Hold on, I’m coming.

Offensive line holding is dead to SEC refs.  Dead, I tells ‘ya.

I’m not offering that as some sort of proof of a pro-Alabama conspiracy.  I saw Georgia’s o-line do similar things with Quinnen Williams (not that I blame them).  I just want y’all to understand why I’ve officially given up complaining about it.

At this point, it’s coaching malpractice if you’re not teaching your kids to get away with it.


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  1. Dawg1

    There were TWO CLEAR hands to the head (or face mask if you are old school) on one play (one to Fromm himself) on the last Georgia possession. I too wouldn’t be upset if they hadn’t, of course, called us on it earlier.


  2. ASEF

    Yeah, no one’s calling it in any league. I’ve given up on it too.


  3. gastr1

    Right. I get tired of this complaint. No one calls it, on either side. If we’d kept contain on the right side Hurts doesn’t have this success. Ain’t the refs.


  4. jollyrogerjay

    The Auburn Guy here is calling it. Alabama has been doing this and getting away with it for at least the last 7 or 8 years,( ever since they became relevent again in college football with Nick Saban) like NO OTHER TEAM in the SEC. I told y’all in a post yesterday morning it was coming. SEC west teams deal with this shit every year. TELL me Alabama would have been called for holding on that play that Auburn’s Shivers ran 75 yds for a td in the first half against Alabama, and I will call you a fool. God I wish Alabama and Georgia played a regular season game every year. Georgia outplayed Alabama for the entire game yesterday, and the officials, by NOT doing their damn job, changed the outcome.

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    • Macallanlover

      I read that, and have heard West teams say it for years, but last night was a wake up call for me. The holding, and other calls/spots and other non-calls were atrocious. Wasn’t the only reason we lost, but it tilted the playing field. Collectively, an effort should be made to force Sankey and Shaw to address it. Talk about SEC officiating getting better has yielded no changes; this is different, there is something to the Alabama bias and it seems it could be

      That said, the rules should be rewritten to only call holding when it is egregious and involves a virtual takedown. There even some of those missed. That would at least let everyone “block” to the Bama level.

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  5. Ty Webb

    Seems a little more subtle than the illegal head slap you proudly featured below …


  6. Here is the problem with not calling those 2!! particular holds. It CLEARLY gave Bama an huge advantage on that 3rd down play that tied the frigging game. They showed the route the WR ran on that play and it looked like a “chutes and ladder” game board ffs. You wonder how the Bama QB’s have all day to throw sometimes? Well, there you go.


  7. Saxondawg

    What struck me is how Danielson never, ever called it out, even when it was showed in closeup, front and center, afterward. He talked through it. On I think the second to last play, a Bama DB was shown in high closeup, body-wrapping our receiver at the goal line, and Danielson talked on and on about something else. We had one play left, and it should have been fifteen yards closer. But this went on all game, and say what you want about “we should have taken care of business,” the two things are related. It’s a little touch to take care of business when the rules are different for you than for the opponent. I’m not a big one to play confirmation bias with officiating, but this game took it to a new level.

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    • Macallanlover

      Yes, our receiver had no chance to jump for the pass and have a chance. Doesn’t matter that it was the end of the game, it changed the opportunity and was out in the open. If that isn’t illegal, it will change the passing game throughout all of football. Change the rule for the last 2 minutes of games, or enforce it.


      • Mayor

        The play that was the most egregious was on third Dow-the next to last play of the game. The ball was there. The Bama DB tackled the Georgia receiver ((Ridley?) before the ball got there. Clearly. And no flag and Ole Gary didn’t say shit about it. That’s the game right there if the DB doesn’t interfere. Georgia scores and ties it up on that play.


        • Macallanlover

          That was the one I was referring to, must have misread his post. I don’t usually get into slam bang PI calls, or minor touching, but holding a guys feet to the ground is too obvious to ignore. And no matter where the official was located, some part of his tentacles had to be showing.


        • ASEF

          The one the safety spiked out of the air before it ever got to Ridley? The one where the DB has no hands on Ridley when he jumps for the ball?

          That one? 🙂

          College officiating is an average product with erratic interpretations and conference fluctuations. That’s a no call in the SEC all year. It’s a 50/50 proposition in the B12..


  8. Olde Dawg

    The refs can’t call penalties against UA unless they’re egregious because their boss is an alumnus. Therefore, they let it go for both teams rather than looking bias for UA. Gotta keep the boss happy.


  9. truck

    I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed the multiple hands to the face, interference and holding non-calls. Hell, I almost had a heart attack when they hit Jayson Stanley a YARD out of bounds!

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  10. ugafidelis

    Jesus H. Christ I’m so glad I didn’t watch that game. It was so much more calming listening to Scott and Eric talk through it on the radio vice having to watch all that horn blowing and supermanming by the ‘Bammers.


  11. On the hands to the face BS, Bama’s OL freaking clubbed D Walker in the head and then Walker pushed him away with his hand in the same OL facemask. Same got damn play- Georgia penalty.

    Damn! I don’t agree with Carvill often but he’s dead on about SEC officiating. Bama doesn’t get questionable calls. They don’t lose ball spots. They get blatant calls like running into the kicker. Hands to the face, the hit out of bounds…the trash PI! Multiple garbage ball spots! Every time I think I’ve accepted beating Bama and the refs is a thing, the officials do something new. That’s what makes our HC helping Bama and then blaming the players tougher to swallow. It’s already an uphill climb against a great program.

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  12. The officias are Bama’s 12th man.


  13. Derek

    I’ve spent about 5k for tickets to two straight Alabama Georgia games that were obviously rigged. I’m not spending anymore money on that match up until they fix it, period. I have no means to start a movement, but I’d like one to start.





    And Tyler Simmons was onsides, among other things, last year.

    There’s no way this is random. It’s a joke and I’m done spending money on it.

    If I wanted to watch rigged sporting matches I’d watch professional wrestling.

    I’m out.