Today, in irony is dead

I truly have no words for this.

Urban Meyer says he plans to stay connected to the Ohio State University after coaching the Buckeyes for the final time in the Rose Bowl on Jan 1.

In a one-on-one interview with 10TV’s Dom Tiberi, Meyer said he will be co-teaching a character and leadership course at Fisher College of Business at Ohio State.


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47 responses to “Today, in irony is dead

  1. Derek

    They should have Petrino as a special guest to discuss:

    Winning Friends and Influencing People
    Don’t Shit Where you Eat

    Art Briles:

    The Value of Accountability and Transparency

    Bob Knight:

    Lead by Example


    Life is Bigger than the Job

    Charlie Weis:

    Taking Advantage of your Innate Superiority

    The possibilities are endless.

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  2. Cousin Eddie

    I assume they need two professors because it’s going to be a good character bad character job, guess which one Ubry will fill.


  3. Charlottedawg

    I don’t see the irony.

    “Kids, first lesson in business and sports is that winning hides all character flaws. The corrollary to that is that especially in positions of leadership, it’s more important to be perceived as possessing ethics and character by the sheep than to actually be inconvenienced with having ethics and character. So the application to your careers is this 1) make a bunch of money for the firm, 2) constantly tell people what a principled ethical guy/ gal you are 3) continue to do the nasty shady shit you have to do to get ahead, 4) when people accuse you of 3 point them to 2, so ipso facto 3 is impossible 5) profit. It definitely helps to be a sociopath. Class dismissed”


  4. Bulldog Joe

    Now I am curious who the co-teacher is.

    Tressel? Zach Smith? Nassar? Waters? Rizzoni?

    So many to choose from.


  5. Debby Balcer

    Maybe Zach Johnson can be his TA.


  6. The other Doug

    Urban is already focused on repairing his image. Sure, it would be better to take a class on character and leadership if you actually wanted to have character, but for Urban teaching it allows him to maintain his pious attitude.

    The Urban Legend will not die.


  7. ATL Dawg

    This is a perfect fit. The corporate world is packed to the gills with sociopaths who like to yap about character and leadership, using it as cover for their behavior. Who better to groom the next wave than one of the biggest sociopaths the world of big business sports has ever known?


    • Charlottedawg

      Well the good thing is that this is at Ohio State’s business school which means these kids aren’t going to end up in positions of influence in corporate America.


  8. Hogbody Spradlin

    I can’t think of a single thing tp say that would improve on just letting that sit there.


  9. ASEF

    Urban lecturing other people about other people’s character flaws and leadership mistakes. He loves that job. Pretty much what he did for ESPN in between his coaching gigs.

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  10. JoshG


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  11. doofusdawg

    Needs to spend a few more years in state of Ohio employment in order to get vested. Must be nice.


  12. Granthams replacement

    He’s perfect for what not to do


  13. CannonDawg

    I sure hope the Terry COB never offers a teaching spot to Jim Harrick (and son) to lecture about, say, ethics in sports. Or anyone else, for that matter, lecturing where the connection between teacher and subject is so inexplicably disjointed and laughable that it becomes a stain on the school.


  14. 2 years he can go to USC.


  15. Never mind that he thinks he has integrity; what does it say about tOSU school of business that they would allow him to teach?

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    • dawgtired

      Ohio St missed their chance to show they had some character by booting him out. They might as well stay bed-fellows and wallow in their hypocrisy now.


  16. Is he Catholic? Maybe it’s penance.


  17. Mayor

    In Urban’s first class they will hold a seance and attempt to conjure up the ghost of Joe Paterno. Urban will serve as the medium.


  18. S

    No, no, no, y’all. I got this. So Urban Meyer is teaching a character & leadership course at Ohio State?

    First people enrolled: Wresting coaches.

    BOOM, M@#$%R F@#$%S!!


  19. The Truth

    Dammit, those guys at The Onion really outdid themselves with this story.


  20. UGA '97

    Today in Urbanomics…we will be learning about…….. hell, you fill in the blanks.


  21. Heart Valve Regurgitations

    Funniest shit ever espoused in here. Senator, admit you are Derek.


  22. Russ

    Senator (or others), not sure if you saw it the other night, but Trevor Mattich (sp?) was on at halftime of the whatever bowl talking about what a great hire Locksley was for Maryland, because he understands how to handle delicate situations like that. He raved for a few minutes and I thought I was going to puke. Completely, totally insane.

    Just about as bad as Corch teaching a class in Leadership and Character.


  23. this shows how much I keep up with OS, I did not even know Meyer was retiring–again.