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The spirit of Booch lives on.

An alert reader tipped me to this story.  Clever catchphrase, Vol fans.


The SEC East is a really strange neighborhood these days.



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“I asked the manager, and he said it means that we’re the best.”

If all it took was a stupid slogan and a t-shirt to succeed in the SEC, Booch would still be rolling in Knoxville.


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The philosophy hasn’t changed.

What was frustrating to watch in 2016 is now an accepted identity for Smart’s Georgia team.

Smart simplified his vision for the offense when he explained that the identity is about not allowing other teams to break the Bulldogs’ will. Each player, whether they touch the ball or not, will have to help propel Georgia toward that goal in order to achieve it, and that is exactly what Smart expects.

No, the vision hasn’t been simplified.  The roster, particularly the offensive line, has been significantly improved.  That’s the difference.


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“I didn’t treat him any different than any other person…”

I’m calling bullshit on this one.

[Powell, Ohio Police Chief Gary] Vest has strongly disputed any suggestion his force handled accusations with leniency because Smith was an Ohio State football coach. Vest doesn’t even like sports — he’s never watched an entire football game in his life, he said — and said he was unaware of Smith’s connection to the Buckeyes until the case drew widespread attention.

“Until the media decided Zach Smith’s link to Ohio State was important, I had blinders on,” Vest said.

Powell is a suburb of Columbus, and I’d wager pretty good money that even if the chief isn’t much of a football fan, he’s bound to have somebody on his staff who knew darn well where Zach Smith worked.

Beyond that, though, let’s not forget that Smith wasn’t shy about identifying his career to officers when he was arrested before:

The report said “Zach advised (officers) he works for UF Florida Gators as an assistant coach for the football team…

But this time, Smith decided to keep that little tidbit to himself?  Right.

Corch isn’t the only one trying to cover his ass from this fiasco.


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This is your pundit on drugs.

Dude.  Dude.


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Richt remembers VanGorder

There is an interesting interview in the Louisville Courier-Journal in which Georgia’s former head coach reflects on what caused him to hire Brian VanGorder as his first defensive coordinator.

Now, I just wish somebody would ask Richt what he was thinking when he kept Willie Martinez in that role.  Assuming he even wants to discuss it, of course.


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On the mother

Well, now.

What comfort it must bring those in charge of Maryland athletics to know Brett McMurphy has taken an interest.


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Musical palate cleanser, it’s time edition

What’s that, you say?  There’s a previously unreleased track, “Time Song”, from the sessions that brought us The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society?  And it’s being made available with the 50th anniversary reissue of the album?

Cool beans.



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