This is your pundit on drugs.

Dude.  Dude.


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  1. 81Dog

    By any chance, dies this guy have a recreational pharmacist named Tay Bang? Or is Mullen holding his grandma hostage, her safety depending on fawning media coverage?

    Listed to ESPNU radio yesterday. Florida fans say we won’t see them coming. UT fans say Pruitt has changed the culture and can see them winning the East. Chikin fans feel confident that THIS IS THE YEAR!

    Guess we got some convincing to do.


    • 79Dawg

      Setting aside the ridiculousness of Florida being a playoff contender, pretending they won’t be a threat to us in Jax is pretty naïve. Grantham had the Florida game circled every year because he knew it was the biggest game of the year, and you’ll recall we lost his first in OT and won the next 3. Don’t think he won’t have the game circled as the biggest of the year now that he is on the opposite sideline and have some things up his sleeve (thankfully Jarvis Jones won’t be coming out of the Florida tunnel!)…


      • HamDawg11

        EVERY team UGA plays this year will have the game circled as the biggest game of the year!

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      • Mark

        “Don’t think he won’t have the game circled as the biggest of the year now that he is on the opposite sideline and have some things up his sleeve…”

        My recollection is that having CTG on the opposite sideline has been a universally good thing for UGA. As for the tricks, I don’t doubt he will have some. If history is any indicator, he just won’t be able to get them signaled in to his defense and have them get set to execute in time.

        Am I wrong?

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      • Cousin Eddie

        So we are going to get his best shot, got it. I wouldn’t expect it any other way.


  2. Biggen

    This has to be satire. I mean, if it’s not, what is CBS paying this clown for? A god damn monkey could throw darts at a list of teams and pick as equally ridiculous.


  3. Jt10mc (the other one)

    Cocaine is a hellava drug!


  4. Cojones

    Had the same reaction when viewing live yesterday. Noticed also that most had two Big10 teams – most had W with another and only one had Georgia.

    Delany sycophants


  5. ugafidelis

    Dan Mullen must be one hell of a coach.


  6. Opelikadawg

    I know a guy who can get you a good deal on a rental car to drive to their playoff game. Just don’t mention frying pans.

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  7. Hogbody Spradlin

    I’ll have what he’s having.


  8. Spike

    If I may Senator with your permission…” Oy Vey”…


  9. Did this guy hang out with Percy Harvin before going on the set?

    Last I saw, Felipe Franks is still Florida’s QB, and Dan Mullen still hasn’t beaten a Kirby Smart defense.

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  10. Timphd

    You guys are missing the point. This got exactly what CBS wanted. Every newspaper in SEC country has posted this, it’s on Saturday Down South, and GTP. That is the point. They got pub for their show that would not have occured if he had gone with Bama instead of UF. These guys are told to be “controversial” in order to get hits. Just trollin’ us all and we take the bait. Their viewership will at least temporarily go up to see what stupid thing they will say next.

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  11. steve

    I see that Dan Mullen’s blind squirrel’s nut has been found.


  12. Jim

    I had lunch with a gator fan yesterday. He was delusional and had no interest in listening to reason/logic/facts


  13. Jared S.

    I remember thinking we could actually lose to Florida last year leading up to that game. May I never be fooled again! =D


    • Russ

      Order has been restored to that series. We’re back to winning 2 out of every 3 (at least) for the foreseeable future. And honestly, barring injuries, I can’t see Florida winning this year or next.


      • William Pickel

        Not unless the referees get in the game to the Dawgs detriment. Remember the calls in the NC game, they cost us big.


        • Just cruising some historical youTube videos for old Dawgs games yesterday, I saw 15 minutes of ’02 UGa-FU. Your concerns are valid, because the ’02 game was impacted more by suspicious referees than the T.Edwards drop.


  14. Go Dawgs!

    Well, that’s certainly one way to make sure nobody discusses how crazy your pick of Michigan State in the CFP is.

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  15. Whiskeydawg

    Thanks for that alternate dimensional video – The Gator in the High Castle.


  16. Spike

    .. Franks just got sacked again..