Honk if you’re the fan of a Big Ten program with a coach on administrative leave.

Meanwhile, in Columbus, Ohio, D.J. Durkin’s former boss has the soap opera juiced.  (Helluvan asylum you’re running these days, Mr. Delany.)  This is about as good a summary of current events surrounding Corch as you’ll find.

As she has along the way, Urban Meyer’s oldest daughter, Nicki, on Twitter liked mentions of Herman being named as the source. His second, daughter, Gigi, retweeted stories mentioning Courtney Smith’s alleged claim to take down Ohio State.

Urban Meyer has been understandably silent since his statement on Aug. 3, but his family is making its opinion known.

And none of that matters.

No matter how the story started, Ohio State’s investigation of how Meyer and Gene Smith handled this will determine what happens. On Saturday, the Columbus Dispatch reported that Zach Smith will speak with Ohio State’s investigating team on Monday or Tuesday.

Tips start stories. Tips can come from people who want a wrong to be addressed. Or they can come from people who may gain from a story.

I’ll say that several days before McMurphy’s first story on Zach Smith appeared on July 23, a Twitter account tagged several reporters, including me, asking why no one had looked into a 2009 Gainesville, Fla., police report on Smith. I followed the account and planned to look into things, but McMurphy beat me to it. He later said on a podcasthe’d been working on the story for several weeks.

That account and that tweet have been deleted.

So someone knew about Zach Smith’s past. They wanted it known. He was never charged, but it does matter how Ohio State dealt with Smith. Maybe Urban Meyer and Gene Smith did exactly what they should have done.

Ohio State is investigating.

Yeah, but is Ohio State investigating the source of the tip or Urban Meyer?


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11 responses to “Honk if you’re the fan of a Big Ten program with a coach on administrative leave.

  1. Spur 21

    Shoot the messenger has long been the response when attacked. Sadly I doubt it will ever change.


  2. TEXBaller

    Don’t mess Texas…..
    Z Smith lured a high priority recruit out of the lone star state – and now he and Urban are paying for it.


  3. TEXBaller

    mess with….lol


  4. Poon Logan

    Whoever did it, is a chickenshit


  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    Sheesh, you need a Playbill to keep track of all the characters in the Ohio State drama.


  6. Macallanlover

    Regardless of who provided a tip, or why Urbie lied (had to at least once since Big14 media days), this is not a legal matter at this point. It is a PR matter, and osu is losing the longer they take to make what appears to be a simple decision. To all, except his daughters and a large potion of ohio’s rabid supporters, who are all-in on keeping him no matter what, this will be a point of ridicule for many years if they keep him on board.

    What is not in question at all is that Corch knew about 2009, and he knew about 2015, yet he hired him at ohio and kept him on for 3 years after the repeat issues. And Shelly didn’t seem to have any question that Courtney Smith was in a bad situation when she was texting CS and promised to bring her groceries if needed and tell her hubby how bad this was. Crier himself said there were no secrets between he and Shelly and they discussed everything, including 3rd down play calls. Forget how stupid he was in lying at media days on national TV, what about the judgement in keeping scum like Smith on the payroll while talking about how serious he was about respecting women in his core values with his players. That is enough to send him packing. otherwise, prepare for thousands of catcalls and signs on every Game Day telecast. Paterno kept Sandusky on campus, Crier kept Smith, for the same reason. How serious is the osu administration top let this drag on? What message is sent if they don’t correct the obvious problem?


    • Sure. And you are correct as to your assertion that this is essentially a PR matter now….except that the ‘public’ that OSU, through it’s “independent” committee, is looking to assuage IS that group of rapid supporters, alumni, and donors.

      I said it from Day 1, and I’ll say it again. They’re not going to fire Meyer. Maybe, if keeping him would directly lead to losses or sanctions. But a PR problem and prospects of ridicule? Not going to do the job here. Might get suspended for a few games, but will get a Columbus hero’s welcome when he’s back on the job.


  7. Whiskeydawg

    Nicki and Gigi (stripper names), classic Elektra complex says this Athenian Dawg. Perhaps an AD sacrifice at teeOSU would appease the Gods.


  8. mwo

    All OSU opponents should wear tank tops next year.


  9. I forgot, was it Nickki or Gigi that made Daddy sign a contract he wouldn’t work so hard that allowed him to get back into coaching?

    That’s was the story we got on why he left UF. ESPN loved that feel good angle.


  10. ASEF

    The obvious culprit would be /drum roll/ Courtney’s lawyer.

    The laughable culprit would Tom Herman. It takes some serious stupid to arrive at that conclusion.

    The head-shaking part about all this is how quickly the tOSU fan base went Full Alex Jones, with the full blessing of Meyer’s immediate entourage, it would seem. Get caught dead to rights on something?

    Meyer inspired Always Someone Else’s Fault, although it was a more general comment on college football coaches and admins at the time. But Holy Shit have things intensified on that front.

    Bobby Petrino and Mike Price should have just blamed the media and Tommy Tuberville.