Toss a rock in Urban Meyer’s pond…

… and you get Steve Addazio ripples.

The former Ohio State assistant football coach who was fired last month after revelations of domestic violence against his ex-wife once had professional ties to Boston College coach Steve Addazio and athletic director Martin Jarmond.

In the wake of Ohio State firing assistant coach Zach Smith in July and placing head coach Urban Meyer on administrative leave, Adazzio and Jarmond each issued statements Saturday.

Smith was on the same coaching staff under Urban Meyer at the University of Florida and was also an assistant on Addazio’s staff at Temple in 2011.

“While an assistant coach at Florida in 2009, I was aware that there was an issue in the personal life of Zach and Courtney Smith,” Addazio stated. “I did not know specifics, and I knew the matter was in the hands of university personnel and that the couple was involved in counseling.

The media ain’t movin’ on from this for a while.  And there are more branches on that Meyer coaching tree…


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18 responses to “Toss a rock in Urban Meyer’s pond…

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    So the press is gonna track down every branch on the Korch Koaching tree? And each and every one will either be Sergeant Schultz or say they knew and ‘tried to help’ or ‘followed protocol.’
    Zat about it?


  2. DJ Durkin, Tom Herman, come on down!


  3. AusDawg85

    Somebody please stick a microphone in front of Jim Harbaugh over this!



    People are loading there guns. And there aimed at Crouch.


  5. Gurkha Dawg

    I’m not a grammar Nazi, but come on TMC. Using “there” incorrectly twice in two consecutive sentences?


    • Dawg1

      One more sentence, maybe about “where” they were using their guns and he would have gotten it right! 🙂

      For a grammar Nazi, how did you just let Crouch instead of Corch go? 🙂


  6. lakedawg

    Corch is as big a scum bag as there is in the game today, and deserves ever shot he gets hit with.

    And have not seen mentioned yet, but believe the J. Reid Parker Director of Athletics was at Florida when Um was there. Wonder what his take on this might be?

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    • Mullen might be the only one of Urban’s guys appreciating the timing of this scandal. It’s certainly put his absurd “No Weapons…sort of” explanation to the Toney gun incident on the back burner. But you definitely see a similar approach to these situations as his old boss.


  7. “Counseling”? Hmmm….Is this what they’re calling the meeting between Courtney Smith, Earle Bruce, and Urban’s “life coach”? Or is this the type of counseling that Urban himself gives, similar to the counseling he and Tebow provided that mischievous scamp Aaron Hernandez? What a joke.