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Les Miles, roving reporter


If we ever revisit The Montana Project in some form or fashion, I know whom I’m going to ask to conduct interviews.


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We’re Number One!

It’s Greg McGarity’s finest hour.  Take a bow, sir.



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Room with a view

Take a peek.

Nice, huh?  For $63 million, it ought to be.

I’m looking forward to the first time a commit says, “I wasn’t sure about going to Georgia until I stepped out on that balcony.”


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Ohio State doesn’t recognize the First Rule of Holes.

Shorter Corch:  I’m pure of heart, because the investigative committee the school hired to justify keeping me in my head coaching position said so.

Jesus, can’t anybody in Columbus keep quiet?


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Ask, and ye shall receive.

Welcome back, old friend.

If you can’t get a home-and-home out of it (and I understand the somewhat daunting logistics), it’s certainly better than not playing at all.


UPDATE:  As far as the home-and-home logistics go, Seth says ($$) the two schools are still talking about scheduling that.


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The last question of the preseason

… comes from something Seth Emerson wrote ($$) in today’s “Five Things to Watch“:  “This year’s offense could threaten the records set by the Aaron Murray-Todd Gurley offenses earlier this decade.”

Well, could it?

It’s a fascinating comparison.  Using 2012 as a touchstone, you had peak Bobo (Georgia led the nation in yards per play), peak Murray (second nationally in passer rating) and… well, I’m not sure there was such a thing as peak Gurley, so let’s just leave it at plain old Todd Gurley.

What Georgia’s offense has going for it this season is a boatload of talent, deeper at all levels — most significantly, perhaps, at offensive line — than I’ve ever seen in Athens.  I’m not exaggerating when I type that, at least I don’t think I’m exaggerating.  [NOTE:  Insert reference to 1992 offense here.] It’s certainly more talented overall than the 2012 team’s level was.

So, what do you think?  I won’t go there and say the 2018 version of Jim Chaney is a match for Mike Bobo’s best job in Athens, but I’m not sure he’ll need to be in order for Georgia’s offense to match the results.

One thing I do feel certain in saying is that if the 2018 offense is anywhere close to threatening 2012’s production, this team is going to be hell on wheels, because there’s no way Smart and Tucker’s defense is going to be at Grantham’s 2012 level.


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“Well, the best way to say is that we realize we have shortcomings in a number of our football spaces.”

A master plan at Georgia, Greg McGarity?  Hells yeah, he’s got one.  Really.

Step one is recognizing, at least in the abstract, there are shortcomings.

Georgia already is conducting feasibility studies to exploring the prospect of erecting a new, football-only operations facility on campus. The project is not on the current agenda for discussion at Friday’s fall semester meeting of the UGA Athletic Association Board of Directors. But Athletic Director Greg McGarity confirmed the Bulldogs already are looking into “something like that.”

“We are working on a number of ideas on how to address space deficiencies we have in our football program,” McGarity said in an interview with DawgNation on Wednesday. “So, depending where those (ideas) land we hope to have a discussion with our board, perhaps in February, of where we are progressing toward taking care of those deficiencies.”


Next is waiting for Kirby to complain.

“From the time of the (last football building expansion) the whole dynamic of the football staff has changed,” McGarity said. “We’ve added a full-time assistant, you have quality control coaches, you have all the necessary ingredients to support a football program and a lot of that is driven by the desire of the head coach. … Our job is to facilitate those.”


Then comes dragging out the process until Butts-Mehre can talk donors into opening their wallets.

Thanks to last year’s SEC championship and 13-2 run to the national finals, Smart is pretty much getting whatever he wants right now. And while competitive and financial times are going well, Georgia is doing its best to give it to him. Through their Magill Society initiative, the Bulldogs have secured pledges and donations to cover $83 million of the $93 million in costs for the last two football projects.

As for this latest one, McGarity won’t discuss possible costs…

“I wouldn’t talk about anything like that until I had something to present Board,” McGarity said of where such a building might go or how much it would cost. “I won’t even discuss it, because there’s nothing to bring forward right now.”

Check and check.

Sprinkle in a little exploitation during the good times…

“Georgia fans have always been tremendous in answering the bell,” McGarity said.” Kirby deserves a lot of credit, because the whole way people feel about Georgia is different right now. Season tickets, donations, all that’s been remarkable. It always has, but sort of at a different level now. And that’s because people feel so good about the job that Kirby’s done and they feel so good about Georgia football. I think it bleeds over into other sports.”

… marinade and voilà!  There’s ‘yer master plan, bitchez.

The challenge, it seems, for us great unwashed is figuring out how to convince Kirby that improving the fan experience makes his mission easier.  Good luck with that, fellow wallets.


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ESPN’s biggest wish for the 2018 season

Sure, Mickey, there may be 14 teams with a chance to make the CFP, but that’s not what the betting public believes.

The top-ranked Crimson Tide enter the season as the consensus favorites for a third consecutive year. Alabama is +175 to win the national championship at the Westgate SuperBook in Las Vegas. According to Sportsoddshistory.com, those are the best odds for a preseason favorite since USC was listed at +160 before the the 2005 season.

Alabama has won two of the past three national championships and has been favored in 110 of its past 111 games.

Yeah, Clemson’s getting its share of early love.

No. 2 Clemson, at 4-1, is the clear-cut second favorite and has attracted significant interest from bettors in Las Vegas and New Jersey. More money has been bet on the Tigers to win the national title than has been wagered on any other team, including Alabama, at several sportsbooks.

At William Hill’s books in Nevada and New Jersey, 22 percent of the money bet on the national championship odds is on Clemson, substantially more than how much has been wagered on Alabama (14 percent) and three times more than has been bet on any other team.

But, ‘Bama.

More than half of the money bet on the national championship odds at DraftKings’ new sportsbook in New Jersey is on the Tigers and Tide, with 30 percent of it on Clemson, the company said.

Just think what one regular season upset would do for the talking heads at the WWL.


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If I’m gonna go down, you’re gonna come with me.

For reasons inexplicable to any normal sentient being, Zach Smith continues his self-immolation tour with an interview with USA Today.

Zach Smith says he has accepted there is not much he can say that will resurrect his coaching career, but he cannot accept why he was fired as an assistant coach at Ohio State.

Head coach Urban Meyer said when his three-game suspension was announced last week that he was guilty of protecting Smith amid a series of domestic abuse allegations over several years. Smith maintains the abuse allegations are false so Meyer had no reason to protect him.

“He never protected me,” Smith said in a telephone interview with USA TODAY Sports. “Urban knew the truth. That’s what’s lost in all this: the truth. Everything he’s said negatively about me, that’s all on Ohio State. That’s all from the pressure they put on him to keep his job because they are spineless. That’s why they fired Jim Tressel. They are absolutely spineless and that probably come from the board, the president – all of them.”

Hard to believe he’ll never get another coaching job, innit?


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It just means more.

Sports Illustrated runs a piece analyzing which schools had the least, most incidents on campus on gamedays in 2017, and only three from the SEC failed to make the list of the top 33:  Kentucky, Missouri and Vanderbilt.

Clearly, if we’re ever going to talk about removing programs from the conference, we’ve got a starting point.


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