“Otherwise… you wouldn’t be doing this.”

Okay, where is Greg McGarity and what did y’all do to him?

“The tables have turned,” McGarity said. “At one point in time, we might have taken our fans for granted to a certain degree. What puts us in the best position to be successful? I think these young men who play the sport are competitors, too. The dynamics have changed.”

“… we might have taken our fans for granted to a certain degree”?  I’m not sure gobsmacked is an adequate description of my reaction when I read that quote, but it’ll have to do for now.

Next thing you know, Greg will announce a major renovation project at Sanford Stadium that doesn’t involve recruits or the folks in the fancy suites.  Be still, my heart.

Oh, by the way, read the rest of the piece.  Greg Sankey may claim he’s fine with a four-team college football playoff, but McGarity and Smart are firmly convinced it’s going to eight.


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10 responses to ““Otherwise… you wouldn’t be doing this.”

  1. 79Dawg

    So Stricklin says visiting fans are the big cause of the decline in attendance – can’t believe they’re so ungrateful for the privilege of paying $150 a seat to sit on the top row of the upper deck…
    PS – be careful for the autoloading Danny Kannell video when you click the link, may want to turn the volume on your computer down…


  2. Mayor

    Greg Sankey is an empty suit.


  3. Bulldog Joe

    “The dynamics have changed.”

    Indeed they have. The ‘real’ AD now controls the message at Georgia.


    • Mayor

      You make a good point BJ. Why don’t we just fire McGoofus and make Kirby HC and AD. Plenty of examples of that. Wasn’t VD HC and AD for a period of time before he retired as HC?


      • Got Cowdog

        Kirby ain’t got time for that shit. Somebody’s got to run the title nine programs and the basketball team…..
        Might as well be Greg.


  4. Greg

    Good article….Although I can see the playoffs go to 8 teams, I think 4 for now is enough. They are probably going to have to eventually do something anyway, cause the bowl games are almost meaningless nowadays.

    Thinks the stronger scheduling is necessary to help identify the best teams for the playoffs. I would not have said that 10 years ago, as the SEC is tough enough. But we keep recruiting the way we have been, it is all relative imo…”iron sharpens iron”. Still would like to see the top 4 teams more national (maybe top 4 teams from each conference). Don’t want to see 2 from the SEC again (other team eliminated)….why else have a championship game. Thinks if you make it more national, you create more interest.

    Loved the TCU and Baylor reference, the conference did it to themselves back then…then changed out of necessity. Hard to sneak in now (SOS/ Conference Championship).

    Love what UGA is doing with the scheduling.


  5. I think it’s going to 8 for one reason … $$$$$. The CFP has ruined the NY6 when they don’t host a semifinal game (the Rose Bowl is probably the exception to the rule).


  6. Why would anyone want to change something that thus far has delivered exactly what it was supposed to every year?


  7. CEPH

    They spelled his name wrong at birth it should have been Stankey. He has been trying to live up to his real moniker the entire time as the commish. It is impossible to like this guy. He should go into politics then I could really dislike him!!!