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‘That’s fine, you should tell Urban.’

It’s hard to read this and not reach the conclusion that Corch has a problem.

Text messages I have obtained, an exclusive interview with the victim and other information I have learned shows Ohio State coach Urban Meyer knew in 2015 of domestic abuse allegations against a member of his coaching staff.

Courtney Smith, ex-wife of fired Ohio State assistant coach Zach Smith, provided text messages between her and the wives of Ohio State coaches – including Urban Meyer’s wife, Shelley – showing Meyer’s knowledge of the situation.

Meyer said last week during Big Ten Media Days that he had no knowledge of two alleged domestic violence incidents in 2015 with former assistant wide receivers coach Zach Smith that were investigated by the Powell (Ohio) Police Department.

Meyer said had he known, he would have fired Smith in 2015 – three years before he did last week after I reported the alleged domestic violence.

“All the (coaches) wives knew,” Courtney said. “They all did. Every single one.”

Yeah, well, but would Shelley have spoken with her husband?

“Shelley said she was going to have to tell Urban,” Courtney said. “I said: ‘That’s fine, you should tell Urban.’ I know Shelley did everything she could.”

Yeah, but…

Two weeks after the Oct. 25, 2015 incident, a Nov. 5, 2015 text exchange between Lindsey Voltolini and Courtney shows Meyer talked to Zach Smith about the incident.

Lindsey is the wife of Brian Voltolini, considered one of Meyer’s most loyal staff members. Brian is Ohio State’s football operations director and has been part of Meyer’s staffs for 15 seasons at Bowling Green, Utah, Florida and Ohio State.

Courtney: “(Zach’s) trying to make me look crazy bc that’s what Shelley is saying (he’s doing)”
Lindsey: “He (Urban) just said he (Zach) denied everything”
Courtney: “I hope urban is smarter than that”
Lindsey: “He (Urban) doesn’t know what to think”
Courtney: “I don’t really care. Ya know”
Lindsey: “Yeah, don’t worry about urb”

That urb.  What a guy.

If there’s a seat worse than 37F, that’s where you’ll find Brett McMurphy.



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Georgia recruiting exposed!

There’s only one possible explanation for Kirby Smart’s success.  Fortunately, some random Internet sleuth has cracked the case wide open. (h/t)

“Supposedly” is doing a lot of heavy lifting there.  As fever dreams go, that one’s pretty elaborate.

I’m not going to get into a discussion about whether every major program cheats on some level, but I will say nobody recruiting well does anything close to something that stupidly obvious.  Supposedly.

In conclusion, all I can say is watch out for future Dawgs’ dental work.


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Phil Fulmer is no Greg McGarity.

Tennessee’s AD ain’t gonna have Jeremy Pruitt complaining to the media about not having enough practice fields, no siree.


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Two words. Two simple words.

Try to watch this without smiling.

I sure as hell couldn’t.


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