better, could he? Nice redemption run for Sony.


  13. Scorpio Jones, III

    I gotta give a shoutout to Scott Howard for his “tugging on Superman’s cape” comment on Wims’ TD catch…Munson whispering in his ear?

    God Almighty you guys, did you hear what he said there?


  14. Cpark58

    Where is the “Another Derek Dooley” guy that was so vocal about Kirby and Cheney before the season? I’d love to hear his take on this season


  15. W Cobb Dawg

    I’ve been as negative on Cheney as anyone. I’m happy to eat as much crow as it takes to keep on winning.

    And is anyone doubting what a gem we have in Fromm? He runs this offense to damn near perfection. Danielson certainly loved Fromm’s work. He was gushing on that screen pass to Swift. Heard him in the background saying “beautiful, beautiful” on another pass to Swift.


    • Agree. I was down on Chaney last year because of his failure to take advantage of what we could do rather than what he or Kirby wanted to do. So far he seems to have learned a lesson and has leaned on the improvement Pittman has produced in the line. Happy to eat crow about it.


      • Russ

        Yeah, it’s amazing how much the coaches learned in the off season. I can only assume they read my many helpful suggestions here through past year.


  16. Cojones

    Many of the negative descriptions of Cheney quoted here weren’t viewed by me during the offseason, but I doubted him and said the believing would come after the second SEC game in a row ended in victory. He took care of that with his schemes and player actions. I see now what Kirby saw in him after going against him at ‘Bama, but please raise your hand if you had confidence in him after the Ole Miss game last year.

    In the meantime, if some of you can keep from breaking your arm patting yourself on the back while quoting others to build your case for how good you are at spotting coaching talent … … … .

    I’m enjoying this year like no other, come rain or shine, simply because I believe in this team of young men who let us watch while they reach for the stars in UGA uniforms. Their youthful joy keeps a spark in old men’s hearts.


  17. The Dawg abides



  18. Reinmart

    Another interesting facet of this incredible run the Dawgs are on is that there is no need to show a lot. So there can be little adjustments like this that the defense has not seen from us EVERY game.


  19. A lot of credit to Chaney and Pittman this year. They’re done a pretty remarkable job. We aren’t yet impose our will good and Chaney isn’t forcing it non-stop. We’ve done a good job of recognizing that and adjusting. Little bit of impose our will and a little take what they give us.